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I can hear it CALLING in the Air™ tonight

>hold on
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>the state of /g/ memes
Well I appreciate your effort at least.
t. Apple Fanboy
No I like BlackBerry actually

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I started to update the firmware, but then thewatch has run out of battery. now it's just a useless piece of plastic.
Is there any way to recover it?
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give it back jamal
next time use common fucking sense and plug in your damned device before initiating a firmware or OS update
Just give it back, Ahmed

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Hey 4chan,

So here's the thing.. We had a crazy IT responsible in the student block. She banned various shit, however the new guy managed to fix most of it! Except the PS4 network.. It's limited to NAT 3. Every PS4 using this network is denied NAT 2 and NAT 1.. We've tried setting ports up manually on the PS4 and the new IT guy insists that there are no blocked ports in the network.

The unprofessional guess is that she is a witch and has cursed the network.
However, this is just a theory and I / we would love it if one of you IT gods would have a clue what to do!
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install gentoo
There has to be a easier solution than installing Gentoo on all the PS4's.

On PC and Xbox the network is open to NAT 1.

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I have a faily low end quad core cpu in my laptop. I tried disabling all of the cores except 1 to see how well it pc works
echo 0 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuX/online
(instead of X use the core number) doing normal stuf, and it turns out that it can actually do 99% of generic things completely fine such as browsing the web, vlc, libre office etc.

Is high end hardware actually meme? Especially in the sense of home desktop/laptops.
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>my CPU can run a web browser with 3 cores disabled
>everything else is therefor a meme
You know some applications take more processing power than others right?

I paid $96 for a Z Max Pro and just got unlimited data for $60 with MetroPCS. Why the fuck dobt more people do this? It even came with a free case.
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Posting from Zmax Pro. It's fucking shit and you only get 32 gb or 4G data before they throttle you to Edge
Since when? I've had my Zmax Pro since launch day and used it as my internet for like 4 months before switching to verizon. Post your proof you dumb nigger

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>tfw you find out AMD is the enemy in the foss world
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Also fuck Linux
12 bing points have been deposited to your online micropenis evangelism campaign, poojeet.
I'm not patient enough to watch a guy for 47 mins straight. Quick rundown?

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Has anyone attempted to create a search engine for the local desktop PC on GNU/Linux, something like Google, but for the filesystem? Moreover, something which could understand the content of the files as well? Or at least something like Spotlight/Alfred on macOS.
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cerebro, but ive never used it
What is find?
Baloo from KDE

>just installed my OS on exFat.
How badly did I just fuck up /g/?
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Every time I type up a response I have to stop and remind myself that you're probably reinstalling the OS due to data corruption and won't see this post anyway.
>linux fucking sucks.png
Wow, wonderful, another bait thread.

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>143 million names, addresses, SSNs, DOBs compromised
>due to a Java web app framework vuln with an OGNL parser allowing arbitrary command execution (CVE-2017-5638)

When will Java web apps die?

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>When will Java web apps die?
This wouldn't have happened if they had used just the core Java API.
What's the point of OGNL again?

what are your opinions on web hosts, /g/? Which ones are shit?
>pic unrelated
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I've been through a few, they all suck at some point. Godaddy, 1and1...I'm with hostgator now. Prices are okay, but the control panel leaves alot to be desired and it's kinda...kludgy.

For the amount of data I transfer, I'd rather just host it on my home server, but they block 80 and 25.
lol Americans
Transip.eu / .nl is fantastic

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>want T470 for uni
>find a cheap refurbished one on ebay with even better specs than I was hoping for
>see that is has a touch screen
>annoyed by the thought of having it but I can just ignore it
>laptop comes
>remember how much touch pads infuriate me
>try the touch screen
>it's incredibly convenient, better than the touch pad or nipple
>it's nearly all I use now

This isn't as shitty as I thought it'd be
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cool blog post

i would love to hear more about your regressive spiral into mental infancy

where do i subscribe
I'm going to hook my knuckle in your eye socket, pull ya down to the gym, and I'm gonna pump your bones like iron, capisce? They're going to have to call the cleanup crew to scrub your tooth enamel off the dumbbells, rough man

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there is literally nothing wrong with having many packages
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Agreed. The problem isn't having many packages but having packages that you have no use for.
Especially if your distro uses static packages so you need *-dev, *-gtk, *-qt or other packages like that installed along the main one.

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Hey /g/ my younger brother was talking about how someone airdropped a bunch of horrid shit in the lunch room at his school the other day, and it got me thinking. Would it be possible to remote into a wireless hotspot, and use it to anonymously airdrop things? furthermore, would it be possible to use these hotspots as a proxy to hide your location?
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[spoiler] the brother is you. Don't lie underage
only reason im using the fucking default windows image's is because im at work, other thing that spurred this thought process along was that my boss was telling me about how he uses hotpsots to spoof his IP and watch netflix on flight's

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>something went really wrong
>something went really wrong
>something went really wrong
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who are you quoting?

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>go to install TUX racing from the ubongo software center
>application launches and flashes a bunch of rgb noise all over the screen
>system completely unresponsive
>do a hard reset
>met with a terminal interface
>realize after googling for 5 hours that maybe the display server crashed
>type in "sudo startx"
>uh-oh, looks like you shouldn't start x with sudo
>ask for help on the loonix forums to fix the assortment of problems that starting x with sudo brought on
>they tell me to RTFM and to "reconfigure xorg"
>google "reconfigure xorg" and find a bunch of commands
>kernel panic


if a normie like me can't fix a problem like this by just clicking a few buttons loonix will NEVER be read for the desktop
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you have a syntax error dude, you dun goofed not the loonix community.
>startx as root
It should be pretty obvious that you don't need to start X as root
>installs tux racing without proper drivers
>can't do startx
>can't dpkg reconfigure -a to check if he broke his package manager
excellent meme anon

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