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>b- b- but the mac is a PC
>aaand Apple """""invented""""" the PC
Hey dumbbitch, what kind of computer do you have?
>I don't have a computer i have a mac.

Why do fucking normies fall for this fucking bullshit type of marketing? Applefags will argue that their mac isnt even a computer, its a whole separate device known as a mac. How do you even begin to combat this level of stupidity? Also any applehate is appreciated

tell application "Applefag" display dialog "It just works."
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>I don't have a computer i have a mac.
Said no one, never
Here's your (You), now fuck off.
>t. mactoddler
pc = ibm compatible pc; and macs werent such devices until mid 2000s

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/TPG/ Thinkpad 25 is a joke edition

Previous thread:


IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net, IP addresses collected for your safety

Other business laptops are also welcome in /tpg/ (e.g. GETACs, Toughbooks).

>New to /tpg/ or looking for purchasing advice?


>If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THINKWIKI FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).

>Don't buy anything OTHER THAN Panasonic Toughbooks, pre-Lelnovo Thinkpad A, T, X, and number series, and GETACs if you want the Fine Laptop Experience.

>Be careful of CIA niggers recommending you flash unusal firmware.

>Recommended models:
T60, T61, X60, X61, 860, Transnote, PC110

>Models to stay away from:
Anything with 'island' or 'chicklet' keyboards.

>Used ThinkPad buyers guide:


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>tfw you run your finger around the soft rim trackpoint
File: innovation.jpg (121KB, 1400x933px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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We missed you.

> installed gentoo
what now, /g/?
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Install linux from scratch
Enjoy your computing experience using Gentoo GNU/Linux.
Now do something productive.

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon drops his Redmi Note 3 Pro and replaces it with a bigger phone the Mi Max 2 >>62295312 >>62295341 is happy with its battery life >>62295366
• Gearbest still has the KZ ES3 for $6 but it's limited to 30 pieces and only at 9:00 UTC, resets daily until 11 Sept (did any of you actually get one for that price?) >>62263129
• Weed update >>62295608 >>62295634
• Anon got his Mi5 replacement screen in >>62296155
• Anon shows off his new watch strap >>62300290 comes with a free gift >>62300311
• New Banggood flyer shows 5 off 50 coupon >>62300300
• Anon burns some fake leather in order to see if it's fake or not >>62300842
• Anon panicks when he finds out about the bin that knoif campaign >>62300881
• Anon gets a Chinese cat plushie >>62303147 >>62303213

Previous thread >>62295231
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first for aptX
Just ordered this.
Convince me that I didn't make a terrible mistake, /csg/
>haha le pepe so funneh xd
Grow up.

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>caught someone trying to steal my fucking 2007 MacBook at least once every semester
>replace it with a 2010 ThinkPad T410 last year
>nobody has tried to steal it yet

Why does /g/ not talk about this security feature of ThinkPads? Even though this laptop is much more powerful than my old MacBook, fully upgraded with 8 GB RAM and a 512 GB SSD, I don't actually have to worry about someone trying to take it out of my bag or snatch it from my desk at the library.
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because no one wants an ancient laptop, gramps.

plus they figure if they steal your laptop you'll probably shoot the school up.
Not only that, accidents have less repercussions. I have a 2016 Macbook now and, while the screen and the speakers are glorious, the constant having to worry about small bumps or dents is not great. I should just have gotten a newer thinkpad to replace my x220.

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>no winamp
>no games
>no foobar
>no winrar
>no windows movie maker
>no photoshop
>no paint 3D
>no regedit

How can linux fags even defend this? The alternatives to all these programs arent viable. Gimp is a piece of garbage and named after a sexual fetish portrayed in the movie pulp fiction.
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>How can linux fags even defend this?
Generally they wouldn't try unless they used Arch.
>no regedit
Remind me, who the fuck thought that gconf is a good idea?
>No WinAmp
I don't listen to much music. When I do, I usually make use of my Rockbox device or Amarock on my computer. I don't suffer from Baby Duck Syndrome and use new software on a regular basis.

>No games
I don't play them often. When I do, AssaultCube is enough.

>No foobar
Don't need it.

>No WinRar
Jesus christ? Use the built-in unzip tools. You can unzip rars wew

>No windows movie maker
wew lad

>No photoshop
GIMP works enough for maymays

>paint 3d

doesn't apply

oh fuck you're back

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How much profit does 4chan make?
This site is really popular after all.
How much profit does one usually have from an imageboard?
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Probably enough to make a decent living but not much more. I think most people here use adblockers so he has to shill passes by rangebanning people and making new features like ebin exclusive pass user board.
This topic related to Web development.
I would like to know.
I feel like this topic is better to be asked here since biz is all about cryptocurrency

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now I hope those chinks at 51nb make a ryzen apu mobo for the t42/30
I hope so, I really want a ryzen laptop.
A ryzen thinkpad is just gravy.

