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We are making a web browser!
PREVIOUSLY >>61404010

In the face of recent changes in Firefox and Chrome some anons were asking for a /g/'s perfect web browser, we collected the most wanted here and plan on continuing with the creation.

To contribute follow the WORK PLAN, join the IRC to ask developers for a repo, and get to programming!

WEBSITE: https://retrotech.eu/netrunner/
IRC on Rizon: #/g/netrunner
IRC guide: https://pastebin.com/YDbEWRHV

Gitgud: https://gitgud.io/odilitime/netrunner/
Teknik: https://git.teknik.io/gyroninja/netrunner
Github: https://github.com/5yph3r/Netrunner

- Host project at savannah.nongnu.org
- Set bug tracker and mailing list in Savannah.

1. Browse links2 source code (you can use Ctags for tagging functions and files).
2. Expose API and give access to everything (scripting through executables is planned).
3. Give total control over the DOM, put options in files inside a hierarchical folder structure referencing sites and subsites.
4. Implement a link grabber for every link and media type to be parsed by scripts and independent applications.
5. Create an uncomplicated switch to general security profiles located in saved files.
6. Implement ncurses simple tree style graphics for bookmarks, tabs, advanced security policies by site, etc.
7. Work in the framebuffer graphics rendering.
8. Open API to javascript support (version 2.1pre28 of links2 had javascript enabled).
9. Cache, logs, cookies, and other data storage options.
10. Ports routing proxy management.
11. Vim/Emacs modes, dwb hints and quickmarks.
12. Optionally add parser for HTML, DJVU, PDF, epub, etc.?

FEATURES https://pastebin.com/bnUU6kcu
FAQ https://pastebin.com/gjp7QmQJ
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This is so autistic
Just contribute to servo.
So how many logos have been made compared to work done on the actual browser?
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And they keep coming.

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Watercooling, pretty cool, right? But it's somewhat expensive isn't it?

So i thought, why not make it myself, it can't be all that hard, right? I went out and bought a garden fountain pump. I figured i'd just use some garden hose for the piping, sounds good eh?
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A somewhat powerful pump for my application but eh whatever, the bigger the better am i right?
>not buying proper chink knockoff fittings on Alibabies
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I decided to use just an ordinary plastic container as the reservoir.

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sticker thread
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I want to smash that computer because it has to be owned by a leftist hippie
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Daily reminder that people get permabanned at the end of these threads for laughter and kicks.

Phone homescreen thread

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best homescreen coming through
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Back to the regular programming, but still shilling. All text is a WIP.

>A not very serious compilation of trailers demonstrating current VR

>I'm not sure I believe the hype.
The only way to truly understand VR is to experience it (and not only that, but the good headsets with the good software). If you're skeptical, try a live demo and make up your own mind. Or keep reading for a comprehensive overview.

>Where can I try it?

>Overview of VR
>Should be a REQUIRED reading, even if you know about VR


>Hardware purchasing guide with deals/discounts

>User guides, requirements, setup, and resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread

Better formatted and expanded apps list.
PSVR guide and more PSVR info.
More tips and resources for the headset guides.
Better/more info for everything.
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can someone tell me how multiplayer rooms in bigscreen works?

can other people see your desktop windows? can they interact with it?

just seems like a huge privacy problem
>PSVR guide and more PSVR info.

Here I made a guide.

>you have the chance of scratching the headset's own lenses.

Vive really has little risk of scratching the lens with glasses and is far more accommodating than the Rift. You have options to extend the lens distance and use thicker foam. They should fit inside as long as you don't have hipster frames but of course it will vary. The sacrifice is less field of view.

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Can your faggot language do this?

Didn't think so
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> nazi background

damn ya got me there m8

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What would you do with an 8k screen?
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shitpost on /g/
8k porn duhh
plus double the reading
Tile 16 1080p tsplayground videos

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I use linux what options are out there for me to scan for viruses, malware and other nasty things such as keyloggers, im talking about scanning both the memory as in RAM. I guess another question i have also is what things should i be scanning for those types of nasty things in the boot up
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Get a liveusb of whatever flavor of GNU/anything and run $ clamav /
Whats $clamav / ?
Linux is not Windows, just keep your system updated and avoid fishy websites.

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>initial Ryzen gaming benchmarks show it losing to Intel in every game to 7700K
>"Wait for optimizations, Ryzen is a new platform and performance will improve with BIOS updates and game optimizations."
>Initial Skylake-X gaming benchmarks show it losing to 7700K in every game
"HAHAHA Intlel BTFO Bulldozer 2.0 failure of the century Pentium 4 reborn!!!
WHy is /g/ so hypocritical? Why is no one pointing out that games could theoretically optimize for the new mesh uarch and alternative cache structure? Why did everyone give AMD like 6 months to optimize Ryzen but people are saying Intel's new platform is the end of the company just because of weak day 1 gaming benchmarks? I just don't see how it's fair to judge Intel for trying something new to improve server performance at the slight expense of gaming FPS, but if you even dared to criticize day 1 gaming benchmarks for Ryzen everyone started screaming "WAIT FOR OPTIMIZATIONS!"
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Fuck off back to /v/ manchild

It's going to be a while before any CPU beats the 7700k @ 5GHz single threaded.
We need a second holocaust. Really a first one because the one they teach you in school didn't actually happen. But we need a holocaust we're we specifically kill all gaymurs who post gayming shit in this board instead of /v/

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What went wrong?
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People don't like holding black tacos to their head.
everything why the fuck would i want a number pad on a gaming device
Gameboy advance hadnt sim slot

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Why the fuck was he alone at night.
"You think I should go back to help our side?"
america is totally safe

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Nice language, JS """devs""".
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But it werks, I can't imagine a decent replacement.
>js is doing this right and its specified this way

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>Steve Jobs insisted on the idea of no fan or air vents
>Many Apple IIIs were thought to have failed due to their inability to properly dissipate heat. inCider stated in 1986 that "Heat has always been a formidable enemy of the Apple III and some users reported that their Apple IIIs became so hot that the chips started dislodging from the board
> BYTE wrote, "the integrated circuits tended to wander out of their sockets"
>Apple advised customers to tilt the front of the Apple III six inches above the desk, and then drop it to reseat the chips

How did this fuckup of a company became so succesfull?
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muh design
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>Apple advised customers to tilt the front of the Apple III six inches above the desk, and then drop it to reseat the chips
they're brave

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Seriously, why aren't we?

We're all so fussed about free software that we ignore about the monopoly that huge companies (Intel/AMD/Apple/Motorola/Ralink/etc.) have over hardware we use.

>most of us still have to install non-free firmware in order to boot properly or connect to wireless
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I'm not sure why I bothered to respond, but I'll let you know that this post was view and subsequently discarded.
There's no market for it
t. NSA shills

What it the best browser for Android ? Why ?
I like the speed of Naked Browser but GUI is pure shit and the dev is autismo /g/tard . Gets very defensive everytime somebody criticise him on play store.
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€7 for NB pro ? WTF ! What is a huge improvement over the base version that does everything that justifies paying €7 ???
Install the apk from the internet
Either IceCat/Firefox Nightly or Brave

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