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Best burner devices thread
What are some good devices for shady shit
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What are you talking about?
Pencil and paper.

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Do you think Microsoft will ever again release an operating system that doesn't spy on the user? You know, like you pay money for it and it just makes other software run without sending your keystrokes to Microsoft, without turning on your webcam and microphone and sending the recordings to Microsoft, without making random screenshots when you do inconspicuous shit like watching cuck porn and sending them to Microsoft and stuff like that?

Shit, I would pay $1000 for a Windows without all the spyware, without ads, without Cortana, without shitty apps I never run, without the Windows store that serves as a ransomware landmine.

I can't go back to 7, but I can't stay on Windows 10 either. This shit is just too much for me to handle, I get anxiety attacks when I use it, I feel like they're always watching me, always listening, I feel violated and in all honesty I refuse to participate in my own surveillance anymore. I paid for this computer, I'm paying for the internet connection, and I would pay good money for a Windows that just runs games and shit that I need.

I can't deal with it, I'm already dabbling in Linux, I'm trying to install Arch Linux in a virtual machine and I've managed to reach base install and chroot into that shit to choose my keyboard layout, but I am completely incompetent for this shit that /g/ loves. I think I'll probably go with another distro that is much easier to install, like Ubuntu or Manjaro since a lot of you guys love it and call it Arch for babies and what not.

Is there a chance of Microsoft ever coming to their fucking senses? I can't deal with this bullshit anymore. This is not an operating system, this is insanity in disguise.
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They said Windows 10 is the last Windows OS to come out.

They will just update it for the rest of eternity.
install a linux distro
I doubt it's going to happen, anon. Google has already proven this business model to be highly successful. The only chance I see, is if the Europeens keep their relentless assault of lawsuits going. You have to hurt their bottomline if you want them to change.

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Is this good?
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good goyim, its all good
>SSD and a HDD
Pick one, either silence or usability.
SSDs don't speed anything up, they are a meme.
No. Also, fuck off finn.

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Truly magical. How do they do it?
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Lol nice try
fakest shit i've ever seen on this board
>t. mactoddler

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is pic related real? if so link please
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don't give him the link
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Yes it's real! I have it but I'm not going to give it to you.

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What's a good ergonomic chair that's not too expensive and comfy?
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>Puffy vulva
S-Stick to the topic
Are you a native English speaker? Of course that's what he said.

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That guy sounds like he'd be a happy PHP programmer.
Underredditted post
It's a meme

Rate my set up /g/entoomen am running ubuntu currently.
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Install debian.
No shitlord im moving to mint next
lose some weight, pajeet

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Why do people charge exorbitant amounts for old Macs and Macbook Pros on Craigslist? I routinely see 5-6 years old shit online for $500 or more.
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Why do you want to buy a mac so badly if you're poor?
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Mactoddlers are literally the most clueless gullible cucks on the planet. Why would you pass up the opportunity to milk them?

Apple devices cost at most a few thousand USD more than the competition. And it's because the build quality is unmatched and the OS is as well.

I bet that your dream car costs tens of thousands more than a normal car that could get you from point A to point B without any issues, but you won't say anything about that.

See the hypocrisy, you piece of shit ?

Let us rich neets buy these premium devices while you struggle with your pimped up nikka rainbow colored laptop with Windows WannaCry 10 R.A.T Pro. Are you still shitting behind the house, Rakesh ?

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>you will never make a high growth tech startup that makes you a b/millionaire in months
>you will never make a serious software / technology company
>you will never be inspired to work for 100 hours a week
>every idea these days requires at least a PhD or concentrated autism
>your (completely solid) base of high school and early college level mathematics will never allow you to create anything technologically advanced, either in an academic or business sense - the low hanging fruit is gone and you need to be an autistic maths / cs grad to do anything impressive these days
>you missed the dotcom boom
>you missed the social boom
>you missed the app boom
>you don't live in the usa, only the shitty uk
>you weren't programming from the age of 9
>you haven't been caught hacking in to government / corporate databases
>you didn't drop out of high school / university
>there are mountains and mountains of people releasing better and more useful software than you will ever make, all easily accessed on Github

Why even live brehs? I work in a government job where I get to wear a suit and work in central London. But I feel pathetic because i am redpilled enough to know I am a worthless wagecuck doing a brain-dead job.

I guess my solace is that I'm not a stupid person, it's just that to get anywhere you need to penetrate the slimy bullshit surrounding everything. I'm probably going to fail an interview I had for an engineering job recently because I don't answer competency questions like a normie. So the solace is that I see everyone as a fraud anyway.

I'm a complete social failure in the office. I'm the ugly loser beta that nobody talks to.

Although I arrive late, take long lunches, and leave early so at least I am not completely cucked.
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> But I feel pathetic because i am redpilled enough to know I am a worthless wagecuck doing a brain-dead job.
all jobs make people into wagecucks
just find something you enjoy doing
give it back ahmed
>I'm the ugly loser beta that nobody talks to.
>I arrive late, take long lunches, and leave early
If you're going to be a wagecuck, at least be a good wagecuck to maximize the resources you get out of it. /fa/ and /fit/ can help with the ugly part, but you'll have to fix the beta loser behavior on your own if you want to get enough surplus capital to buy out of the system.

Redpill me on covering my laptop camera/phone camera /g/,

I literally don't care who sees me jack it, we live in an age that fakes are so realistic that you can just claim any blackmail image is a fake and disregard the threat.

I don't harbor any edgy anti-establishment views that would get me thrown in jail under the strictest of governments.

Also surely the biggest threat to personal security would be your phone microphone? (debatable)

>pic related, the camera stickers sold on EFF's store
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Why dont you join one of those cam sites that has 24/7 video feeds then?
You wont mind not getting paid cause you'll be on your computer any way!!!
So you're saying my camera will be on live feed somewhere, again, why would I care? I don't leave my laptop on all the time, i'm not neet.
From what I gather, the only real issue is a waste of bandwidth for me.

mad paranoia yo

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Windows alternative to iTunes to manage this?
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If you have Foobar there's a dope plug in that does this, if not you should definitely consider getting it.

Is it worth it to study IT?

Is an associates degree worth anything at all?

Should I focus on networking, programming, or security?
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Need to be under 25 with at least 10 years of experience and a PhD in programming for any entry level IT jobs
Aim for a bachelors degree and study either software engineering, computer science, or computer security. Computer science is probably the most generic one and you can specialise later if you want. An associates degree is a bit too meager, IMHO, and you'd have to compete with bachelor undergrads. (disclaimer: coming from an MSc in computer security, now a senior security consultant)
Do you think I could maybe get an entry level position with my AAS then work for a bachelor's later on?

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any good android vpn? Nothing fancy just fast, censorship in Germany is pretty disgusting
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care to tell me more? I'm about to apply for jobs in Munich, but censorship and privacy are touchy subjects.
well tons of youtube videos are censored mostly political incorrect stuff
also they passed a law for homo-marriage while doing a second law (which wasn't discuss because of the other law) which enforces less free speech
Go back to Republican retard land and stay there.

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I need to learn algebra I II, trigonometry, calculus I II, physics I, linear algebra, discrete math and basic graph theory before december.

What coding projects can I code to learn every topic.
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Game engine
yeah, but is a 3D engine enough to learn all that shit?

If you can't do algebra I, then you are fucked anyway

But if you still want to try, you don't learn those things through projects. Read a book.

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