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I have used Kodi for a while and after failed attempts of using iptv sources I couldn't be able to all if not most channels and some of them wouldn't even load and also most iptv sources and channels are either European or asian.
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No, it won't
But you have all the American channels to watch on mobdro. You don't on any iptv with kodi, plus iptv keep expiring.
>also most iptv sources and channels are either European or asian.
Murrica confirmed 3rd world country

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>Surely Apple doesn't move the industry
>Removes headphone jack from iPhone
Google takes a jab at it
>Removes headphone jack from Pixel 2
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>Apple screws its customers
>Google does it too
We both lose.
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>Every company on earth can't fathom how to integrate the touchscreen tech into phones so that is actually USABLE
>Apple comes forward
>Everybody copies apple
Did people actually buy pixel?

Literally dead on arrival.

Is this the final nail in AMD's coffin?
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Intel shill. sage and hide

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How many of you actually write nontrivial code?
It seems this board has mostly become gaymers and day 1 helloworldfags. Even the Linux people here use it mostly for ricing and scripting.
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Ive made a method not only for fizzbuzz but also for checking prime numbers . What have u done kiddo?
so fuck off from /g/ back to /pol/
/g/ is my home board friendo, I just want to learn how many of is here actually belong.

Anyway, how is your python scripting going? Did you learn anything new?

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Etcher is probably the example of what's wrong with modern software

It's quite literally a DD GUI, but it's 40 MB, takes up 300 MB of ram to idle, AND it's botnet.

>Inb4 Windows
>Inb4 Linux
>Inb4 MacOS
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It's also comfortable. I like it, and I have 300MB available.

A bad browser even before we consider the adware that comes with it
The fuck is a DD?

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ITT, websites full of pretentious assholes.
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Why aren't you using FreeBSD yet, anon?
Not scared of the command line are you?

What is keeping you from using FreeBSD?

TrueOS and GhostBSD weenies need not apply.
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If I could use linux software, I would.
Linux is more comfy than any BSD
FreeBSD has linux emulation.

post your cute terminals
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First time I've been ashamed of being a Manjaro user.
>post your fagg terminals

nice terninal girl (male).
I see it now, but if you use color blocks and increase density the logo will be clearer.

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Is there such a thing - besides the hard to come by in my country WRTU54G-TM and WRTU54GV2-TM? What other options do I have if I want to be using a 100% free router-modem combo?
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Bump. Guess I won't get much help here.
weight is an issue with quadcoptors.
That thing is retardedly heavy for such a build.
You are better off using a raspberry pi zero and a micro usb dongle taken apart and soldered directly to the pi zore.

On the bright side I guess you could just run raspain because atleast bloat doesnt affect your mass.
Up to par response. Thanks /g/-unit, never change :^)

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Why are mice so small?

This is the Roccat Nyth, one of the largest gaming mice. It's 45mm high and 85mm wide with the side extension.

I cannot palm grip it, either my fingers overhang and touch the mat or my palm is dragging across the mat.

My hand is 20cm middle finger to wrist.
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Get smaller hands
More like why do you have retard tier hands.
>More like why do you have retard tier hands.

I am only 5ft11

There must be many men 6ft+ with 20cm hands

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anons, i just bought this pile of chinkshit. they didn't even say what each part is. what do i do with this?
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Go to the next random person you see and tell them to buy it
Make an annoying infrared activated beeper and leave it near an angry person's cable set top.
Use it to measure you're autisim.

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Stop using proprietary software!
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Stop breathing.
stop enforcing your own idea of liberty
Lose some weight you fat fuck.

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>case doesn't have an optical drive
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I've used my optical drives like 2 times in the past 3 years, they aren't really needed anymore honestly.
>case doesn't have a floppy disk drive
get a usb one, you fucking faggot. nobody uses these anymore

What hostnames do you give your machines? Do you have a scheme for assigning IPs to them, too, or do you just take whatever DHCP coughs up?

I'm rearranging my network this weekend and I'm curious what /g/ does.
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date +%s > /etc/hostname
anime names
Figures from Greek mythology loosely related to the machine

e.g. my gaymin machine is called Dionysus, my sturdy Thinkpad is called Soteria, and my Pi is called Idaea

i curently have comoodo avast and avg install. are there any other good ones(free)? how many anti virus should i have before i can feel safe against viruses?
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You should kys, that way you're the safest
Common Sense

Common Sense AV 2017

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