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Putting things inside their cases ? Tell me you don't do this /g/, please tell me you don't use stickers neither..
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i can tell you that is none of your business.
Hey, that's pretty neat! I might start doing that to my computer, thanks OP!
I am stuck at the midpoint of revulsion and fascination.

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Anyone have any opinions on these? I already own a relatively powerful PC for gaming and other things, so this would just sort of be the lightweight beater that gets brought around everywhere I go.
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just get a thinkpad mang
Works pretty well as a dumb terminal or a light-weight linuxbox with cruton. Hard to beat the battery life and price point. If your primary tools are a browser and a text editor, you'll be quite pleased. If you need local storage or a heavy IDE, you're in for a bad time.

Thanks for the serious response. The reason I ask is because I've found an "open box" one for $150~ that has a touch screen, a quad-core processor, 4GB ram, 32GB ssd, etc. Which honestly sounds REALLY nice for the price. Again, all of my "heavy" use gets put on the desktop, this thing is pretty much to take to classes/type notes/general media consumption.

Hay I notice no one even talks about these, so what search engine has the least trash these days?
I mean ever I search anything at all anymore I just keep getting News Articles, News sites, paid for content, click bait, mindless political nonsense, and other irrelevant content.
I use the advanced search queries but you can only filter out like 16 or so words, and theirs more then that number of "News" sites alone.
And I've tired using Bing, Google, Duck, and it still doses this.
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It's still not that clean but it is cleaner by a fair bit.
Came here to post this. I don't like the layout, but they're an alternative to Google and have way less bloat.

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>le me,fresh software engineer who has just graduated.
>start looking for a job everywhere,found 1 year internship in Netherlands,i live in north africa,so bestopportunity.mp4
>so broke to buy the plane ticket and pay visa fees
>keep looking for job in my country,do few interviews,keep working remotely with netherlands,some companies make me feel depressed just thinking i would work for them,codemonkey.png
>do an interview with guy who works in austria as system architect,runs a startup remotely close to where i live.
>accept the offer,he let me work from home so i can handle this job + netherlands + a master's degree in which i got accepted(in other univ)
>project based on scala/JEE,i have to develop and maitain bunch of API's,web services.i have only access to backend
>i accept,he says its full time job with decent salary.
>been working for a week,everytime i tell him about the contract,he gives bullshit excuse to delay it.
>8 people work as developers in the company(slack.mp3)
>do some social engineering,found about 3 people of them,still not convinced that they are taking it as full time job.
>find out that few people quit during the last 4 months (quit or he fired them)
>look at commit frequencies on gitlab,convinced more they are not doing it as full time job
>do some research about he company,ghost.jpg,not even an office or website.
>do some research about the guy,his name came related to 3 created startups from 2011 to 2016.
>still no contract
>ask for database dump to test some features,he keeps delaying,probably because he don't trust me yet.
>finally give it because he's convinced i can't keep testing api's blindfolded,196 tables,dump file 500 mo,kek.png
>still no contact
>he gives me admin credentials,to test feature.
>days go by,a friend of a friend knew the guy and warns me about his bad history of firing people and bad management.
>i must fuck him before he fuck me,so dumb do find a way.
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>i dig more,find the real name of the app i'm working on,and the url of the live version.
>i try the credentials he gave me,i have full access to the backend of the live version as super admin.
>still no contract.
>company from germany investing my country call me and tell me i'm accepted for a full time job.
>i'm not gonna end up homeless after all.
You have to go back.
Simply fuck off.

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Hello, /g/

I have but a simple question regarding to Python. Googlefu and QuckQuckFu has failed me so far.

How do you relay data inbetween two python files/programs? For example, if I generated a string in first.py, how can I relay that particular string to second.py?

I've heard about pickle/JSON, but I am not sure if it's what I need. If that is what I need to relay data, then how would I go about relaying data efficiently?

Thank you, muchas gracias

>/g/eneral python thread
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Are the scripts running concurrently? If so, use IPC.

There's some IPC stuff in the Python standard library:

If the scripts are not going to be running concurrently, you can use JSON or pickle or text files or whatever you want.

A database such as MariaDB, redis, or sqlite is also an option.

I use MySQL as an "endpoint" for the data.
How would I go around making sure that all of my .py files are running concurrently?
That seems like the easiest option- just run the .py files, then relay the data, no writing/reading from a .txt file needed..

How do schools monitor the usage of the internet and "spy" on what students are using it for? If they even can.
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If you're not memeing, internet logs exist
monitor network traffic. remote desktop viewing
Would something like a proxy protect one from this?

it's perfect to divorce from youtube. I can search watch download (can't use youtube-dl for 1080 thouh). I heard that they start running javascript reccently. Is it turning into a botnet or honey pot? Is this some sort of alt right version of youtube or just anti censorship.
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it's just a wrapper for youtube-dl

a quick scroll to the bottom of the page should give you a hint that it's some /g/oys fun project
How do I make one of these alt-right hugbox video sites, get millions in ICO, then disappear with the Bitcoins?
>alt-right site
>get millions in ICO
Pick one.

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