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I hate google, but there is literally no browser that can compete with the comfiness of google chrome.
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You just don't know how to change the default browser.
Im new to /g/.
Isn't chrome regarded as one of the worst browsers?
I thought so too.

Than I tried FF 54 and turn hardware acceleration off. Never crashed even once and I have atleast 15 tabs open at all times(mostly Jewtube). Syncs well with the Android browser too. Dark theme looks gorgeous.

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I have a problem gents, I think I am getting Kiked by these guys. I have a data cap of 1TB/month 2 days ago, I hit 900TB of that... I was out of town for 3 days of the month and my billing cycle was Aug 1st. I download a shit ton of torrents from IPT but my utorrent says I only downloaded and uploaded 103gb since July 25th or so. There is no way I've used 800gb shitposting here and on other forums. I do have a wife but she just browses typical mom shit for her school - no downloading.

Now, I get a notification I've used 1100GB or 1.1TB. Wtf? I've only torrented like 5gb of movies in the last two days, how the fuck could I have used 200gb?

Have any of you guys had this problem before? I am going to have to call Comcast but I need to be prepared because those motherfuckers make their phone calls last at least an hour.
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You voted Trump. You deserve this.
give them a call and tell them you're cancelling your service
Maybe I do. But now I want to fight this. I refuse to get Scholmo'ed by these fags.


Das right, we wuz workstation level poo n shiet.
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It's over, RHEL is finished
yes, I would definitely trust microsoft for critical infrastructure, their products are bug-free, highly customizable, and microsoft support is great
Hail to the king, baby.

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>testing a low quality game on a 16 core CPU
>Linus shill tips quality tech reviewing

How the fuck is this allowed, anyone who spends money on a 8+ core CPU for gaming is a fucking moron.

If anything with its PCIE express lanes the 1950X could get that same result running 4 VMs each with its own GPU as CS would only use 4cores anyway
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Is AMD trying to sell TR to the gaymen crowd?
Seems like Nvidia is even saying to buy TR for gaming.
Is this just a way to extract money from stupid people?
Prepare yourself for EPYC vs Xeon gaymen benchmarks.
When 4K gaming is a thing processor performance will become less of a thing and more about price and features than clocks.

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>using mongoloid DB

How many of you fell for the meme?
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Not sure what else to use if you want to store/manipulate images.
Storing them as binary blobs in Postgres just seems weird.
our project management, sadly, despite the fact we're building a event-driven service and half of the team suggested datomic...
fuck mongoDB
Why? Postgres works fine with blobs.

Also in most cases you don't have the same requirements for images as for your valuable data, so just store them in filesystem.

its all about ships and other related stuff.
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i wish it were russian
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I don't know much about ships on a technical level. But I think its crazy how big the chains are for their anchors.
yeah thats true man

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If you had one of these growing up, your childhood was awesome
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us 90s kids should stick to gether
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mine was more or less the same but they only had black and white displays at the time

pic related is what my dad had in his car. High technology from the 80's and 90's
nah, these were about early 2000s

also, if your not 90's or older you dont belong here
global rules 2

Can we have serious discussion for once? Without stuff like macaco culinary and shit.

Threadripper has 64 PCIe lanes total. Each die manages 32 lanes.
You can use up to 60, because 4 lanes are used by chipset.
But how exactly these 4 lanes are spread? All from single die (-4 lanes from one) or from both (-2 lanes from each)?

It's important, because if it's 2 from each, then you will not be able to use double x16 PCIe from the single die. You will have to deal with latency from accessing pcie controller on another die. So even x8/x8 (single die controller) could potentially be better than x16/x16.
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>Can we
I approve this thread, this is not a "gaymers BTFO >>>/pcbg/"-tier.

And no, it would be retarded if the chipset had its lanes connected to two different dies as any chipset operation would incur that penalty. As to what lanes they're hooked up, ask the motherboard manufacturer, or probe it with a multimeter and check the pin out which should be somewhere in a datasheet, if you want to be autistic and setup process affinity.

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Need help with OC. I got a 1050ti last week. Was a bit disappointed it can't handle 60fps in Witcher 3 so decided to overclock since I got non OC version. What are good benchmarks for testing stable clocks? Furmark was stable with +180 on core but Witcher didn't want to load until I turned it down to +120. Different story with memory. Every review of 1050ti I read had memory to +500mhz max while I did +750 and both Furmark and Witcher seem stable. Should I go even further?
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use valley,
start at stock mem clock.
turn core up until it artifacts and turn back down a bit.
pause on a single scene with spcbar and start turning mem clock up until it artifacts or frame rate drops. turn it back down until you have the highest stable frames. turn it down a hair past.
fallout 4 and witcher 3 seem to give my oc's the most trouble so they are good tests after a bench stable oc.
forgot to add a more aggressive fan profile with cooler temps might net you a few mhz and let the bench run for a whie after you find stable clocks and watch for missing poly and artifacts
Thanks! I think my core is at my limit already wth +120 but I tried to up memory for max +1000mhz and it still works fine which surprises me even more. I'll try valley bench now, hope it'll be stable since I really like how Witcher is stable 60fps now everywhere but Novigrad.
>add a more aggressive fan profile
Not sure if I need this. OC only added like +3°C in Furmark.

Do you tap or press your touchpad in order to click/right-click?

>inb4 owning a laptop faggot
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When i press it the wohle pad goes down a few milimeters.
I never press it, just tapping with one, two, or three fingers for the diferent mouse buttons.
I got physical mouse buttons right below my touchpad.
I've got physical buttons above my touchpad and I use the trackpoint.

>Max system power: 1001W
>Recommended PSU: 1051W+
Seems reasonable.
>Recommended UPS: 1750VA
What the actual fuck? Wouldn't a 1500VA/1350W or 1500VA/1500W UPS be more than enough? Good kW PSUs should have active PFC of ~0.99.
>Potentially needing to rewire my home office for Threadripper OC'ing + Vega
Thanks AMD...
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>I dont understand what inrush current is
>all of this stupid-ass "technology" threads
Thanks murican education

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What are your thoughts on the JS/HTML/CSS terminal called Hyper?
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This is exactly how I imagine a Mac user would try to develop a terminal emulator.

I died a little inside reading that page.
It breaks with a single command.

$ yes

Are you serious?

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>CTRL+F on catalog
>no /guts/ thread
Let me fix that.
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helping bump the thread.

t. intel nice guy.

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I search for google earth, and instead of google earth its now google earth pro. I don't remember ever updating this, how did google autoupdate it without me knowing?
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it's google
what did you expect?
its a virus


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Even Microsoft is calling it Linux, why do so many of you still ride Stallman's cock?
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do you call windows nt? no. it would be idiotic to call it as the kernel.
I don't like Linus.
> he doesn't know what a meme is
> 2017 +1 -1

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