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Recently I had an idea on how to make my galaxy s7 less laggy.
Why don't I just install android 2.2 aka froyo on it?
I mean smartphones nowadays are no different than PCs right?
And if you install windows xp on a modern high end computer it also runs really fast.

Can you guys tell me how to do it?
I know how to root and adb so I'm not a noob.
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No, that version of android is too old, none of your hardware would be supported, it's too new.

Even if it were supported at a hardware level, most apps wouldn't work.

So much has changed with the backend of android I wouldn't be shocked if it ran WORSE on android 2.2 since there are hardware accelerated optimizations made with future SoCs that simply wouldn't have any effect on older android versions.

Basically, it's a retarded idea.
Just buy an iPhone, no problems.
Dumb idea is dumb. Just get rid of TouchJizz and you'll be fine.

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Are all operating systems shit?
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Yes. Use punch cards.
ReactOS is the only non-shit OS, but it's currently too raw. Give it ~5 more years to mature.

And what we gonna use for next 5 years?

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Would /g/ recommend me to enter the Void?
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i dunno anything about that distro

just like, do whatever man
>powerline prompt
Is there anything faggier?

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How do you pronounce this? OsmAndTilde? OsmAndHome? Other?
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i don't care. does anyone care? has someone told you that he cares?
Osm-aaandd *cute face*

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Riot VS Wire VS Ring
Which one is better?
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ring is nice
ring is shit, p2p is meme

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install arch
Volume mixer

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>tfw I can't live without the Google botnet
OsmAnd sucks and having to manually update half of my apps is annoying. I just can't live the FOSS life anymore.
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F-Droid can auto-update, so can Yalp Store. You can set Yalp Store to only update specific apps, so apps available on both don't get botnetted.
>no push services
>broken unifiednlp on lineageos 14
>no decent foss notepad app with desktop sync
>backup automation a pita and buggy af
>no android pay
>no remote wipe/lock
>half of your apps
What exactly do you use?

I want to dualboot WIndows on top of my Debian.
Any guide?
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You need to have windows installed first because windows fuck up the boot loader. If you have debian i stalled back up everything, install windows, make proper partitions, then install debian again.

thx you
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Just use NoScript

Can anyone who knows computer stuff here on /g/ tell me if this junk is something worth?
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One thing seems something worth the other things are not much worth.
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Just upgraded my Nextcloud to the latest stable version. 300GB file storage, calendar, contacts and note sync with my phone, video calls if I want to enable them, even online libreoffice is possible.

How is your Nextcloud/Owncloud server running? You -do- have one, right?
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>installing jewcloud
>>62477397 Why should I need one?
I already have rsync/syncopoly to sync files and backups in the phone. Could memecloud do it? No, it could sync only photos.
Access to large scale storage? Sftp werks just fine.
Sharing files? People do not like weird file sources. Its better to use well-known file hosting.
Cal/carddav server? What for? I already have automated phone backups.
Web-based office? It's garbage.
At first sight at the logo I've thought it's some fork of LineageOS.

dead meme or actually feasible?
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>help me install this botnet onto another botnet
probably but you would most likely have to use the sensor bar in some way
Nintendo isn't a botnet dumbass.

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I'm 27 y/o dude from Eastern Europoor country. I've got my Masters in History and BA in English, I've decided to change the direction of my life recently, and for the past year I've been working as QA in entry position with Python. I've taught myself it with CodeAcademy and Automate Borning Stuff with Python and some with Learn Python the Hard Way pdfs (the last one is quite outdated). I've been faking it to the limit since by first day at work, but I've been doing better recently, I like it a lot, and I see the potential in it.

The question is, how can I still contribute technologically for betterment of mankind and society? Being this far behind, without education in the field I don't think I'll be able to get into any relevant and decent Uni at this point, because I'll have to retake some HS exams (they expire at some point) anyway, of course unlike all the /g/ users, I must admit I'm pretty average, so even if I tried I don't have 100% certainty I'll get enough score, so I:
>can't help get people to space, build colonies, explore universe
>can't help people to get artificial/bionic limbs, explore neural networks, transferring mind to machine
>can't solve seemingly unsolvable equations
>can't invent new ways of making energy, making the world more sustainable
>can't engineer new materials
>can't engineer floating or underwater cities
>literally why live
What I could:
>master more programming languages, but for what? Is working for AI achievable, making fellas from r9k some droidfus?
>Is working, even non-profit, for something beside money grabbing companies selling apps or banking, possible? What direction seems to be most suitable for that?
>making open-source, but what? no point for another browsers, linux distros, it just make you more things you are going to be angry at
>le hacker deep web freedom fighter against """"""them"""""" and 1%

Cont 1/2
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Cont 2/2

I have limited imagination in that matter honestly. I feel that my time is ending very quickly and I want to use it somehow before it is too late, and despite working with scripting and "coding" for only one year, I feel like I've got knack for it, I don't know how will it turn out later on with other languages, because Python is for babies (or so I heard).

With the education I have, I've been transcribing manuscripts on the Internet, some even without knowing the language, just marking them with particular symbol, but it was couple years ago, now it's all done automatically. Something like that, I've heard at one point you could let your processor to work for some resynthesising proteins formulas etc. but I can't seem to find it.
What is there left for me? Or is my life is completely devoid of chances to do something in a computer related field to help world and greater cause. Is the only way to do something for the world is to join some Greenmeme org and hunt seal clubbers in Canada?

Sorry for blogpost
>inb4 -> /adv/
They know nothing
Take as much fun of what is left to your life. Becaus it doesn't matter how much you'll contribute to society, no one will remember you and after your death there will be no one to care.

Just make as much money as you can, so you could retire early and do whatever is fun to you.
You're not living your life correctly.

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>he fell for the 16GB of RAM me-
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>inb4 lel what a noob using gnome
> i am a hacker for using arch linsux and i3 xD
So I see you're running GNOME...

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>he has a soldered botnet in his cpu
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how do i get rid of mine
>tfw Ring -2 malware always runs and interrupts and supervises my OS and there's nothing I could do

Gee thanks Intel!
I think you mean unsoldered
AMD too, their version is called the PSP

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