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Why does /g/ do this?

>Make thread about the next bit robin being super cheap for the specs and a good buy
>neck beards raid the thread saying the redmi5 has better specs for a cheaper price
>limited bands
>its more expensive
>weaker CPU
>base model only has 2gb of ram
>720p ishit screen
>no NFC
>camera bump

You guys do the same shit with thinkpads. You suggest products that are far inferior at times for seemingly no reason.
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Because this is the /g/angnam style

Oppan /g/angnam style
/g/angnam style
Op, op, op, op oppan /g/angnam style
op thoroughly btfo, don't ever come back here.
It's because they were memed into buying Chinese hardware and desperately need to justify their purchase.

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Hi G! Is it possible to geo locate someone who is calling me? One of my clients is claiming to be in Europe and wants me to cover his overdraft. I'll put my neck on the line for him if he really is traveling abroad but not if he's just sitting around not wanting to be responsible. So if he calls me, can I trace his location?

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Call them back and ask them where they are
No you cannot.

It's possible, but you'll need some gooberment level access to locate his phone.
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Eat shit and die

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What went wrong?
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The optics
Normies, who end up posting every bit of their personal info and their friends' faces in photos online to facebook anyway.
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Raptor Computing Systems are now taking preorders for the Talos II
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>first system to support PCIe 4.0
If I was rich I'd buy one just to shitpost in guts threads
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that's hot.

Why aren't you fags talking about this yet?

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Because we've had NNTP for decades.

Also IPFS can't work with the present glut of digital data that major sites accumulate. It's going to be good for minor sites, but larger sites would never "fit" on an IPFS server.
Because people only share the data they pin, so only popular data is guaranteed to stay archived.
/g/ and /tech/ and lainchan have been all over IPFS and GNUnet and Zeronet for years now, on and off.

Usenet isn't anyhow similar to IPFS, is it?

Guaranteed maybe, but nodes still cache data that wasn't pinned by the operator. If everyone has free space on their nodes, something no one has pinned is bound to stay around.

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Explain this, winfags
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Simple, you shouldn't be using poo in loo Operating system
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this means that ur gay lol
I'm not a winfag, but what the fuck are you showing to me?

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>He doesn't read his server's nginx log just for fun

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because I read the apache logs just for fun


Get a load of this nerd.
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haha faggot
He thought it would work

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once again, i stand at the brink of the abyss, programming a MIDI control surface in traktor - asking myself - 'how long until i go totally fucking insane because of this software'

controller programming general or something
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Nice computer anon
traktor? sorry, I only listen to libre djs

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How make Windows 10 look better?
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KDE for Windows
Install linux, install Openbox||XFCE, you're done.
>build 10162

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What is the best Linux distro for academic use? Mostly applied statistics, data work/analysis, numerics, some work on remote server.

I have used Arch with lts kernel and Xfce for the past five years. I need to buy a new laptop soon.

Arch has been very stable for me, and the upkeep wasn't nearly as much work as people here often proclaim it to be. Nevertheless, things like broken font rendering etc are starting to get on my nerves.

Xfce is also sometimes less than optimal (grid tiling doesn't work properly for many applications, Thunar used to be almost broken for quite some time).

I need to get a new laptop soon. What are the alternatives? Ideally I do not lose a full day of work setting up Arch (Yes I know about Antergos).

I like Arch because the AUR has things like rstudio, qgis, sage and basically any package you could ever need for the type of work I do easily accessible.

What are good alternatives? Ubuntu? Repositories are not as complete but I could probably make it work. Fedora? Never used it. One of the obscure niche distros commonly promoted on /g/?

Also, is KDE a good replacement for XFCE?

Academia general I guess. I actually have no formal training in CS or Engineering.
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Install Gentoo.

I like this kind of meta-arch shill

kys then go and stay go

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what IT thing should i learn to do /g/ ?
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guntoo or lesbian
learn how to poo in the loo
Learn how to write machine language

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Welcome to the botnet.
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>Welcome to the botnet.
we've got fun and gaymes
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What about Chromium.

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Is it really as good as they say? I hate firefox and #googlegate is crazy.
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Yes. And it's not SJW garbage like Chrome and Fireshit.
For fuck's sake why are people so unimaginative?
It's an Electron app, so it's inherently shit man. Goto oldapps.com and install an older Opera and you're good to go.

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What's /g/'s opinion on trackball mice?
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After getting one last year, I'm a full-blown convert. I also use it for gaming.
Used to use one with my laptop so that I could mouse in tight spaces without having to trackpad. A family member of mine uses one to avoid wrist pain otherwise caused by normal mice.

Cool for both of those cases.
This has _always_ been the refined choice.

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Why would you use NAS hard drives as a normal desktop drive?
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my pc runs 24/7
Whether you run it 24/7 or not makes no difference with a NAS drive. A NAS drive's firmware is designed to erase the data on the failed sector and have it replaced with a new sector immediately, while a normal drive will move that data to a recoverable sector.
If you would need constant, randomly timed, access to your files on the HDD.
The spin-up, spin-down shit on something like WD green just kills the HDD if done way too often

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