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What's the best bang for buck GPU right now?
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A time machine so you can go back before THEY arrived.

REALLY epic post, bro.
Rx580 hands down if you can get it at retail prices.

Buying Nvidia is a poor decision in longevity considering the way they support older cards.

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So whats wrong with Facebook?
Genuinely curious.

I watched some stuff about Mark Zuckerberg that has sort of humanised him for me, and I agree with almost all of what he says, and he seems to be a decent guy with his heart in the right place according to his public statements and interviews. But I am not so naive as to believe that just because he says something, he believes in it, so I came here to ask:

What does Facebook do that is actually so wrong?
(Besides sell out to the NSA, but then I doubt he had a choice about that.)
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You mean like BlackPlanet? There are plenty of SNS for niggers, but none is really like Facebook.
frick off
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fuck off back to plebbit/tumblr/whatever shithole you came from kid. or just kys. whatever you prefer... just be gone.

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What are the best websites to download FLAC albums for free (aka torrenting)?
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Pirate Bay?
rutracker has a big archive. they are decent rips unless you are too autistic to be content with the quality.
gee, I wouldn't know, mr. Warner.

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why dont you use kde?
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because hackintosh is better than any lunix distro
that bikini butt picture is so cute.

If we put aside all the good things about license and free software is there any good reason to use GNU/Linux on desktop and server?
It's a no no for a normie - because no botnet and games.
For a developer it doesn't have enough tools (Python is ok. though).
On a server it's harder to use than BSD's...

So, am i wrong in some of statements and Linux is actually usable for something?
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Retrieving old shit
>For a developer it doesn't have enough tools
Nigger what? POSIX and the GNU toolchain are the main reasons developers use Linux. Does Visual Studio even have full C++11/14 compliance? They've already flat-out refused to provide C11 support.
>On a server it's harder to use than BSD's
Maybe, but Red Hat offers something much more important: corporate SLAs.
It's good for servers and super computers that have specific tasks

Otherwise it's a shit-tier OS for desktops if you intend to use it for work related applications or games.

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What killed esata?
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I did
lack of a real use case
USB 3.0 or whatever it's called right now

screenfetch thread go
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illya a shit
Source mage just got added to neofetch last night, expect screenfetch to follow soon.
How do I do this in android??

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What kind of overclock are you running, /g/?
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>that single and multi thread performance
Q6600 at 3.2, 1600mhz FSB
i7 4790k, 4.750GHZ not a great overclocker compared to my 4770k but it has vt-d
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How's that phone battery working out?
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Moto X Pure that will be 2 years old in December. Not well at all.
What's the point in displaying remaining time? For example right now I'm at 2 h 45 min SoT with 53% battery remaining and Android is telling me I have 23 hours left on my battery but at this rate I'll be getting around 6 hours of total SoT.
Not too bad

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Old thread: >>61504912

What are you working on, /g/?
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Trying to my shitty Discord Bot working on Google Compute
LINQ isnt C#, its a bolted on hack.
I'm going to be honest with you, guys. The most I've programmed is fizz buzz in Python and I shit up EVERY thread with pro-C, C++, Lisp and Haskell shitposts.

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Look how THICC this fucker is
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You want someone to post a pic of a thick dick, don't ya little faggot?
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That won't cut it, go out and look for a THICC "arrow" to stab your butthole

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Corrective lenses are technology.

Do you need them, and do you think staring at screens so much was what hurt your eyesight?
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Statistically speaking, there are more youngbloods with nearsightedness then there has been in the past.
I think it makes eyes get bad faster.. I know many people who stare at screens as much as I do and have perfect vision. Some people will need glasses some never will, screens just speed up the process.
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This is such a shit thread.

I'd love to say "back to Plebbit" but I know this is exactly where this off-topic shit that has become a staple of this board belongs.

I really hate /g/'s janitors.

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Redpill me on Java speed.

is it fucking slow?
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I'd like to know as well
No. The JIT compiler is amazing. In rare circumstances it can even optimize hot section of code during runtime to be faster than a compiled language. While it is a little slower, the memory management overhead of large C/C++ projects tends to nullify real world gains, unless the programmer takes great care to actually manage the memory efficiently rather than just relying on RAII or similar techniques. Unless your code is runtime critical, java will be fine.
Is OpenJDK slower than Java?

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This is my favourite programming language.Say something nice about it!
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I lik sneks
import sys

if sys.version_info[0] < 3:
print("something nice about it")
print "something nice about it"

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It's been ten days, has anything happened since?
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Aside from useful idiots being used to try to increase government control of the internet? Nope. They said they don't care about the amount of responses, but if they hold any weight for a cost benefit decision.
There are bigger problems than net neutrality: censorship, DRM in the official HTML5 standard, and lack of internet service in rural areas. Some people are stuck with using cellular broadband because no lines are laid down.
>There are bigger problems than net neutrality: censorship
If net neutrality goes away, censorship ensures.

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