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Complete retard here.
How come you can't just decrypt/reverse engineer the source code of a program when the code is "in there somewhere"?
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You actually can ?

Non retard here: In a best case scenario the code is present as binary that you can turn into assembly code with a disassembler. For actual readable source code, you need to run that assembly code through a decompiler. Most decompilers are incomplete and not quite perfect, the result they spit out doesn't include comments and variable names that make sense. You could disassemble and decompile microsoft word, and you might get something that can be recompiled to produce a working product, but it will almost certainly be a fucking mess that's impossible to read.
all binaries can be reverse engineered

Why havent someone yet created a program that goes through the several million wikipedia listings, attempts to organize them into smething usefull, and then tries to improve itself through the information available there?
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sure, do it yourself! sounds like a fun weekend project
because ricing obscure linux distro with anime traps is considered more productive
you are on the wrong website, friend
That would be extremely dangerous for the human kind.

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what does this do?
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caches your digital footprint onto either the browser server or your hard drive
i dunno but I never use it
and why it never works?
enable your cookies?

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Hey /g/
I need a new laptop that could:
A. Function as a lab for programming and penetration testing.
B. That could moderately run modern games.
C. Also fit into a price of 800£

What specs should I look for ?
I want it to be as durable as possible, because I will be using it for my studies.
Thanks in advance.
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αre you a pajeet ?
>pajeet ?
nope I am from Lithuania, currently working in UK
By penetration testing do you mean reading doujins?

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$850 for RX Vega
Eight hundred fifty dollars

We were supposed to beat Intel and Nvidia, not lose to them, WHY DID IT END UP LIKE THIS
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Nice try aligning yourself with the Nvidia master race, Brian, but we don't need cuck failures tainting the brand. Ryzen + GeForce is the only combo that makes sense.
Did Ryzen finally stop shitting itself under heavy loads?

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>there are people in this board right now who actually believe unironically that pedophiles should be able to encrypt kiddie porn and refuse to decrypt it even with a court order

Explain yourselves!
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What you gonna do about it faggot
I believe that everyone should be able to drink water. That doesn't mean I like everyone that drinks it, though.
Why shouldn't they be able to do that? Do you hate freedom?

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What is the best antivirus software for Mac OS including a protection against Ransomware?
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macs can't get viruses
Common Sense 2018 Pro
Don't download and execute ransomeware

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Foxconn is opening up a factory in Wisconsin
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Are their suppliers gonna open up plants here too?
Because this is gonna be a glorified boxing plant where all the parts come pre-assembled because it's still cheaper to do it in china.
it will close in a week when burger start crying and bitching about chink labor conditions and will be moved to mexico.
My thoughts exactly. People in the US cannot live on Foxxcon wage when it is so expensive to live in America vs China.

>So with basic salary alone, Foxconn assembly-line workers will make as much as$400a month, based on location and passing a probationary period. That's for 160 working hours a month, so the hourly pay is about $2.50. Foxconn also wants to significantly reduce overtime, and excessive amounts of overtime in particular -Feb 2012


Computers have had smart card slots for some time now. What does /g/ think about using smart cards as a logon method?
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beats getting shit injected into my epidermis
>Not just inserting a chip into your urethra and cumming onto the sensor to login

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electrons n sheeeeit
Black magic
captcha goes in.
shitpost comes out.

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what does /g/ think
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Enjoy your bootloop
Never again
that's definitely a phone
chinkshit. enjoy wasting your money of a piece of garbage.

What are the benefits of having those small desk amplifier things.

Do they really make some sort of difference?
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I assume it's a DAC and not just an amplifier.

In that case you don't get interference from all the electronics in your case.

Personally I use the DAC that's in my screen, works fine and DisplayPort carries audio anyways.
cleaner, better sound, usually

you don't have to if you don't want to
>In that case you don't get interference from all the electronics in your case.

What do you mean by this?

curious about them. just seeing if they are worthwhile or just audiophile placebo

What does /g/ use to play local music?
What skins do you use?

Preferably looking for suggestions on Windows.
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iTunes runs like shit on Windows.
If you want iTunes to run well on Windows, get MusicBee.
Clementine doesn't offer enough customization.
foobar is the one you want.
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I use ffplay with acme. In fact it works for remote source if its mounted. skin: standard acme one. Both of these programs are cross platform, so you should be able to run them on windows.
What do you guys use on android

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Sick of the high temps and CPU usage from doing 1 thing on the 7700k. I can easily sell my motherboard and CPU to make the switch to Ryzen. Would it be worth it? I am planning to do thing other than gaming.
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Like upload your replays to youtube?
Livestreaming, Blender and Adobe Suite.
>Would it be worth it? I am planning to do thing other than gaming.

If it scales well across threads, yes. Especially on FPU heavy workloads.

If you need maximum single thread, stick to Skylake.

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Hi /g/,

Going to setup non-headless xen for all-in-one server, workstation and desktop use.
That makes XenServer not a good option.
Was happy to see there is xen for FreeBSD, but then, there is no PCI passthrough support, etc. (hnng).
All dom0 is going to be used for is to manage the virtual machines.
Hope to go with a light one, but not a shitty one that would need to be updated and restarted in any way or changed (so that vms would not need to have any downtime).


Which route would you go and why?
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why xen instead of KVM?
why KVM instead of xen?
Not sure if Zen can do that, but that makes kvm/qemu a good contender.

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