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Hi, Debian anon. Tell me, how do you live with packages that are so far behind from a bleeding edge? Do you use something like Ubuntu's PPA?
Also, what were you previous distros and why you've decided that Debian is your cup of tea?
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Hey if you're running old hardware sometimes Stable/LTS builds are the only option.
Looking at you, support for Radeon 2000 drivers that aren't ass
I literally see no reason to use bleeding edge shit. I chose Debian as my main distro because for some reason it was the easiest to setup to my needs.
what about latest versions of firefox, for example?
In most of the cases - latest software - the best software. There is just have to be some kind of middle point between stable/outdated and unstable/bleeding edge.

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Anyone know of a free ddns that doesn't require managing through updates such as noip AND is not blocked in Facebook chats? Sounds fucking retarded but I often have to link to rather large gifs and short videos on my HFS for work feedback. Don't want to use drive because of Jewgle or Dropbox either. Tried Dynu but everything seems blocked.
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I use nsupdate.info, it just werkz
i use afraid.org

genuine retard
Looking for a dynamic dns, so I can link stuff like whatever.domainname.xxx

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Are cheap VR Headsets shit? Is smartphone VR viable?
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1. Yes.
2. Only for porn
VR is a stupid meme technology to begin with.

loling at the comfy face on dat controller though.
>VR is a stupid meme technology to begin with.
Did you try it?

Anyone on /g/ has any experience with building a CMS? Pic related.
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Yes. I learned after a long time that PHP is shit. You shoul learn it also already.
just use an existing one flaming faggot
Makes me nostalgic for the first CMS I built 15-20 years ago.

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Why do people use AMD when their products clearly are inferior to Intel and Nvidia?
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emotional investment
must be conspiracy
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so, im making a shitty game on telnet, take a look
port 23
i recommend to use putty on windows
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common guys its funny
guys come on, I posted this 6 whole minutes ago, why aren't you replying?
literally only 2 things to do

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Why doesn't Gnome have a fucking push notification app preinstalled like KDE with KDEConnect?
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why doesn't gnome have some fucking customization options instead of making you install buggy third-party extensions?
>worrying about 3rd party applications
>using linux
Do they have a KDE Connect alternative?

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>what is cached memory
>unused memory is wasted memory

That still doesn't explain why it's swapping. Swap is on the disk, so it should only be used when +90% of RAM is in use.

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Finally uninstalled that shit software (I only installed it because my Dad wouldn't shut up about it) and there's a bunch of leftover files and shit labeled "McAfee" that won't delete.
>use [uninstall program]
Tried, doesn't register them as existing. And there are some left over gif files of the logo and shit that need "administrator permission" to delete.
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Delete them in Linux LiveCD mode.
Is something also wrong with your search engine?

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>compile latest kernel
>newer kernel already available
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Such is life of a linux peasant.
>tfw dumb kernel clogging hdd
>tfw 100 gorilliongib use by kernel
>compiling latest kernel in the first place
End yourself.

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How do I play youtube videos on MPV
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Yikes, you've stumbled on one of MPV's major flaws that has been swept under the rug.
VLC has no problem with what you're suggesting, though.
Install youtube-dl and it integrate to mpv directly. Just do mpv "youtuble_url"
But I don't have loonix :(

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Trying to make the switch to Chrome but its hard guys. There's so many things that Firefox has that I can't live without. Mainly its memorizing where to save the shit I download.
Pixiv files > Pixiv folder
torrents > torrent folder
4chan pics > 4chan folder

What are some extensions that will make Chrome half as decent as Firefox?
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>Trying to make the switch to Chrome
>Trying to make the switch to Chrome
that's retarded. I switched from chrome to 57 literally 4 days ago and it's been great

I'm here all day, ask what you want
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What's the fag:normie ratio?
Kill as many as you can and then yourself. Godspeed.
DISCLAIMER: For legal purposes, this post is a joke.

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ITT: Tech companies you hope soon go into major liquidation and/or Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
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>YET another Apple Hate thread
so unique
Not likely, Apple is the most influential, most valuable brand in the WORLD. They are over a decade ahead of the competition and it shows.

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Trying to go no root for my new phone. Since it's fast, and has the latest Android, I really would rather just stick with the stock OS, debloat it a bit, and use Nova launcher.

Some things I miss such as adblocking and TWRP backups.

To those anons that don't root, what do you use to compensate for the lack of rooting features?

So far, I find myself using Firefox for web browsing with uBlock Origin. That works pretty well for blocking YouTube and website ads.
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I'm on the same ship m8, I got a honor 8 and since it had a build in firewall (my must have) I didn't rush to root it, specially since my bank became very anal recently about root, I miss adaway and xposed but I can't live without them, I'll wait for a stable pure android rom with magisk and xposed before I unlock and root
Same here. I've been using my Nexus 5x stock since I got it. The ads get annoying but most of the apps I use don't have them or I buy the unlocked version for a couple bucks using gplay money I've racked up through random Google promos. Also I'm subscribed to Google play music and YouTube red comes with it so no ads on YouTube. For my browser I just stick with chrome but I might try Firefox with unlock now that you mention it.

I hate that a large portion of apps don't work if they detect root. In some cases I understand like for banks but other like streaming apps they're just being greedy.
Opera has built-in adblocker.

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