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*stalls your path^
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nice meme
didn't get enough replies last thread?
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Will he finally resign after the leaks?
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the new iphone leaks? did i miss something
Apple suffers 'major iPhone X leak' - BBC News - http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-41220517
Ya this was totally (((unintentional)))

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I know you can boot something like Ubuntu on the xbox 360 using Xell-Launch, but anyway of having Linux on an Xbox one console?
>Unrelated question, I just want to know.
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i dont think anyone's done it
it's a standard x86 pc running basically off the shelf parts, of course it's technically possible
the problem is it's so locked down that you can't actually install it
look up "xebian"

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Bad eBay experiences?

Someone just sent me this and I cant stop laughing.
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ive sold 12k worth of shit i wanted to get rid of on ebay and i dont like it

10% ebay fee AND they pander to the buyer so hard even if you say no returns they can find a TINY flaw with the product and you HAVE to give them a refund
they will literally just take the money from your paypal
2/3 purchases on ebay were scams

I really don't trust anything on there. Ebay needs to operate as a middleman, I forget what it's called, where they hold the seller's product, verify the seller's product, and then accept the money from the buyer

That offloads all issues that people have with ebay being a pain in the ass with scams on both sides, but it would cost a lot more money and not give ebay much return on it so it's no wonder they don't

On one of my Admob accounts I've made over $44k since August 2013. Pictures attached.

I made more before that (2011-2012). I also made tens of thousands on other Admob accounts. Also I get checks from other ad services.
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I neglected to mention - I do it via Android apps I publish.

I should mention things are harder in 2017 then they were in 2013-2014. As a number of things, including my flagging revenues, attest to.
How many android apps you published ?
thats $930 per month kek

>Having to resort to using Nouveau because Nvidia propritary drivers are so fucking choppy on Linux

Absolute state of linux hardware support...
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>He fell for the gaming linux meme
linux is shit for normal use
If you want good free drivers, get GCN2.0+ AMD cards or Intel GPUs
Nvidia's blob is fine in 90% cases

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>Tor Browser updated itself in the background last time I was browsing.
>It deleted my downloads folder.
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>openly admitting to using TOR on a surface website with your IP bare.
>not making backups of important files at least to other locations on the drive.

darwin should kick in any day now
>>openly admitting to using TOR on a surface website with your IP bare.
why would that matter when you had to visit the website to download it once anyway
once you visited the site to find out what it was 5 years ago or whatever, you were already flagged
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Whats the average value of satellite? Assuming one of them crashed and someone find the parts, how do we understand that if some hardware is valuable

Pic not related
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about tree fiddy
give it back shaq
>Whats the average value of satellite?
Not very much after it's crashed. They're just normal environmentally-isolated electrical components and structural materials that are now damaged. They're also not your property, so people would be willing to pay you even less for them.

You'd get the most value either by scrapping it for valuable metals, or selling it to some rich asshole who enjoys the novelty of owning a stolen fallen satellite.

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Do you enable cookies on YouTube?
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Yes. How else would I log in?
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Am I autistic enough to block cookies?
are you a cute anime girl?

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Why do apple products perform so well in artificial benchmarks but get absolutely destroyed in actual app performance?
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because with artificial benchmarks its just the benchmark running on the OS. No one actually uses their phone like that so once you get more than 1 or 2 apps open, the pitiful 2gb of ram they have is just not enough to maintain performance.

It also wouldn't surprise me if the benchmarks are biased as fuck and designed specifically to work well with the phone they're "benchmarking". And for the record it wouldn't surprise me if Samsung and other phone manufacturers do the same shit
Apple probably tunes the devices to perform better in it or the benchmark itself treats Apple devices differently. This has occurred before with Intel where a benchmark software ran optimised code when it detected an Intel processor, making AMD appear to perform worse. Hardware wise Apple devices are years behind but somehow have far better single and multithreaded performance than anything else in benchmarks is absurd.
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why indeed :^)

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So now that Firefox (and SeaMonkey) are officially ruined, what are the best Firefox forks? They need to work with most useful add-ons, receive somewhat frequent development updates and most importantly not be compromised by (((NSA))) and (((Google))) like Firecucks and Chrome are. If I can't find a fork that meets these requirements I'm just going to take the plunge and switch to chromium. I really don't want to do that as I've been using Firefox for years and would like to migrate to a similar browser.

tl;dr What does /g/ consider the best Firefox forks that capture pre-2015 Firefox.
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Jackie Chan

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How long does installing Gentoo take with one of these?
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You mean how much does emerge world take

Still, a lot.
Mere femtoseconds
*not accounting for all the segfaults

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This is the future of tech. Prove me wrong, /g/.
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your wrong

Ur rong
I just want a phone that can fold into a tablet.

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So why do we hate JavaScript and Node.js?

This is elegant.
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>arrows going everywhere
spaghetti code

But the arrows can only go in and out of the components.
It's planar graph, my dude. Spaghetti requires tangled arrows.

Please don't tell me ifags are still buying ishits in this here 2017.

They couldn't even get the look right, tried to copy the s8 bezeless design, and still failed miserably and the phone looks like shit
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it isn't even out yet and you're already a salt mine
>another fake design leak
every year
No this is how it actually confirmed looks retard

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