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Lets reveal coding secrets
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you first
i dont trust you keeping my secrets
I'll show you mine if you show me yours first :^)

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I posted a previous version here before, just wanting to one-up the guy doing circle approximations before. This time, i have added a new circle approximator.

Up next should be some sort of triangle approximator. Ideas for how to make it work are welcome.

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>just wanting to one-up the guy doing circle approximations before
you did way better than i could have
it really needed a GUI, and that was where i started
What's the point of something like this? Serious question.

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Hey /g/

Do you own an e-reader?
I was wondering if it's worth it.
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the fuck is up with his front teeth
>$100 up front fee
>unlimited free books for the rest of your life
Absolutely worth it
>Unlimited books


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ITT: how not to design a laptop

>mouse buttons are part of the touchpad so you unwittingly activate unwanted gestures and mistake the left button for the right because you can't feel the border between the two and have to look down
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>a red button in the middle of the fucking keyboard to move your cursor
you must be retarded if you do this after one day of use.
Mhmhmh I think you'll have never use one of those. Their trackpad are like perfect negro

what the shit is going on with the openssl audit? we were told "one month ago" nearly A YEAR AGO

@kennwhite AFAICT has been completely radio silent on it.
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How would anybody here know?
My guess is they dug up a bunch of intentionally planted "bugs" that the NSA/CIA/whoever had installed and that they've been witholding the report until they can replace with fresh bugs
openssl has been the source of a predictable random number generator for ever. plus busted primes on top. don't expect it to ever change.

>Buying intelshit

I thought this was supposed to be a a tech board?
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>It gets worse


What do you think of Telegram? Is Durov working for the CIA or FSB?
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pls reply
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darn dog
Everything is botnet. Just use Whatsapp like everybody else.

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If you are using try catch at least once, you might as well book a flight to india and fit right in.
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Please rephrase this sentence.
What kind of retard made this picture
I am not indian i am just lazy it is less work to use a try catch compared to properly making sure nothing can go wrong.

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>Switch graphics card
>plug in HDMI
>turn on PC
>GPU fans spinning, no signal
>turn off computer
>GPU+CPU fans periodically doing a few spins every few seconds, like a heartbeat
>disconnect PC from power
>still that heartbeat spin
>unplug HDMI cable
>spin stops, starts again when put back in
What the fuck? Does anyone have an explanation?
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op is a faggot
happens a lot
It's your PSU faggot.
It's how computers masturbate.

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Hi /g/

In my professional life I work mainly with centos / redhat boxes. At home I have a windows 7 PC and a laptop with Ubuntu on it. As I got more mature I found that I prefer using Linux compared to windows. I want to move to a new Linux distro on my main PC and purge windows but I play games and most of them only work for windows - that is the sole thing that is blocking my switch. I know about wine but heard that it can be flakey.

Have you ran into this and if so what did you do? Is it time to stop playing vidya?
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I installed Steam on Manjaro and continued to play games in my spare time.

How's things back in 2011, anon?
Grow up baby.
Learn how to GPU pass through, then you get the best of both, in addition to a number of other benefits that using a virtual machine brings

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Uncheck Bethesda launcher during installation.
Thank me later anon.
You need to go back.
Fuck off.

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ITT we judge or appreciate other anons for using open or closed source software.
We do this by using a screenshot programm like scrot and the tool vrms.

What is it ?
>vrms (Virtual Richard M. Stallman) is a program that analyzes the set of currently-installed packages on a Debian-based system, and reports all of the packages from the non-free tree which are currently installed.
Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vrms

Debian/Ubuntu Version:
sudo apt-get install vrms


cd /tmp
wget "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/z411/vrms-gentoo/master/vrms-gentoo"
perl vrms-gentoo



Post your results !
Do not forget to reply to other anons results!
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OP picture was from the internet,
this are my results:
app-arch/rar-5.5.0_beta4_p20170628 (RAR)
sys-firmware/iwl3160-7260-bt-ucode-37.8.10_p2 (ipw3945)
sys-firmware/iwl7260-ucode-0.16.242414 (ipw3945)
sys-kernel/ck-sources-4.11.11 (freedist)
x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-384.59-r1 (NVIDIA-r2)
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              Non-free packages installed

firmware-realtek Binary firmware for Realtek wired and wireless network
libjai-core-java Java Advanced Imaging API reference implementation
p7zip-rar non-free rar module for p7zip
rar Archiver for .rar files

Contrib packages installed

flashplugin-nonfree Adobe Flash Player - browser plugin
flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound Adobe Flash Player platform support library for Esound
playonlinux front-end for Wine
winetricks package manager for WINE to install software easily

4 non-free packages, 0.2% of 2634 installed packages.
4 contrib packages, 0.2% of 2634 installed packages.

I am filthy

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what am i looking at?
6.5 ghz
What's that?
A house fire in a box.

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will there ever be AI that is nearly indistinguishable from a real person?
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I think not.

If AI are developed to the point of becoming self-modifying and capable of learning, their motives and goals are different than organic life. There will be always a distinction.

yes, there is an arms race to get this done by intelligence agencies
There is that Replika AI that copies your writing style and behavior and starts mimicking it.

Sure a super intelligence AI that can outmatch any human will be weird because it's going to be basically omniscient, but an AI that could replicate your personality would be way easier to achieve since it just needs learn something really specific.

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What FOSS weather API and map app do you use on your phone?
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please reply
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that wasn't helpful

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