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i wanted to see how badly it affected my machine, but when i went to pirateproxy dot cc, it timed out, possibly because a lot of other people want to try it too, or possibly because they've been slashdotted. is that the right address?
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i tried: https://thepiratebay.org/
but alas, no cpu usage spike like i was expecting
that one timed out for me as well. it's possible the local government censors are interfering.

it's weird, because you'd expect most people to be horrified at the idea of a site stealing their cpu cycles to make money, but a lot of the posters on slashdot seemed okay with it in principle, as long as it was stated up front. pretty much everyone said "it's better than ads".
it's on /browse/ I believe

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What is this suppose to be /g/
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A daughter hugging her mother as she leaves for college. I'm sorry you only see yours when she brings the tendies.
Texbooks, posters and pizza contribute to the general public's concept of "going to college" as a leisurely thing every kid is supposed to do and it involves anything but studying.

Post em'
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Previously on /ptg/ >>62458035
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anime a shit
How into empornium?
>Few butthurt members trying to bring down HDB
>Doxxing and posting memes in every thread

Stop all this motherfuckers. If HDB went down, you know what you will loose.

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I recently purchased a boxed set of Donald Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Computer-Programming-Volumes-1-4A-Boxed/dp/0321751043) based on its stellar reputation as one of the indispensable, foundational computer science books that every programmer should read.

I excitedly started delving into it last night but after an hour or two of reading and exercises I started getting the sinking feeling that I'd just wasted $200. It seems quite mired in 1960's-era academic minutiae and tedious mathematical formalism that doesn't seem very relevant to a modern practicing programmer.

For all its focus on algorithmic performance I found no mention of pipeline stalls, designing for cache performance, branch prediction, multithreading, etc. which are all very fundamental aspects of good performance on modern hardware.

So for those who are practical programmers and have gone down the Knuth TAOCP rabbit hole I ask - was it worth it? Did it give you knowledge and skills applicable to your programming work or was it mostly academic / intellectual entertainment?
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> based on its stellar reputation as one of the indispensible, foundational computer science books that every programmer should read.
You're not supposed to read it, nobody's ever actually read it. We all just say we've read it, talk about how brilliant it is, and place it prominently on our office bookshelves to silently humblebrag to anyone who drops by. Sorry you had to spend $200 on that lesson, mate.
you should have wasted those $200 on a mech keyboard
static void selectionSort(int[] lst) {
// get the length
int n = lst.length;
for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
int index = 0;
int smallest = lst[i];
for (int j = i; j < n; j++) {
if (lst[j] < smallest) {
smallest = lst[j];
index = j;
int temp = lst[i];
lst[i] = smallest;
lst[index] = temp;

I don't have a better answer than this.

It's kind of like those massive door-stopper classical books that 1500+ pages.
We buy a copy and put it on our shelves because it makes us think that other people think we're smart.

The good part of Knuth, though, is that it is quite rigorous and should prepare you for just about any future readings.

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What is stopping other phone manufacturers to make a phone with pressure sensitive stylus? There is literally no competition for the Note line.

I know Samsung owns part of Wacom, what about other technologies that other manufacturers can adopt?

Really like the stylus on the Note line but can't justify to spend so much money on a phone.
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Wacom has all the patents for the passive stylus, meaning all other styluses need to be powered, aka have a fat battery in them. There are other tablet companies in the world, mostly Chinese, but they can't legally bring anything over to the US with a passive stylus even if they did make it and certainly wouldn't be featured in any international phones.
Not many people liked it and most are moving toward vectorized graphic editors like inkscape for most stuff which means a mouse is more than enough.
No one does graphic design with styluses. But almost all commercial artists use photoshop and it's not going to change.

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could anybody here help me with this? I can't get into pornhub since this evening for some reason ;__;

h e l p
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You're either getting MITM'd or Pornhub is having cert problems.
reboot your router
It's god sign.
Stop with porn.

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>install nvidia drivers on my pc
>pc gets black screen
>without even googling a fix, i boot into safemode and remove nvidia packages
>boots fine

i guess its install every nvidia driver back from 384 until i stop getting a black fucking screen, huh

i hate ubuntu
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375 works
holy fuck thank you, this will save me so much time if it works
didn't work fuck you

Why do you guys hate Discord? Don't you see that IRC is antiquated?
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Discord is bad because it's centralized and it has no encryption support. check out Matrix.
literally botnet
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>"muh modern"
Go back to bed, pajeet.

This rly palpitates the ole' ticker...
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>mfw it's real
You realize they still have to request permission from the user, right?
.t Mozilla employee sjwcuck homo

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Why the fuck doesn't your laptop have a 4k screen poorfag?
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I don't need it for DOS
I don't even have a 4k monitor for my desktop
Why would I want a 4k screen on my laptop?

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can you see the individual pixels from a normal distance?
>justifying a nearly 1000 USD phone being nearly 720p
Also, yes you can, how do you think zoom in (pinch) works, moron?

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Ok arch linux tor browser will not run, so I install linux mint however I want to use i3wm, so I install it along with is-status i3lock etc so its all nice but screen resolution FFS...

I use xrandr to set HDMI-0 to mode 1920-1080 works but will it fuck save as persistant, so I cp /etc/X11/xinit ~/.xinitrc

Then edit the file to include

exec xrandr --output HDMI-0 --mode 1920x1080
exec xrandr --dpi 100

and it still does not fucking work DSFADFSHDJGKULOJ

I thought arch was hard mode why the fuck is linux mint such a fucking murr?

Can someone nice just give me some insights?
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Arch is babby tier.

Install LFS.
use a laptop so it works every time

desktops are too tricky with linux

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Kill yourself.
establishing an iconic look

if it didn't have that it'd look to generic
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Just bought this case to prepare for upgrading. It was the most decent looking one I could find with all these ridiculous looking gaming shit they are putting out now. Next upgrade is a GTX 1070 and a new monitor.
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How long are you gonna stick with that cpu/motherboard/ram?
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RM 750x
EVGA 1070 SC
16GB @ 3200MHz
H100i v2
Gigabyte Z270 Designare to trigger MSI shills
7700k @ 4.9GHz just to trigger the AMD shills
2 500Gb WD SSDs to trigger Samsung shills

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