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Was this actually tweeted or photoshopped?
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>else: return 5 because I'm so random
You're retarded OP
So it's photoshopped?
I really dumb just give me a yes or no answer
No it's real
She deleted it a few hours later

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Has any one here faked their cs degree?
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What about a GED?

Don't know about anywhere else, but in Australia I have never had to show proof that I have a degree. Employers really only care if you can actually do the job.

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ryzen vs intel.png
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>AMDfags will defend this
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Took the fuckers long enough to drop the prices. You should sucking AMDs cock for getting you good INTEL cpus at cheaper prices.
Oh my god let it go, amd made a chip that wasnt complete dog shit but didnt tick all the boxes.
so what who cares.
This is like the endless trump talk of /g/

>The effective CPU speed index measures performance with the following weights: single-core mixed (30%), quad-core mixed (60%) and multi-core mixed (10%). These weights are appropriate for typical 3D gaming. One fox beats one hundred chickens.

Yes, they actually put that retarded analogy at the end. These guys benchmark is fucking retarded.

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I have an old HP proliant dl580 g7 server:
4x E7-4870 CPUs (10-core, 30MB cache)
64gb DDR3
4x 1200W psus
single 320GB HDD

What should I do with it? Think I can get any money for it at this point considering its age?
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Send it to me.
That is one big ass nigga, I have two servers both heavy as fuck.

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Can you niggas recommend me a good keyboard that doesnt have a shitty gimmick like super emojis or gifs or any shit like that?
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No, nigga, I cannot.
Blackberry Passport
I sold my soul to the Google keyboard botnet

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Have you considered the possibility that Ryzen and Threadripper are the results of Intel-AMD collaboration to insure Intel avoids an "unintentional" monopoly?
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> Intel had introduced the first x86 microprocessors in 1978.[54] In 1981, IBM created its PC, and wanted Intel's x86 processors, but only under the condition that Intel also provide a second-source manufacturer for its patented x86 microprocessors.[15] Intel and AMD entered into a 10-year technology exchange agreement, first signed in October 1981[49][55] and formally executed in February 1982.[38] The terms of the agreement were that each company could acquire the right to become a second-source manufacturer of semiconductor products developed by the other; that is, each party could "earn" the right to manufacture and sell a product developed by the other, if agreed to, by exchanging the manufacturing rights to a product of equivalent technical complexity.
Is this how intel gets access to x64 and amd could manufacture x86 chips?
That was a public agreement, not market rigging.

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Galaxy s6 faggot here, what's a good upgrade from this?
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Literally anything is an upgrade from s6
iPhone 8 in September.
>nigga thinks a 1000 dollar product is hot shit
>nigga thinks OP is gay
>is OP gay?

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Any of you /g/entoomen do game development on Linux? Looking to get into it. I'm a junior software dev, with some ideas for games of my own, but don't know where to begin.

For the game Linux game devs on here, what's your workflow like? What software do you use? Is Godot a good engine? Any good tutorials or books I should check out?

Also, share your games in this thread if you made anything cool.
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Godot is good for simple 2d games ( the one you should make when you start learning game development.)
Get a unity if you want something 3d
Roll your own with SDL2 and/or OpenGL and build it cross-platform.
Why would you make games primarily for a platform with the tiniest user base?

What is /g/'s opinion of redis?

My only other database experience was MySQL which I used for literally everything (queues, data storage, etc.). I just tried redis for the first time today as a sort of "scrachpad" for a long running script. Previously I would have used mysql but using redis instead seems to make the script go much faster for some reason.
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redis isn't a database
This. It's best used as a caching solution. Unless your MySQL database is being overloaded with queries, don't bother including redis in your stack. It just complicates things.
>redis instead seems to make the script go much faster for some reason.
Because it's all loaded in memory, whereas in mysql you're querying persistent storage. In any case, there are ways to optimize MySQL to make it go faster; out of the box it is unoptimized shit. Read up and learn how to optimize queries and cache them in memory since MySQL can do that.

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Hey, PCGeneral is real busy so im not getting an answer.

I'm getting a replacement Harddrive as my current HDD has crapped out on me and won't boot up. (the error being it asking for a boot device). My plan is to upgrade at the same time, and the plan is to go from a 2TB to a 3TB HDD and 120gb~ SSD combo. I'll be ordering from newegg and was wondering about recommendations. my current budget is 125-160.

