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All elitism aside, is K&R bad?
I find it somewhat tedious.
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There are better alternatives for learning.
K&R is a good reference, but a bad tutorial.
I think it is a good tutorial, but requires some fundamental understanding of programming concepts imo.
If one has aboslutely no clue, then there are definitley better books
Read the GNU C reference manual instead.

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What color scheme do you use?
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i only use black/grays/white nowadays, can't stand the playskool colorschemes anymore
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My own.
monokai or serial experiments lain for vim
light gray on black for the terminal

Name a better GPU, I'll wait... What, you can't?
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Well... i guess it depends on use case, cause if you are doing like deep learning stuff I am sure those AMD workstation cards can give nvidia a ran for their money
Yeah I mainly just love the way it looks. The price for this fuckin thing right now though, christ.

Which OS would you chose for a new PC ?

I need to run programs like Photoshop, ZBrush, SAI, Corel Painter, Premiere etc.

Can I use my trusty Win-7 on a brand new computer? What is it about the Linux meme? Will Win-10 terribly destroy my life and send all my pizza to the CIA?
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Just installed 7 on Ryzen. Comfy.

Avoid 10.
I think I know this girl

>avoid 10

Stop with this meme, 10 is so much better than 7. Fixes literally every problem 7 had.

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- it is not proprietary if i stole it (not that i can't afford it, i just don't want to support a spying OS)
- i can use a VM or dualboot for linux
- the most stable and most able operating system there is. yes macfags, better than your shitty golden jail
- tools like git bash are available
- starts ANY program i want unlike mac and linux
- no shitty screen tearing unlike linux
- im not a poorfag, i can afford the strongest rig there is for a desktop PC and run windows 10 on it. gl with your shitty xeons bundled with radeon macfags
- i can easily upgrade that rig every single year and sell the old parts
- support for any kind of hardware unlike mac and linux.
- minimal and practical design of windows 10, suitable for both professionals and casuals. unlike OSx that is designed for homosexuals (nothing against them, i just state the facts) and linux that is designed by autists for autists (again, nothing against autists)
- i can easily disable the annoying parts like the ads and cortana

am i missing anything here? there must be SOMETHING against windows 10.
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Because you could instead pirate Windows 7 and not get spied on.
I prefer linux for software development. Nothing beats being able to download source and make install.
its shit and botnet
install gentoo

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>Firefox has started selling your personal information to Google
What are some good alternatives?
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citation needed you faggot
Pale moon
ungoogled chromium

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Does anybody use the only truly frew web-browser out there? What are your experiences? Is LibreJS capable to satisfy your everyday web-surfing needs?
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I use it, but turn off libreJS.
I use it as my primary browser. Thinking about trying Waterfox. No complaints with Icecat though.

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Rare pepe.png
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kill yourself

that is the first step
We already moved to the safe haven OP
Sorry you weren't invited (wonder why)
destory net neutrality

>not running LFS with full disk encryption
>being a distro cuck
I thought you /g/uys were loonix wizard
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Alright. Pls gibe wallpaper
Maybe some day when I'm feeling like doing such a project. Meanwhile my Arch installations serve me just as well as ever.
>I compiled binutils therefore im magically better

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Hey /g/, just wondering if anyone could tell me how i can watch videos on youtube that are not available in my country? Thanks.
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Without having to pay for a VPN would be preferable, but thankyou for the input.
7 proxies + three layers of vpn servers + satellite-based proxy to ensure solar-radiotion-sterilized data

Which one is more /g/ approved? Fedora or Debian?
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How come no one's made an e-ink smartphone yet?
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there was a yotaphone brand that was a commercial failure

ironically, both kobo and amazon ebooks run forked android distros.
selfiewhores won't buy them
>there was a yotaphone brand
It's still alive. They are going to release yotaphone 3 pretty soon.

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Let's talk for a while about SSD wear, shall we?
Did you ever experience ssd failure due to NAND wear? Should anyone be worried in 2017 about losing all data after downloading too much anime?

Also SSD-Z thread.
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I have 4 SSDs in different PCs and all of them works perfectly. This is the oldest one, bought in april'13. 3 other is 850 evo 250(D:) and 500GB(different system), and cheap adata(sf550 IIRC) in a laptop.
Came close to it once with a Crucial M4 from 2013, replaced it with an Intel SSD. Apparently I have 150 TB written (on NAND, host writes are a bit lower but why is there such a disparity?) even though I don't even have my page file on it. The hell's going on?
If a web browser like chrome uses your ssd, it will write and read the shit of it. Check your resource monitor during browsing

I'm currently deciding on a Samsung QN65Q8CAMFXZA (QLED 65"), or an LG OLED65E7P (OLED 65"), OLED Is $1k more, is it worth it?

How is upscaling?, I have ~15Tb of 1080p encodes, how will they look at UHD resolution? These are played via my laptop via Emby via Roku

The TV isn't for gaming, just Movies & TV.
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They'll just look like 1080p media on a larger screen. At least the ratio is 4:1.
i'd pick a 1080p OLED over a 4K LCD
OLED has incredible contrast, better than CRTs or Plasma
only downside is OLED is sussceptable to screen burn and wearing out, like CRTs, so keep that in mind (don't display static images for long periods)
I have the 2016 55" 4k LG OLED TV. Cost me $2,300 AUD.
I absolutely love it, no regrets. I can't even take a picture of it, there's so much contrast between light and dark. I'll never go back to LED TVs now.

Burn in on these new OLED TVs isn't a huge issue. I'd still be cautious, but you don't have to baby them.

Why do people get macs/macbooks?

Isn't windows much better?

If you spend the same amount of money on a windows laptop/PC as you would on a macbook, it's much more powerful and has more capabilities.
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same reason people buy jewlery.. status.

>be looser with low income and budget laptop
people think you're loose
>be looser with low income and overpriced faggot laptop
people think you're successful (at least for a while until they find out)

You need to go back
I don't get what my post has to do with reddit

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