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is 2d laptop good.png
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what laptop is good
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is $100 refurbished memepad good?
HP Elitebook 8540w
Only thing I dont kile about it is the keyboard

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smartphone users.jpg
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>he spend all day digging info about privacy and browse security
>owns a smartphone
>he believe his rooted '''''hack'''''phone can bypass android tracking
>he spend all day memeing on brazilian forums about roms for android in order to increase privacy
>deep down the retard actually think a smartphone can be secure

>b-but I need muh phone.
Not an argument
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Who is he?
What if do all my computing on a librebooted thinkpad?

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What is /g/'s average IQ?
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Should be around a hundred and a bit, but it's probably more like 60.
>/pol/ infiltration.
>SD: 15

Need something so I can catch people who are stealing my mail and my garden hoses - are full Wireless cameras legit or a meme?
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Set up a separate wifi for the cameras and the server, and have fun.
Depends. If the 2.4ghz band is crowded in your area and the camera runs on that, it will suck. On the other hand, 5ghz doesn't have the range and doesn't work well through walls, so you'll pretty much need line of sight between it and the router. You also won't be able to run more than a couple of cameras wirelessly at the same time.

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Any Android developers here?


>years of experience with java
>number of apps you've released to the app store
>source of income
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Nice thread faggot
what the fuck is it with these data harvesting threads?
I just wanted to see if it was worth it continuing to learn java

besides, the cia probably already has your information.

You don't have to specify where you work and your age isn't very useful information by itself.

Behold the world's smallest computer. It is as powerful as a commedore 64 and is powered by ambient light alone. Communicates through radio waves (not wifi not bluetooth).
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how big would a handheld calculator made on the 14 nm process be?
Could I make a super cluster of those?

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>not using 13W superior i5 system-on-a-chip(or celeron quad-core 2.6ghz) mini-pc to browse /g/ and milf porn while having a PS4Pro with 100% physical copies and 0 digital games while also using your 4 year old pc to pirate 10 year old games
>not living in a $120 apartment in hong kong like a neet receiving paycheck from your father eating ramen 3x a day
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>eating ramen 3x a day
Enjoy your boneitis.
>not living in a $120 apartment in hong kong

im going to need clarification. how much do apartments in hong kong cost?
100 dollar rent for an apartment with rats

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Wanna make a high end gaming pc that can play modern triple A games at 1080p 60 frames per second. Im currently using a shitty prebuilt, are there any parts I can reuse in my gaming build?
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Processor is good, you need to replace everything else.
In other words, your GPU, memory, motherboard and storage are all hot garbage.
Memory -> DDR4
Storage -> SSD preferably m.2
GPU just (((nvidia))) thing you can afford, and a motherboard that fits those
Why did you buy a computer that leaned so heavily on CPU?
Just get a better GPU. And an SSD. That's all you need, really.
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>Processor is good
>replace your DDR3 RAM with DDR4

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>Have been a NEET for 3 years now
>Could have become a good programmer within this many thousands of hours of freetime that I've had
>Instead all I've done was post shitty memes and chinese pedophilecartoons
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And you'll be feeling the same shit another 3 years from now
Don't worry, your free ride will come to an end very soon.
Do or die.
Not if I make a change

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remember gopher

http won the internet over

if you are going to browse gopher sites
you might wanna install Netscape navigator 4

it's really the only browser I use for this protocol

tell me some of your experiences /g/
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boom bitch.gif
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I use lynx because I'm a normal person.

Though not quite so normal that I don't use Gopher it seems.
Firefox with the Overbite add-on

There's a few cool file sharing gopher holes out there, but there's also a lot of empty proof of concept sites too.
Good gopher sites?
Also, is there a search engine?

Simple hacks thread.
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whoa didnt see that coming
Mad man.

ok, i've got kali linux, EPIC irc shell client, LiCe irc scripts

how do i take over a rizon IRC room? i want to irrevocably own it, or at least be able to 'nuke' certain people off of it without them knowing who it is.

i'm not a linux nerd btw. i don't really know anything about linux.
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Goooooooooo fuck yourself Tyrone.
Do you know anything about IRC either? It's really not as simple as you think it is
You are a nerd, and you don't know IRC manners. I'd tell you to go fuck yourself but I doubt it could reach, you rude little fag. Saged. Never come back.

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Which is better C, C++, C# or Java?
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>>>/qa/ is way better.
There's a stupid questions thread for a reason.

Answer to that is objectively C, though C++ is much preferred in many cases, C# as well.

Pc not turning on. New system. Suspecting rotten motherboard.

h110 motherboard. i5 6500 with stock fan. 2x4gb evo potenza.
evga 500w power supply.

I do the paperclip trick and the psu fan turns on low. (Stick paperclip between 2 of the little holes in the 20+4 psu connector).

I put the 20+4 connector on the motherboard. Then the 4 pin connector thing. This 4 pin is attached to another 4 pin that just hangs there.

I don't connect power button, reset button, nothing. Just try to see if MOBO will start. I turn on PSU and no fan comes on.

If I attach the power switch same thing.

What do I do? Do I need a new mobo?
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Return it. Get something K series.
you forgot to install the RAM sticks dumbie
>new system
>i5 6500
deserve it

What the FUCK am I doing wrong?
    #include <stdio.h>

int make_pyramid() {
int n;

for (n = 1; n == 1; n++) {
printf("%d\n", n);
for (n = 2; n == 2; n++) {
printf("2%d\n", n);
for (n = 3; n == 3; n++) {
printf("33%d\n", n);
for (n = 4; n == 4; n++) {
printf("4%d\n", n);
printf("%d", n);
return 0;


int main(void) {

return 0;
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Nothing. You need to add some more for loops with hardcoded values though
The code looks ugly and I think it could be performed better, I just don't how ~how~.
Here I optimised you're code
int main(void)
return 0;

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