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When will these and other large tech companies fall?
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stop reposting this, faggot
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You tell me
>makes this same fucking post every other day

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Do you use it? Why or why not?
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I use memebook because my priest asked me to be the admin for the facebook group.
I have a Facebook because it's a fine place to keep a database of ancillary contacts from high school and previous jobs. Don't really use it though.
not really
i have a gnusocial account but don't really use it currently

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>working an old computer
>Core 2 Duo E7600 2.93ghz
>3gb ram
>install Windows 10
>launch edge
>visit youtube and try to play a 1080p video
>runs like shit with laggy video and dropped frames

>same computer
>install Xubuntu minimal desktop
>install Chromium
>visit youtube and try to play a 1080p video
>runs flawlessly

Hmm, what causes this? I tried Chromium in Windows 10 by the way and it didn't change anything. Still ran laggy and bad in W10.
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dunno why... I use a tablet with windows and an Intel atom not even a fast version of the atom and YouTube plays flawlessly in both edge and chrome
>Installing Winbloat10 on a Core2Duo

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What's a good hackathon idea if I only know SQL and Java?

I've never used an API before also

I get overwhelmed when trying to learn JS because there's too many frameworks
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its like uber, but for escalators

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GTK vs Qt.png
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Which one?
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gtk for heavy interfaces, qt for light interfaces
>Glib garbage
>Sepples garbage
gtk, qt interfaces may be lighter but often don't work quite right

Which programming language should I learn if I want to avoid pajeets and nu-males?
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That pic is my worth nightmare to date. That I'll get 99.9999% close to being able to smash and then catastrophically fuck it up so bad only immediate and instant suicide will remedy the situation.
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windows 2 the language

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If I don't want to become a web developer (I want to be a software engineer), is it really that important to know JavaScript?

The two things I can think of it being useful in is building a personal website (although you don't really need JS) and doing a hackathon.

I know Java and a few other languages really well, and every time I try to learn JS, the book/course I'm doing goes over the complete basics, like "what is a string", so I give up after that.
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Don't even try. There are too many frameworks, and it's too overwhelming to begin.

Most tutorials are trash in that they teach you the language but don't teach you how to actually create the website/where to buy the website/how to host it
If you want your website to actually do something you'll probably need it, unless you just really really like refreshing a page every time you need to update some information on the page.

Also fuck frameworks, learn JavaScript before you even think of touching a framework. Also keep in mind that frameworks come and go so fast that chances are the one you decide to pick up will be out of style before you finish a tutorial.
What course do you recommend for learning JS?
I was considering this https://www.udemy.com/the-web-developer-bootcamp/

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Would you fuck a thinkpad?
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>h-hi, d-do you like anime?
I'd fuck mine
>dat ass

I already did :^)

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Hi there. I am a linux user i have tested a lot of linux distribution even arch (not in my desktop pc) in an old notebook. I want to try artegos based on Arch but i have read a lot of things that make me think twice about it. First of all, the security, i know that the repository of Arch (Artegos) is big but if you want some esoteric software maybe you have to use te AUR and that is my concer. Is this secure ? There is risk of modification (i think that have happend already) of the software.
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Why does linux not have any good image viewers?

Pic related.
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i have not had any problems with mirage
install pix
I use MComix (just drag and drop the folder into it).

It's actually for viewing comics but it's a far better image viewer than most out there.

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Anyone else use Budgie?
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If it didn't have a hard dependency on systemD I would at least try it.
Looks gay. Probably amazing for big fat smelly neets who also love cocks.
no because it's buggy shit

>slowest boot time
>uses more resources than KDE + GNOME TOGETHER
>slowest shutdown time
>half the stuff doesn't work properly
>prone to crash

maybe in a decade when they weed out the problems

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>go to use Brave browser
>wow this is cool its got privacy built in
>fire up in terminal
>root certificate errors
>wow that's not good
>use valgrind to look at memory leaks
>literally thousands
>go to Brave browser "About" page
>see this cunt
>senior engineer
>EFF scholar

fuck off
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Shes a rl friend of manning, what do you expect
If s(he) removed those glasses and had a decent haircut, s(he)'d be cute.
>not wanting to cum over her glasses
she is already cute

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Is Linux really better? I'm always in search of better alternatives and I want to know what the real deal is. Redpill me on Operating systems /g/
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>Is Linux really better?
Nope, it's just a meme. Only people without jobs use Linux.
No, OpenBSD is much better than Linux.

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this was the last phone to have some sort of soul in the aesthetical department, agree?
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Give me this with stock Android and iMessage.
nah bro, essential phone
keep up with the times bro aha
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