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>Want to encrypt my entire laptop.
>Among the main 500 GB drive on the "select which partition to encrypt" list are several other partitions that are various mbs. 150 mbs, 50 mbs, 200 mbs, 43 mbs, etc.
>About five different ones.

If I encrypt the main one but leave the others unencrypted, is it a security risk? Do any of those partitions contain my hard drive encryption password?

If I encrypt the smaller partitions too, what happens? Will anything stop working?

What are the smaller partitions?
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I recommend using dm-crypt with LUKS. Archwiki has a good guide on encrypting your whole system (all partitions expect /boot)
Too complicated. Not GUI-based. Knowing it's Linux/open source, many parts of it are likely to be broken or incompatible, assuming anyone learns the esoteric coding language/command prompt crap to use it.
It's the best encrypting option out there for full partitions, but whatever. It really is quite simple to use

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Welcome to new best music player
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>not floss
Why even program it in the first place?
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Aaaaaaand dropped.
why? u only sign in once.

Are macs superior?
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yes uwu
macOS is the best personal use OS which happens to run best on Apple hardware (X220's are great too). So yes. For work purposes everyone needs something different, but purely for personal, I wouldn't use anything else.


1. Is barely a clinical liar
2. Gave FULL OWNERSHIP to the entire extension to the first shady teen who picked it up ON APRIL'S FOOLS out of the blue, with NO previous discussion or announcement
3. Accepts no pull requests, making it impossible for other people to even fix the hundreds of bugs reported on a weekly basis
4. Accepts no feature requests, making the extension be out of touch with the actual needs of the users
5. Insists all the time that this is a "hobby project" to him, which means he gives zero fucks about the actual security and performance of the extension
6. Due to all the above, he may delete everything or give it all to another random jerk tomorrow or just about any day, as soon as he throws a tantrum again
7. Refuses to admit any mistakes and has a messiah complex - he thinks he knows more about everything than any other single human alive, so it's impossible to try teaching anything new or discussing with him
8. Sits around scratching his balls watching Youtube while pretending to be too busy
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Just fucking use Adblock Plus and a script blocker.
reminder using youtube without ads hurts google
ignore this shill thread
So where do we go now that ublock origin kicked the can? Couldn't we just fork it and make ublock origin++?

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What do you think of Kali Linux?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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IGN shills.
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>trusting US AV that has close ties to the FBI and the NSA
This can't be real
Oh it's real and on the front page.

>Be me
>Install arch
>Headphone jack won't work
>recompile drivers
>headphone jack works
>install fish shell
>install omf

Isn't GNU plus Linux incredible

picrelated is the truth
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>be winfag
>forced to install win10
>headphone jack won't work
>can't do anything to fix drivers
>look it up on bing because windows
>following in apple's footsteps, microsoft has decided to stop supporting headphone jacks and will sell bluetooth earbuds as replacement
>to make sure nobody can bypass their restrictions, their most recent update phsically destroys the jack in your case
I've been using arch for about 7 years now
Is it really worth switching to gentoo?
I haven't looked much into it but is updating as simple as one line with pacman? Also is there a comparable amount of software as like with arch? Is it as bleeding edge as arch too?

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Hey /g/ I just started taking CS this week at college. I'm really struggling with the math and we're using DrRacket in my CS class.

I guess what I want to ask is if CS is worth the time and energy - or should I bother doing something else?

/r/ing CS students/majors for input
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What's so hard about the math? Use a calculator
I'm not him but I can't even use a calculator on tests for my math class

OP here this is my situation

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What service do you use for email? I need to switch.
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cock.li but with @tfwno.gf

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is the mediocrity of FOSS vs Paid Software an example of why communism would never work?
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no, FOSS and communism aren't remotely the same. Also a mediocre society can still be a functional society.
I believe so

capitalism ho
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No. Communism fails because it can't avoid the economic calculation problem. FOSS is still based on market principles, as people come together to create a product to satisfy demand. They often make some money from donations ("pay what you want") and/or service agreements. Not to mention, many bigger OSS companies mooch off corporate donations. However, those corporations are actually investing in better technology at a lower R&D cost, and they're garnering brownie points in the community.

>Economic calculation problem
>The economic calculation problem is a criticism of using economic planning as a substitute for market-based allocation of the factors of production. It was first proposed by Ludwig von Mises in his 1920 article "Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth" and later expanded upon by Friedrich Hayek.[1][2] In his first article, Mises describes the nature of the price system under capitalism and describes how individual subjective values are translated into the objective information necessary for rational allocation of resources in society.

Out of touch devops fag here, what the fuck happened to Google in the last month? I've had four contacts drop their Gmail accounts completely in the span of two weeks.
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You know exactly what happened, you fag.

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>isp offering FTTH in my city
>$120/month for 512mbps
Fuck I hate america
What are some cities in northeast US that offer fast (512mbps and up) FTTH at an affordable price (under 70/mo)?
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>Northeast US
No clue, if you move west Colorado has several cities with municipal fiber. Or if you don't mind Tennessee, Chattanooga has muni gigabit.

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What a good program that can walk me through the steps in solving a math problem similar to wolframapha?
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Hai newfriend! Is it Cymath?

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I have decided to purchase pic related, found it new on ebay for ~$30, vs most other new namebrand models being well over $100 - I had recently gotten some cd's and wanted to be able to listen to them without the computer - my old shitty memorex cd player sounded like ass (i assume it has a shitty dac or something), so I was hoping to find a Sony but they're just too damn expensive new and most of these things are pretty worn these days used - has anyone else recently gotten such a thing? Can anyone vouch for Philips bass boostey vs sony Digital Megabass? I never owned anything besides Sony in the past, save for the shit memorex

The only widely available namebrand not nuts priced player is another Philips, everything else is ugly shit chinese crap that surely sounds like trash and the control layout on them all look the same and horrible - I did find a pretty white Toshiba player on amzJP, comments lauded it's useful bookmark features for audio books

idk about this thread post good cd players i guess thanks
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op contributing a bit more, found this thing, apparently waterproof, looks like a damn original xbox accessory
this one is fking slot load; $300-$800 ive seen'

seems monumentally wasteful to spend so much on such an ancient single use thing, it is pretty dandy though i saw some vids

no its not... i dug my discman, ex-hg walkman and tcd d7 dat out of storage when i was at my parents last to cash in on this nostalgia - ie sell

had to have a decent play though and media and batteries dont last long and are a huge pain...and sound quality is so shit... modern smartphones crush them... and i was talking flat without my favourite eq curves we magicly have now.. i was dissapointed and i didnt even spend money

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YouTube has been a laggy piece of shit since they made "upgrades".

Videos take longer to load.
Buffering is worse too.
Big ass fucking blocks of whitespace

Is this the power of SJW/Faggot?
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I noticed this too since the update. Also comments take so fucking long to load fucking niggers, at least there is a night mode now.
ayo we wuz programmers n shit
I wish youtube had custom css option or smth

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