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This is the noise from my PSU. My PC is quiet as fuck pretty much 24/7 so this is scaring me.
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return you, you obviously have a bomb instead of a power supply
Install gentoo
are you serious or just meming?

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The Bold Font bold from Pindarots
You sir, are a legend. Thanks.

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wtf I hate linux now
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What's the best distro for windows refugees?
Zorin, Linux Mint, Ubuntu (I don't like it myself, but is widely used) and if you want something quite bloated with common windows apps and out-of-the-box compatibility with Windows apps (aka Wine, but it's not wine), try Deepin.

Those are just some distros I liked. It doesn't mean that they're the best, but they are the best in my opinion.
Gentoo's comfy if you have enough autism to make it comfy (and learn how to install it)

I finally did it /g/.

2 months ago I never considered purchasing an apple product other than an iPhone. I dont know if it is something to do with the apple shills or not, but lately I have been looking more and more at getting an iMac, looking at videos about them, looking at threads on /g/, looking at how good they look in the apple store. I finally placed my order, just now. Pic related.
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that is one expensive turd
Why is it that only Macs evoke such rage in people?

>Hey guys I bought a Mac

Sure seems like jealousy to me

>we all could use a second pair of eyes to help us make sure we're putting our best foot forward
>instead of using your fucking brain and remembering the rules of grammar in the English language, just let a third party software tell you how you should write!

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The commercial for this is unbelievably retarded. It makes me want to shoot up a school to stop kids from growing up to be fucking retards.
Actually not a bad program desu senpai

>Hexa-core design
>2 Monsoon high performance cores
>4 Mistral low power cores

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Monsoon you say....
Still 1 year ahead of the current SD835. Your point? The iPad Pro 3rd Gen should get 20000 in multithread score

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I have a $500 amazon gift card already applied to my account. However I want this 500 bucks in cash.

Is there anything I can buy off Amazon for 500 bucks which has a high resale value on ebay or something to get the 500 bucks in cash? I need ideas on how I can convert it to cash instead of Amazon balance.
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Buy a phone or any other popular electronic or you can also contact amazon and ask them to transfer your gift card balance.
Give it back Jamal.

how can a GPU play a 1080p video on one screen and play a game on another screen without any issues?

I'm amazed by it
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>the absolute state of neo-/g/
Women are good at multi tasking

When they die their body parts are used to make GPUs
>Women are good at multi tasking

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Why are there no new monitors? Why the fuck is a 1440p IPS 144hz monitor pricetag at $500 today when it was released in 2014?

What happened to OLED

How is TN worse than IPS if you don't care about viewing angles?
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>How is TN worse than IPS if you don't care about viewing angles?
because colors are shit maybe ?

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>he failed for the essential meme
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dumb phone poster
If you want repairability why not go for a Fairphone?

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>just finding out the relevance of multi core processors like ryzen

Fuck you intel and fuck your 2 core 2 thread celery garbage.
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FACT: cats love fire because cats are demons
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Anything under 4 is garbage unless it's for shitposting.

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Will this blatant apple shilling on /g/ ever end? I'm losing hope desu, I might stop visiting 4chan altogether. Can't go 5 minutes without someone demanding I buy the latest $1,000 fruit phone or $2,000 bendgate laptop that throttles to 1 GHz.
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This triggers the lagdroid cuck
This triggers the applel faggot
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wtf happened to /g/

Why is /g/ so faggy about OSes?

Quite literally all of the discussions about Wangblows, Lincucks, MuckOS, and co. are just

>So pretty
>So comfy
>My minimal install uses 200 MB of ram less than yours

It's even worse when you realize all the shitlposting about lincucks distros essentially amounts to arguing about who's a better person, hitler in a bikini or hitler in summer dress. It's the same fucking person. It's the same fucking OS. Distro shitposting is literally just arguing about which collection of bloatware you'd prefer to take up the ass.

When is the last time you saw a shitpost like

>Still using kernel 3.19
>kernlets btfo

Whenever someone discusses OSes, builds, or anything it's always sounds like

>This looks yucky, ewww.
>O-M-G that looks so good, Becky.

You're all pic related.
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GNU + Linux != girl's makeup
Well yeah, a good chunk of /g/ is uppity trannies.

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CNN wants me to enable flash to get hurricane updates. I'm thinking about just walking into the water now.
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>Using CNN
>Trusting CNN
>the botnet wants you to die
Fellow Florida anon, there are a million other companies reporting weather updates.

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> Networking (ISP/Enterprise/DC)
> Sys/cloud administration
> Software developer
> Other?

/g, which IT field will make me blow my brains out the least?
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Network key manager of a multinational latam and north america enterprise
Im in pentesting and i love almost every day of work
Avoid at all costs non specialization
I was pretty good in netwoking, exchange, all backup matters, SAN storage and architecture, sharepoint, and quite a lot of .net dev and powershell maddedning scripts.
4 burnouts in 15 years. and total combined 5 weeks in psych ward.
If your you are the jack of all trades everyone is going to bother you everytime 24/24 7/7.
I made a choice : organic farm and permaculture.
fuck IT.

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