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>inb4 >>>/biz/
I'm not here to discuss crypto, I just want to understand why this blockchain technology is so special. What makes it different from IPFS?
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Blockchain is a massively replicated ledger system in which transactions are permanent once they are confirmed by the validating peers. Blochchain is not a one size fits all technology, it has specific use cases like finance or supply chain where it aims to reduce transaction dispute time and implement support systems like IoT devices to automate intermidiate checkpoints.

t.computer engineer working for an evil conglomerate on blockchain for supply chains.
use wikipedia, fucks sake.

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how to install gentoo on this?
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install gentoo
From scratch
you install gentoo on it

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Thank fuck I didn't listen to the AMD Vega shills and bought Pascal when GPU prices were still reasonable.

I feel sorry for the idiots who didn't see the clear writing on the wall that Vega would be a delayed, overheating piece of shit.
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what a smart frog you have been when only now, 10 minutes before release you were brave enough to post this.

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Is there such thing as Windows 10 light, and by that I mean a de-bloated (if possible legal) version OOTB? I fucking hate the direction this POS company has taken, but I still need it for work.
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LTSB is the closest you'll get, but it's outdated and contains just as much botnet as the others. It just has less crapware installed by default.

Thanks, this was somewhat what I was looking for. I'll check it out.
LTSB is your friend. Remember to use win toolkit

>Yes, that's right, I use Windows 10.
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In soviet windows the system uses you

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that was their original logo.

Some courses in my university's quiz server allows all students access. This one is from the first software engineering course.
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UC cuckdetected ;)
cd ..
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fugg :DDD

I have pic related laying around (Acer aspire one 751).
I was thinking of putting some loonix on it to use as a basic browsing device (lubuntu is the first option currently).

Does anyone have a better recommendation for a lightweight OS? Also how much of a pain in the ass is it to get it working?

>Atom Z520
>1Gb RAM
>160Gb HDD
>US15W chipset
>Intel GMA 500 GPU

And no I'm not planning on getting more RAM for this POS...
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Puppy Linux (Deb/Ubuntu based)

Arch with i3 or even Arch with X & a terminal only.
It's too weak. I suggest you get rid of it. I used to have a 2gb acer netbook and it was an awful experience. Web browsers and websites are too bloated nowadays.

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When will this happen?
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That's what Microsoft Hololens does.
you have to wear glasses but yeah... HoloLens literally does this
Hopefully never

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Modern mcu are as powerful as a commedore 64, are the size of a peanut, and cost 80 cents when purchased in bulk.

Should I not make some kind of teeny computer toy and sell it to children?
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>Should I not make some kind of teeny computer toy
Go for it, i'd buy a tiny pocket Amstrad CPC.

>sell it to children?
Does it play angry birds? Don't bother then.
What is this, a computer for ants?
>and cost 80 cents when purchased in bulk.
They dont even cost that much, Microchip will send you 25 chips per month for free with free shipping. You're going to pay plenty for all the passives, PCB, assembly, case, display etc.

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What's a good program to edit the EXIF data of photos. I tried a lot and they're all shit. EXIFPilot is the closest but it refreshes everytime I do one photo, and it doesn't appear like it can change TimeDateOriginal
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Try right clicking on a photo, and use the details tab.

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I need a few good usb sticks for traveling
wich are some cheap but solid 8gb/64gb ones that dont cost 20 euros because they have a brand printed on them yet are build solid
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that wont protect you if you travel to shitty countries like usa. they will still force you to open it or not let you in their shitty country.
Just read about this... Wtf is wrong with the USA?

Who /entering the 21st century/ here?
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You I bet you live on the curb, poorfag.
u gottem son

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Bravo Intel. Because everyone knows only black hipster dykes read / write assembly language.
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>>61897499 (You)
Can you share a link?

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Since a moment, i'm receiving mails from a lot a website saying that somebody connected on my account with the good password. Each time, the location of the IP is different, so I think (genius ikr) that my account has been leaked. Any way for discover if its the case ? On haveIbeenpwned, I get "Pwned on 5 breached sites and found no pastes (subscribe to search sensitive breaches)"
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Was your password an easy one? Was your computer pirated? Did you type your password on untrusted computers?
>Any way for discover if its the case ?
why though, there's clearly a problem that can only be remedied by stopping using the same password/email combo everywhere

one breach should be enough to get you changing the habit
password easy one => Nope, caps + numbers
Computer pirated => Unless windows cracked, I got nothing that could be a malware, and I analyse my pc reguraly with malwarebytes, zhp, stuff like that
Pass on untrusted computer => nope

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