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MSVSC secretely pushes spyware modules into compilers.
Can you trust software written in Microsoft anymore?

They just planted their spyware in their compilers so anything you develop, it's a hidden spyware. Since the source is closed you can't even review if they hid this even deeper.
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You're only like year or two late with the news lol
What's the point of putting botnet code in compilers when the whole OS is botnet
they've been doing it for some time and the answer is - use gcc with Clion instead of microtrash

If anyone was hoping they could get one of the lower core count X299 CPUs and avoid the inferno, think again.

>Cooling: custom water (420 rad in push pull)
>Best: 4.9ghz @ 1.35v (avg temp stress low 90s)
>24/7 stable: 4.8ghz @ 1.275v (avg temp stress low 70s)
>Safest: 4.6ghz @ 1.2v (avg temp stress high 50s)

For reference, this is what a 420mm rad looks like. Holds 3x 140mm fans. And this is with a custom loop.

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He might. https://www.reddit.com/r/intel/comments/6kya80/7800x_oc_numbers/djpt5vc/
pls off yourself back to pleddit

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LOL! Us programmers, huh?
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Fuck y'all, I think syntactically correct code as graffiti is actually funny. I mean, I would laugh audibly if I walked past that.
>Damn those Indian

Enough with the mac, smartphone, and intel/amd shill threads. Let's have a thread about actually interesting, non-normie tech.

I picked up a few of these the other day, so far I've built two antennas, one for getting noaa's apt signals and one for ADS-B reception. Both are working pretty good.
Not sure what else to use them for though. What have you guys come up with as uses for your SDRs?
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sitting in a drawer
Same :(
Yeah me too

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Notebook heaven.png
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How's /g/ dealing with summer?

Are all you neckbeards using liquid cooling?
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> C°
It's winter
I use a standard fan since I am fucking cheap.

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This is the current state of the art Microsoft security
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So I'm reading this guy's thread. Is he for real? Sounds paranoid, but I don't know. He mentioned /g/ so I'm poking around in here
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there a literal russian guy watching you shitpost on /g/
He says there are tons of threads on 4chan/leddit but I use both daily and don't know what he's talking about.

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Anyone else getting one?
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18 cores. EIGHT TEEN
OP here. Can't wait to get this just to make /g/ cry

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hey /g/ can you help me out with this?
how can i find the right adress of a website that is spoofing the ip address?
how am i supposed to do a security report if i can't scan the right ip?
i'm clueless because nmap seems to scan the spoofed ip not the right one even if i type 'www..........com' instead of the ip.
it's my second work and i really don't want to give a shitty impression.
can you at least help me figuring out witch kind of research should i make? mine were unsuccesful
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Fucking DNS scriptnigga
have i to ask for the address that is answering when i make the ask for that domain?
If the actual website is behind proxy you cant

Here we go again.
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hi summer,
welcome to last week
bye summer
>the issue was fixed
Wow, it's fucking nothing.

(I use void with runit, btw)
>old kernel
>old version of systemd
wow it's fucking nothing

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How do I download files larger than 1 GB from MEGA.nz without using their botnet browser addon, botnet desktop client or JDownloader?
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change your ip - it will still continue
Submit to the botnet OP, the water's warm.
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It doesn't even allow me to download in the first place.

good goyim

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Are tiling window managers a meme? Do I need to use one to be productive? What are the pros & cons of using a tiling window manager?

Also, which window manager is the best and why?
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Q: do you spend a non-zero amount of time arranging windows on your screen so you can see what's going on?

A: use a tiling manager that automatically does the arranging for you. Every second wasted moving a window or dragging it to be larger is time taken from your life.

Q: do you hate wasting precious pixels on your screen showing a border or a title bar for your window that could instead be showing content?

A: use a tiling window manager with little or no borders and no title bars-- you won't need them because you won't need to fuck around with them for arranging windows anyway.

>awesome wm
>master races
>doesn't know the difference between "they're" and "their"
What's dumb? Who's dumb?
I use dwm and haven't looked back.
It's been 8 years now.
You kinda just get used to it. Same with any and every wm or de. Pick your flavor and just use it comfortably.

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how the fuck did chromebooks get so expensive? 400 bucks for some shitty arm processor vs 350 for a core i3??? Weren't chromebooks supposed to be a cheaper alternative to windows?? WTF
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That's really retarded for a chromebook. Chromebooks are shit for security.
um what? On my chromebook it has a sticker that says built in security.
chromeos is gentoo. How can it be insecure?

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This is how Intel needs to attack AMD in the short term - the resurrection of Intel Overdrive CPUs.

SkylakeX with DDR3 controllers for x58/1366 and X79/2011-1
Regular SkylakeX for X99/2011-3

Price them 20% higher than LGA2066 parts, with the extra costs for niche part going to Intel and whatever is left over put into a rebate fund for the AIBs/OEMs so they don't get pissy about lack of motherboard sales.

Ryzen 1800X is $499
Core i7 7829K is $599
Both are 3.6ghz base, 4.0ghz all core turbo

$599 + 20% = $718.80 for a drop-in modern CPU replacement.
1800X + Motherboard (+ RAM, if not DDR4 already) costs more than that.
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>Ryzen 1800X is $499
ryzen 1800x is 420 USD now
Who the fuck would buy this shit when 1700 costs 300 burgers? We're not talking 1600 that's eating through Intel's lineup like there's no tomorrow.
So it might make less sense for anyone with a DDR4 system (although really, who has DDR4 and is upgrading now anyway, outside maybe LGA1150 users moving to 6c/8c Ryzen)

It's still definitely cheaper than Ryzen+Decent Baord+RAM
And most of the money goes straight to Intel's pockets, which is how they like it.

It really sounds like something Intel would go for.

If you have no system at all, then yeah why...
If you have an x58 or x79 system - it's a value proposal that Intel could bring to the table that would put them at a cheaper price than AMD, allow them to compete without further lowering the CPU costs (increasing them actually...)

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why do people use utorrent?

>awful ui
>bitcoin mining

qbittorent is faster, better looking and open source.
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>not using 2.2.1
lol retard
What is that anon?

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I approve of this post
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>actually having problems with W10
It's the most retard-proof operating system of all time. If something fucks up it's purely your fault.
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>STILL using wankbloz
shiggy diggy

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