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What do you think is the current state of internet forums?

Are they still relevant? Do you still use them on a regular basis?
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Dead. Forums are to vulnerable and in any case you need to make an account for a forum you should always use a random user name and a random password with a disposable email.
I find that Reddit is usually bigger for most things I'm interested in which is mostly cs related topics.
>Forums are to vulnerable

In what way?

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So I got sub-contracted to do webdev / software engineering with a large IT firm. Been there over a month, and liking it, it's like the best gig I've had so far, so I'd like to hang on to it..

I worked at a couple startups previously and one large company before this, which weren't quite the right fit for various reasons, so it's not my first rodeo.

Pros: based on my experience I negotiated pay from the agency that is even above entry level. So at this rate I can pay off my loans, and be coasting quite well, if I can hold steady at least a couple years. Also, I get to code in new languages in JS, on large sites in production with millions of visitors, etc.

Cons: still feels like an uphill climb sometimes. Managers breathing down my neck make me think I'm not pulling my weight (even though I do always deliver excellent quality code). They brought me into a meeting w/ other new hires, said they want us 'to go the extra mile' / we're being reviewed.. that's kind of a joke, since I'm subcontracted anyway; I actually have a non-compete built into the agreement from the staffing company that says I can't build apps or do major 'architectural' work for the client..

I don't have any degree in CS or engineering (my bachelor's is in business; instead of formal studies, I taught myself w/ online courses, and via making my own projects, getting clients, etc), so often I think those with such credentials get the edge over me in getting assigned interesting projects, while I'm left with scraps.

So I just don't want to stagnate. If I'm left only doing bland trivial code, and not building full-on solutions, I worry I'll be let go. I'd rather the legal / political shit wasn't in the way, then I could bring my skills out, actually come up with big ideas for the company, and stick around enough to build up a decent nestegg retirement, but I just dunno how to get over the hurdles. It seems like whichever way I go I run the risk of getting screwed.
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Better start sucking some cock
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Go the extra mile

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Browser recommendations?

I currently use pic related. Thoughts?
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Keep it, no better alternative in my opinion. It just werks
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>I currently use pic related. Thoughts?
Get your own conclusions then you approval-based attentionwhore faggot.
Does it work for you?
Is it equal or faster than your previous browser?
Do you feel comfortable in it?
if all of the above are yes then this thread shouldn't exist.

Why the hostility?

Weigh in. I've only ever used IDE's except for scripting which i do in nano.
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It depends on the project and language.
It's useful to know vim keybinds because every respectable IDE has a plugin for them.
I like android studio and emacs.
Are there extensions for VIM or Emacs that support project management? Thats why I primarily use IDE's, but tend to stick to simple teditors for single-file solutions

Why do people still use Java in 2017?

>Apache Struts is a framework for developing Java-based apps that run both front-end and back-end Web servers. It's relied on heavily by banks, government agencies, large Internet companies, and Fortune 500 companies. Experian, one of the three big credit reporting services and annualcreditreport.com, which provides free credit reports, both reportedly rely on Apache Struts as well.

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Structs is old shit.
It was fixed months ago though. Don't blame Java for the rest of the private sector's laziness.

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henlo please post desktops without fear i got you guys covered
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please dont be rude and post desktops
this one is dark and perfect

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>Need to finish highschool in Ontario Canada
>The online courses to do so require you to scan your drivers license and proof of citizenship (passport or citizenship card)
>Concerned with privacy so I dont want to submit my passport or drivers license to a website that could get spontaneously hacked

I wish I never found /g/.
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I did adult high school online courses through a catholic board, and didn't have to do any of that shit. Ontario.
Which one

I live in Aurora what should I do
Ottawa. Honestly, I think you're being a faggot about this. That information is already in multiple databases, I'm sure. They're common documents you have to show to many places. You think there's no copy of your passport/citizenship info sitting on a few servers somewhere?

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I have a shitty laptop I don't use for anything. What OS is most comfy for internet browsing?
pic unrelated
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Just use something simple like Elementary OS if all you you want is a good UI and internet browsing. It's probably the most user friendly Linux distro.
it probably couldn't even run w10 if I wanted it to

How does /g/ organize their cables?

I'm trying to make mines neat but have no idea how
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I like messy cables so I don't do much unless they're in a walking path.
I just bundle them all up into one mega cable and then route it neatly around/through/inside my desk to hide it all.

Try to use as few zipties as possible so when I have to take it all apart, it's not a hassle.
I weave them into a tapestry that I then use as an internal decoration

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Why would anyone want to use BSD?

Linux already has a low enough level of software support. BSD is little more valuable than a Chromebook.
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muh nas or soho firewall
Ever tried to use iptables? Anyone who's ever used iptables and pf will tell you that pf kicks iptables so hard in the balls that it drops packets voluntarily.

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More dongles!

Pic related, Crapple fans after buying iphone x, trying to justify the purchase.
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Have an iPhone 6, but this launch is shit. 1000$ for a fucking phone with a retarded screen and face jew, and they can't even give you a fucking fast charging cable, in the PREMIUM PRODUCT.
I'm actually okay with this because apple will force straggling manufactures to adopt usb-c

Fast charging my Nexus 5x with my XPS 13 is cool as fuck
Those shills at verge really trying. I kinda even wanted to wait for the new iPhone because the rumours were pretty good but this...id be a real sheep

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I just started school to get my CCNA certification. How hard is it to get a decent job once I get it?

I work with a couple guys that used to do networking that say I can get a 60k+/year job no problem once I get it, but the internet tells me CCNA means jack shit unless I have experience. Any of you fags have experience with jobhunting after getting your CCNA?
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Certificates don't mean much. Employers look for work experience first, then degrees, then certificates last.
Everyone I know with a CCNA and nothing else is completely useless.
experience trumps everything

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How does this image make you feel /g/?
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Dead on the inside, and a bit constipated
sad and lonely
that's my wifi-fu ^_^

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Any devlogs / blogs about programming worth following?

>hard mode: no tumblr / blog site, actual website
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momy milkies
i've seen actual technical blogs hosted on tumblr

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What was your first computer? Do you have fond memories of it? Do you still have it?
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2MB Ram
40 MB HD
Brand: Wang Computers

Price: $1899 (Thanks Montgomery Ward)
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First pc I had was some DOS PC with less than 10MHz and only 640KB RAM, second was a 90MHz one with 32MB RAM, but it wasn't until I got my third PC that I bought with my own money and built myself that I really started liking PC.

It was a Pentium 2 MMX 233MHz that I jumper overclocked to 240MHz
It had a whooping 192MB of SDRAM
One 12MB and one 8MB Voodoo 2 card running in SLi
Primary graphic card was a ATi 3D Rage II+DVD
One 1.64GB Maxtor and a 3.09GB Fujitsu Siemens hard drive (partitioned sizes).
An 17' EIZO Flexscan F57 monitor that had 1600*1200 resolution iirc.
IBM Model M, or F, it had a 5-pin DIN cable anyway.

I was super fond of it.

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