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why did the new client have to be such cancer

Slow as shit now. 3.0 free edition or whatever it is now takes nearly a minute or more just to open the interface.

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What are some good sites to watch shit streaming live. I'm not talking about kodi and shit like that. I mean people, events, and interesting shit in general. here are the kind of examples I'm talking about.

facebook live

Livestream and Ustream are kind of boring these days. Insecam has some random stuff sometimes. You guys know of anything good?
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So i trashed my monitor by accident yesterday and am in need of a new one ...

I did some quick research and cant really decide what to get in the end. Please help me decide ...

Either a 4k monitor:
HP Envy 27s - 69 cm (27 Zoll), LED, IPS-Panel, AMD FreeSync, 4K-UHD, 2x HDMI
or stick to 2k:
Lenovo L27q-10 - 69 cm (27 Zoll), LED, IPS-Panel, QHD-Auflösung, DisplayPort

Dell UltraSharp U2715H, 27"

Acer XF270HU 69 cm (27 Zoll) Gaming Monitor (HDMI 2.0, DVI, USB 3.0 Hub, Displayport, 4ms Reaktionszeit, 144Hz, WQHD (2560x1440)) schwarz

Using my pc for office work, watching movies and casually playing games.
Most important is colour display. Usually im a cheap ass, so im happy with anything which is better than my old "QNIX QX2710 LED Evolution II 27 QHD Samsung PLS Matte Panel PC Monitor"
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Buy the Dell ultrasharp one. Definitely good for vidya and work.

Thank you and sieg ... :^)
No problem mate. Dell rules the workstation and gaming industry after all.

Is Deep Work /g/-approved or is it just anti-image board propaganda?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Please stop.
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Install Gentoo
It's DLL hell 2.0
That won't help him, he'll just sidestep into dependency and USE hell.
It's the microsoft tax

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> that guy on IRC who triggers the bot to fetch a wikipedia summary when people ask questions
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kill yourself
I hate that. Or when the answer to a question is a simple yes or no but they link you to the distro wiki page.

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>tfw hypersomnia
>tfw mind is clouded constantly so hard to program
>tfw won't get treatment in a whole month
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same here but without treatment
>Absolute state of the European healthcare system

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Poorfag buying a laptop. Should I pick one with Atom x7-[smth] or some Core 2 Duo T-[smth]?
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What's your budget?
I'm from Belarus so, these prices here are too different from US or Western Europe, no point in saying it.
Кyпи thinkpad, нa cocaчe ecть гaйды пo пoкyпкe c дocтaвкoй в CHГ. Этo oтличный вapиaнт ecли нeт бaбoк

>tries to handle the cool games other devices it's inferior to handle flawlessly; fails
>funky look, but shitty parts
>only appeals to unaware customers who refused to read tech specs for 1 minute and compare them with competitors
>generally tries to jump over its head with both marketing and technological solutions
>only successful because of its marketing
>is always two steps behind its competitors
How come consoles still exist as gaming platforms nowadays? Pic unrelated.
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>How come consoles still exist
games get adjusted to work with the limited hardware and input methods a console has to offer
handhelds? because parents prefere to buy their kids $200 dedicated gaming handhelds over a $800 smartphone

stationary? because it's comfy af and you don't have to constantly swap parts to stay up to date.
>How come consoles still exist as gaming platforms nowadays?

Because it's a computer that plays games.

>but how come they don't buy a computer

Because people are told to buy the PS4/Xbone. It has marketing, a fancy case and status symbol. Some people fell for it and bought it.

Your question is more like "Why don't buyers make the right choices in every single case?"


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>Buying new laptop /g/
>Thinking of installing /linux/ on it and seeing how things go
>The laptop is over a grand and has a lot of good hardware but a laptop that is so expensive wouldn't it make sense to just keep it windows based?
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Stupid frog poster
How about /dualboot/
Assuming you had a valid reason for needing to spend <$1000 on a piece of hardware, then obviously you should use the OS that completes that task most efficiently.


how can someone be this retarded?
also fuck me for buying this piece of crap. should have bought ANUS orthe Taichi.
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>Some users (...) saw their vCore voltages hit sky high readings of 1.5-1.7V
>At the moment have read and found out some people getting their processors fried due to this bug.
no shit sherlock
their 1000 series nvidia cards suck too
what the fuck gigabyte, you were never the best but you were never THIS bad
What's up with the 1000 series?

So, currently I own a LG G4 as my main every day device.
I have always played around with android and always managed to re-set the phone when i forget passwords keeping all data.

however my brothers iPhone 6s has i cloud lock on it, and for the life of me cannot get it back, i even resorted to re-setting everything (RIP Holiday pics)
So tell me, why is apples secuirty so much better, for this reason and this reaso alone im thinking of makking my next phone an iphone knowing my shit will be secure from hackers and thieves.
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>why is apples secuirty so much better
Because they don’t make a living off harvesting your data.
Hope this is sarcasm
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iPhones are great for multi-tasking, now you can get your data stolen/sold and detonate violently in your face.

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>he has moving parts in his PC/laptop
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>he has moving limbs

tfw marble statue masterrace

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>security alert after reboot
>systemd unauthorized read attempt
t-thanks Lennart!
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What the fuck is up with this cancerous brand?

Every where you look, their products are sometimes a full 250% more expensive than the competition, and for nearly no reason in some cases.

Why is this allowed.

Explain yourselves shitfanfags.
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poorfags wouldn't understand.
Empirical tests and benchmarks consistently place them at the top every time. You're paying for consistency as much as quality with a little brand-name sugar on top.
go buy some delta fans faggot

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