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What's the best ereader for mango?
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I find this thread relevant to my interests. Do you already use something, anon? I have a Galaxy Tab S3 and it's pretty good for mango and comics.
I have this kobo and it's really good for epubs and mobis.

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>Linux is touted as having superior stability
>countless stories of people inadvertently breaking their Linux system

So, what is it, /g/? Is Linux stable or is it easily broken?
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Unstable, techno communist e-penis enlargement for socialist nerds with too much time on their hands.
Linux systems are usually broken when they update or the user does something stupid. Nobody uses linux anyways so who cares?
Stable, but easily broken if you happen to be retarded

>tfw watch porn and save porn bookmarks in Chrome which I am logged into and fully syncing to the botnet using my main personal account and I don't even use incognito and I don't give a fuck

Protip: neither does Google

>The virgin secrecy; The Chad Openness
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its the botnet thats bad, but if you collect all your information in one place its more vulnerable. even with google
they only look for guys who are hiding
think about it
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What happens in the event of your data being stolen from Google in some future mishap? And some faggot hax0rs leak all your dirty little secrets to the world? Blackmail? What happens when The Goog changes, shifts their priorities, throws their ethics out the Window in 2021 after some corporate fuckery?

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>adored shills 1080 should cost 300$ because its midrange gpu
>RX570 cost 270$
Is this guy serious? Nvidia should sell 70% faster gpu at same price as amd shit?
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AMD prices are high because of miners but RX 570 was supposed to be out for $170 otherwise.

Anyway yeah $300 would be fair for the 1080 desu. The Vega 64 is already $500 msrp and is already 50% faster than the gtx 1080 with the newest primitive shader enabled drivers.

But yeah it's all moot right now because of buttcoin miners.
They can sell their products whatever price they want.
Only their reference cooler cards. After that it's up to the msi, gigabyte, xfx, powercooler, ect jews to decide how much they'll screw you over

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Technology to the masses was a mistake. Apple introduced the concept of smartphone (social media ego boosting garbage)
They destroyed the internet
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Internet became pretty much the same or even worse than so called "real world" (term widely used in the nineties, when the Internet was still a privilege to many). The use of psycho-tricks and cyberbulling made it more like a hell even. Politicians and business people can use it as a excuse to strengthen surveillance and monitoring the users, which will back-hit normal, honest internauts.
think about it.. kikebook has the data, pics of kids, boobs, face, data, everything from millions of people
All in the name of ego. They actually convinced people to give their thoughts and family to KGB without using any kind of violence.
>having a picture of scantly-clad high school sophomores on your hard drive

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>go ask in the discord server
>go check the discord
>ask about it in the discord chat
>find out about X in the discord chat
>have you seen the discord chat?
>theres more information in the discord chat

My god it's becoming just as bad a facebook.
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yeah OP what the fuck

now I'm even seeing FLOSS projects use it and link towards it on their github pages

every time I think we're making progress with normies they just throw themselves into the lion's mouth wholesale
I've literally never seen this. Maybe the kinds of people/places you're hanging out at on the internet are just shit.
The only people using Discord are not people who know anything about technology.

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Hey guys what is the best Firefox addon for a jewtube MP3 downloader that doesn't impede on one's privacy ?
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>best Firefox addon
Maybe I should have specified, I want it to be simple, so that anyone on said computer should be able to use it. If possible in the form of a button or something.

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/g/ BTFO

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so you are siding with the purple-haired woman on a technology issue?

GNU-males everybody
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Is that YLYL thread?
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Alright /g/ I'm going to get a Gpd win or a Gpd pocket but i can't decide so I need some help
The main reason I'll be getting one is to play some games on the go so the Win sounds good because of the built-in controller but the Pocket also sounds good because it's got a little better hardware
[spoiler]and yes I know they're developing a Gpd win 2 but that won't be for a while do i want to get one of these right now
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Games? GPD Win.
There is no benefit of the Pocket for gayming, except no built in controls and bigger screen that's harder to drive as it's higher resolution, both have the same GPU.

>and yes I know they're developing a Gpd win 2 but that won't be for a while do i want to get one of these right now
If ever, the SoC they are planning to use will cost $250 alone, not to mention it takes slightly more power, that would mean a bigger device and I'd hate it if they made the Win any bigger then it is.
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One look at the Pocket's keyboard should tell you how much they intended for gaming on it.
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*blocks your path*

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I'm about to buy 7700k. Is it truly the best gaming cpu for price/performance or is it just a meme?
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it is
a meme?
I mean you definitely don't need a 7700k for gaming. At all. But sure, if you want it.

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yeah rip.jpg
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Are there any /g/ approved antivirus programs? I've yet to find a free one or otherwise that was decent. I know it might not be needed if you are just careful, but I want at least a little something just in case.
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"action packed trip to Detroit"

please just win the game, please just win the game, please just win the game
g is full of retards that use Linux because muh privacy .. yet they are still oblivious to hardware backdoors so lets pretend they are safe

half of them use firecuck because thats a must if you are Linux geek oh addons dont forget the add...dnskdndsi

Use any mainstream antivirus they are the most used for a reason
Does shit like Avast even catch anything? All the "free" ones are on a trial timer, outdated, bloated, or some other combination of garbage.

Why are a lot of people flocking to chink brands?

Do they love flaunting their phone's spec sheets while ignoring actual performance?
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>>62366594mi is cheap and good for the price
also their phones are reliable, mine is 3 years old still works never thought chinese product will last that long
I'm using X1 Carbon2017 and it's comfy.
because the chinese now own the IT industry.
go cry somewhere else.

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I'm gonna buy one of these right now. Which one should I get?
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Could have asked /mkg/.
Why do you think you deserve a thread to your own stupidity?
Personally, I wouldn't buy either. There are far better, similarly priced keyboards out there. But if you MUST get one of those, I'd go for the right one, but that's because I like TKL.
The switch are rebrand of the kailh ones, and the build quality isnt so good...

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chinkshit releases photoshop'd image to make its macbook knockoff look slimmer than the macbook.

>see USB-C size and compare the two
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who cares
this board is being chinkshilled.
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Fucking news. It has been for years.

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>proud Windows user for my whole life
>constantly shill for Windows and Microsoft against Apple and Losernix fanboys
>recently got a "No Free Space remaining" error on my Windows 7 PC.
>come across a folder called System32
>hmmm I don't remember making a folder called this
>full of a bunch of garbage and whatever a dll is.
>sounds like a virus desu
>Delete the folder
>free space galore now
>reboot PC
>everything is ruined

Well, looks like I am off the Windows Shill Wagon lads. Is there any other OS that doesn't break itself when you delete unnecessary files?
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You so funny, OP
This is not even a bait.

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