Also, what experience have you had with their refurbished parts? are the good to use?
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Hard drives are basically all the same these days. Just get whatever's cheapest. But be sure to avoid "refurbished" or "recertified" drives. They're more likely to fail and sometimes they forget to wipe them.
aren't they also under warranty?
I mean, even if theyre refurbished, they're under warranty, so if it does mess up i can replace it, right?

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Golang is just C for stupid people, right?
Now to be upfront, this isn't a "shit on golang" thread, I have a situation in mind here
It's not OOP, it doesn't have generics, but you don't have to worry about defining types all over or memory management, and it has pointers but no pointer arithmetic.

This means it doesn't have all the retarded obfuscation of something like Java or Python.
It's not hard to write, but you can quickly gain deeper understanding of whats its doing.
Would this not make it a great intro-to-CS language? Learning golang and then moving to something like C would be incredibly natural. Writing C is only a couple extra steps from it, in that you have to more carefully manage pointers, allocate memory, and you have to manage types more carefully, but neither of them have the same encapsulation insanity or OOP retardation as Java and they don't obfuscate everything away like Python.

Golang (lrn2logic) -> C (lrn2program) -> Java/C# (lrn2OOP) seems like a natural progression.
No I'm not saying OOP is t3h s3x0rz, but starting with an OOP focus is fucking stupid.
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We spent two quick weeks in golang in a class I took that also taught prolog/scheme (6 weeks each for those).

I wasn't terribly impressed. It did seem like a gimped C. The error handling shit was annoying, had shit like

if err != nil {

all over the place. Granted, I never did much with it outside play with the concurrency stuff a bit. I heard it's good at quickly building servers?
>The error handling shit was annoying
For people used to big try/catch/final blocks yeah
But it's a C-style language, and error handling in C is almost identicaly
if (thing == null)
//do error handling

>I heard it's good at quickly building servers
I've largely used it for giggles and quick concurrency (which holy shit it makes so easy)
If you're talking webservers, I've seen a lot of varying results.
>go doesn't have generics.

Generics are a ducktape solution to a poorly design type system (like Java's)

Go's answer to generics is it's implicit inherentance making generic redundant. If you end up in a situation where you need generics your types are not well designed.

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Why should I use pic related instead of .zip?
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Why you should use anything?
'Cuz you done your own research and found out what was better.
>Not .tar.xz
You shouldn't be using either.

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no thank.jpg
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>Cube shaped cases
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>Ashtray shaped cases
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I'll kill you with my Air 540.

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I'm trying to figure out which interfaces I am supposed to advertise on and which not to. Any help? Thanks.
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Did you read your CCNA book? It looks like you didn't read your CCNA book.
I did, but I don't know how you're supposed to determine which interfaces to disable/enable
Ask yourself why you'd need to advertise routes. What kind of devices need to hear those advertisements?

Stupid /g/ related shit you've done.

C'mon you know you've made some embarassing mistakes, tell us what they are.

>build a pc for brother's birthday
>order all the parts including a snazzy usb wifi dongle
>test it out
>waaayyy better than my network card
>decide to just steal it and order him a new one
>the next day
>watching youtube, doing 3d modeling and messing around in UE4 editor like I usually do
>all very demanding but my computer could always handle it
>pc starts freezing every few seconds, youtube videos would go full hl2.exe and start stuttering so fast it would actually sound like a REEEEEEE
>consult google
>"shit nigga your hard drive is dying!"
>the last 5 years of my life are saved on that C: drive
>start inexplicably deleting shit in vain attempt to fix the horrible lag
>I dunno I was freaking out
>delete all my games and misc downloads within minutes
>still terrible lag
>lag gets worse
>quickly order new 2tb drive off amazon with 1 day delivery nearly in tears thinking about what I would lose
>keep googling problem in desperation
>so desperate I find an obscure tech help forum on page 9
>OP has my same problem
>"Do you have a usb wifi dongle by chance?"
>"Yes I do, why?"
>"Try unplugging it real quick"
>I unplug the WiFi dongle
>everything is back normal instantly
>no more lag or audio errors
>mf for a solid 5 minutes
>mfw realising I just spent 70 bucks on a new HD I didn't need
>mfw thinking about all the shit I just deleted

Always back up your data boys and girls.

I still have no idea why this happened.
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this why we need stupid questions thread
Wifi is always shit, but if you use USB Wifi at least get something half decent like TP-Link.
Fucking end yourself

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