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>Ryan Shrout (PC Perspective): Raja Koduri taking a sabbatical from Radeon Technologies Group, Lisa Su assuming control until December

It's over.

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poopoo man poopoo cards
if he finished navi ofc its over
Pajeet is out, "sabbatical" is just to save face

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>open 100 tabs
>reee why does it need memory

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Any idea how to get that 412MB to be free? Or is that possible?
I did a full format on the new drive but that 412MB is still in used.
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Its a rat virus trojan logger
windows puts files where windows wants to put files, you don't get a say
Not used for the index/file table or whatever the format is?

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Who takes over the FSF once he dies? Will the FSF do better or worse without him? Who will keep touring and giving the same speech all over the world and getting easy money?
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oh, you know...
I'm 100% sure that as soon as Richard dies the FSF will become an SJW trashfire. That won't be until a while though, Richard seems like he'll live for quite a while.
Stallman said he doesn't plan to live beyond the age of 70 as most humans die around that age. He truly is a based autist...
But you are probably right. Stallman already told off a vegan heckler telling her that he doesn't care about animal rights.

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how much of it is a meme? The fastest typist don't even follow the proper finger layout. is it worth unlearning what I already know (don't have to look at the keyboard, but about 50 wpm of accurate text) and learning touch typing muscle memory?
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I type about 30 wpm accurate (600 inaccurate) and I'm fully qualified for my job as a high school janitor.
I lost.

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How do I become a 10x developer?
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stockings, panties, butt plug
First Think before Coding.

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R or python for AI?
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how the fuck would you intend to use R for AI?

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Jesus, even the japs are making fun of it.

Is it really the end of applefags?
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>white piggu pay too much yen for silly thing

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God Damnit.png
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wiki.installgentoo.com doesn't work anymore. Does anyone have a different guide or better yet a list of the specific tools (down to the Philips screwdriver size) I need to build my rig ?
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Welcome to /g/
Thank you.
The screwdrivers in crosses are all you need really unless you're repairing a Mac. if you bought a cpu cooler that doesn't lick trap pussy they even give you the tools necessary.

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What went so wrong?
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It was proprietary for far too long, the asking price was insane at the time when the competition was far cheaper.
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No programming language that costs money will ever rise to prominence again.

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Is this worth learning how to touch type properly if I can already type *this* fast?
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You can avoid bad movements and lmprove your speed.
Or just can jump straight to steno.
Depends on whether or not you aspire to improve your typing ability and how you intend to utilize it.
DVORAK with all keys ergonomically aligned perfectly or GTFO

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unnamed (5).gif
4MB, 500x281px

What did they mean by this
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Probably fake news, but It would make sense that Raja it's trowing a tantrum since almost every resource it's going into EPYC and Ryzen
Could AMD win sufficient capital to not fuck Navi when Zen2 is ready?
So he's back once Navi passes the tapeout?
Anyway Lisa needs to clean RTG up, their communication was seriously lacking.
It took AT's main editor poking them with a stick to get a comment on Vega's primitive shaders.

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Hooktube thread
So...is it kill?
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Finished & Bankrupt!
No. Traffic has tripled this month. 15,5k uniques last 24 hours. Few hours downtime pls.
This can't be legal. How has Google not taken their site down yet?

Face it, you'd buy one if you could afford one.
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Holy shit mods do your fucking jobs!
There's so much I could spend a thousand notes on

No, I would buy one if we could already buy them.

Perfect phone!

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not working
who the fuck is raja?
is amemede btfo again?
Anyway, at least RTG marketing needs a clean up.
Worked very well for the CPU department.
Based Su removing the Poo.

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