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Was the Internet really better before 2007?
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>before Miku
>before yukkaris
Windows vista and the wii were good, but I agree with the rest.

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>finally get a job
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wow what an amazing high quality post
better than me
>finally get a job

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Finally. I can't think of anything good to say about flash, it was shit back in the day, and never got any better since. I just wish it didn't take adobe such a long time to just stop this cancer earlier.
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I think the problem was less that it took so long to drop, it was more a problem that so many people adopted it.
A flash drop in replacement must be found, adobe must be pressured to release the source code to the flash and shockwave players since they won't be maintaining them anymore in 3 years.

Google is pressuring a changeover to HTML5, but I do agree with this. Enough shit is available for flash that while it's a good thing it's gone, it would be generally bad for the users if all the legacy items just went poof suddenly.

>390 can barely run 2017 games without stuttering.
>want to upgrade but Vega benchmarks seem underwhelming after such a long, long wait.
>tempted to buy a 1080TI but don't want to support Nvidia

Fuck what do I do?
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>390 can barely run 2017 games without stuttering.

The fuck? I play most games at 1440p at high settings.
Are you kidding Hawaii is one of the best long lasting GPU's ever built.

Discuss everything to with camera technology.

>inb4 /p/
That is one of the slowest boards on 4chan. I would like to read replies to my post sometime this week, if I get one at all.
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>went to costco to get my 35mm developed
>"sorry we don't do that anymore"
>go to cvs
>have to drop it in an envelope and wait to be called two weeks later to pick it up
>$15 for prints and a cd and you don't even get your negatives back
what has the world come to
I know digital is just as good as film now but it costs thousands to get to that level of fidelity with digital when a you can get a good film camera on ebay for $100
why is everyone abandoning such good tech?
It seems like there is a market for some kind of 35mm color film that can be scanned on a typical home flatbed scanner.
Addendum: by that I mean film which can be developed without a darkroom or needing to be sent off somewhere.

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Software Engineering was a mistake.
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Why? And I'm not reading that
Not OP. Seems like an extremely convuluted and retarded way of teaching someone how to fizzbuzz. Odds are, if someone needs to be taught how, they won't understand what they're doing anyway.
So yea, it's a retard guide. Made by a retard, for retards.
>Teaching programming by using step-by-step baby pseudocode
And? Looks like a CS101 class.

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sticker thread
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That horrendous computer must belong to a Vox reader.
Or writer

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Were you one of those idiots that kept your PC running at max performance, wasting a fuckton of electricity, thinking these stupid programs would actually discover something?

Or were you smart enough to understand these were programs developed by bullshit, money leeching, scam groups simply trying to get people to donate money to their bullshit "scientific" research?
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I found an alien signal coming out of your butthole, sending in a probe now.
post yfw realized seti is world's biggest but coin mining pool

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Forth is the greatest programming language.
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4th can't be first because it's 4th
sauce on pic please

$177.95 USD and they couldn't even make it out of aluminum. It's literally fucking plastic.

Is there any corner a chink won't cut?
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>300 USD for my R7 1700

Its literally made up of printed sand.
Is there any corner a chink won't cut?
They just flash some light at it.
1800x and same boat, tell me about it man, these fuckin chinks, they deserve communism

Is this good enough?
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Yes except for the one in the middle left, its still fairly intact
Using a powerdrill straight though the disk platters is much more efficient
Roommate has my goddamn drill. Smashing them with a big ball peen hammer
Charcoal aluminum forge
Lump wood charcoal and a hairdryer to feed it air can liquidize alluminium HDD platters
Easily hits 1100°
Even better, do it while its connected to a running machine for cool speccy posts

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Will you download this Putin botnet?

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>since the big-data-bases will have more numbers to work with to better hone the machine learning.

So, they want to have a botnet too.
They are good at what they do, but I guess that's what happens when you're working with the GRU
ITT: CTR shills

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Type in your password buddy I wanna take a look.
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your password
That'll be 3 warrants my good man.
1 for the unlawful entry of my home
1 for the seizure of my belongings
And 1 for the ethereal concept of a password.
My password is christopher1 for almost everything, unless it's caps required, then it's Christopher1

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I still have a few remaining dual and triple layered blurays; and I haven't used them yet. Feels sad that there is no more use for them, compared to either flash drives or external drives. Still they are comfy to me. I still prefer physical media over streaming video (netflix, etc). And there are still research in developing in higher capacity discs, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_disc#Fourth-generation

Anyone still use this format?

I even bought a double-sided DVD-RAM disc just to play around with. Too bad bluray player doesn't read it, even though it is a Panasonic, and that is pretty much a Panasonic tech.
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i still use it for backups and VHS tape captures if i can
I hate the whole paid streaming market. I'm used to having a physical/digital copy on my server of something. I know that it's there for life (well I hope anyway). My gf, still prefers CDs of her music, so she's got a big pile of them in binders. But for backup of large data (say 9TB) it would suck. So I prefer to just use hdds.
I use CDs for music in my car because I can control it via the stereo. I can get my phone to work but I can only control the volume.

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So overall has Linus had a positive or negative effect on the greater tech community /g/?

I think he's given normies the false impression that technology is all about spending stupid amounts of money and gaming, its 9gag tier at best. He's not like Wendell who actually knows what the fuck he's doing.
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i dont give a fuck but i like his kid

He's not better.
Reminder to report and hide YouTuber threads.

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