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Toshiba agrees to sell chip unit to Western Digital group


Goodbye sweet prince. Toshiba's HDD was great.
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>inb4 Western Digital Green DDR4 RAM
And then there were two

Duopoly now. We are going to get ass-raped on pricing now there is basically no competition

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What has to change so the linux can capture significant share on desktops?
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Gayming and 3D design overall.
The support for features normies use the most, for example videogames.
Nvidia drivers

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Mi Max 32gb here

>volume button bent in the middle :^)
>needed to update OS to fix battery issue
>ergonomics are a bit shit

the rest is all good. ridiculously fast
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Mi Note 1 LTE here.

Mega comfy phone and best mobile phone that I ever used compared to samshit and bricklg

>Phone notify me what are google apps doing in background
>flashlight app in os, no need to install malware from google play store
>Phone have netstat , antivirus and cleaner out of box
>volume button bent

Here too on Redmi Note 3 Pro
we got chinked :^)

moto g2; a 200 euro phone had a metal volume rocker

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male using laptop.jpg
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Why did tablets fail to replace laptops?
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keyboard and mouse
Because laptops became tablets.
Or laptops got smaller and weaker to compete with tablets.
Or smartphones filled the need that tablets filled but laptops outperformed both in terms of work potential.

>Before the Daily Stormer was forced offline by a cabal of tech companies in response to a fat joke that was allegedly just too mean to be allowed to exist, the Darkweb was mainly used by pedophiles to share child pornography.

>The Tor project claims to be designed for Chinese political dissidents – or whatever – but the main use of the software has been for child porn, and it is not believable that this amount of resources would be expended on some shit for Chinese political dissidents who can just buy a normal VPN if they need it.

>Slave traffickers, terrorists, assassins and drug dealers also use the service.

>The Tor dev team had never given comment on pedophiles or anyone else using the service, but felt the need to come out and condemn the Daily Stormer – genuine political dissidents forced off of the internet.

>An intense debate has taken place among the team of child porn-enablers – part of it in public – about how they could shut down the Daily Stormer, because we are “fascists.”

>Now today, we have repeatedly had our connecting nodes shut off, indicating that there is an organized agenda to censor us on Tor.

>The mere fact that a platform ostensibly designed for avoidance of political censorship would condemn a censored political publication using it is extremely disturbing. That they would then have an internal debate about censoring the political dissidents in question is even more so.

>But that they would begin to attempt to actually censor us is beyond the pale.

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>Selectively deactivating nodes
That doesn't exist
>The article is hosted on daily stormer
totally not biased lmoa

BTW: Maintaining an actual list of CP links would be awful because it would give pedophiles quick and easy access to onions that hosted CP and then they'd just need to find a host that doesn't implement the list or setup their own tor circut to access it. This is one of many reasons such a blocklist will never be implemented.

Go ahead, point me to the file in tord that allows you to blacklist an onion. There isn't one. Issue got closed.

Bullshit thread, fuck you and fuck (((weev)))
sup weev
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>That doesn't exist

Explain how pic related happened, then.

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ITT: Old programs and software you remember using as a kid.
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Is there any reason to jump ship to mpv yet or are you all still using this bad boy?
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I personally see no reason to use anything else. So they don't update it anymore. Why does it matter?
mpv is better and is designed better
You literally need to compile a script each time you want to change the volume or open a new file in MPV

MPC-HC just werks and doesn't make you jump through autistic hoops when you just want to watch a movie

>Firecucks on suicide watch
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>I like monopolies
I wish FF had not lost its way. Having multiple good options is better than multiple bad options.
>I don't know what words mean
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>good option

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a lack of trust for microsoft has pushed me to try something new so Ive switched to Ubuntu. Im new to this terminal thing. any suggestions on learning to use this OS
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Use it like you would any OS, look up things for things you have questions on. What, specifically, do you want to know about?
you were smart enough to go with Ubuntu, so good job on that. neckbearded autists will tell you not to because "muhh spyware" (these retards have yet to figure out how to change desktop environments)

run this command to get rid of the amazon apps that come packaged with unity
sudo apt-get remove unity-webapps-common
Install dolphin. It is a file manager.
After you edit it to your liking, press f4 and a terminal will appear.
Since most applications do something to a file, this will give you quick access when you are navigating.
Something like git makes a lot more sense to use this way.

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Where is it? It was supposed to release today. Are all the retailers selling them to mining companies and never listing them for sale?
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Or maybe hollywood

So it's a non release, release. Fucking hell. Mining has totally screwed the market for normal consumers.

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Who provides the best Antivirus and Antimalware software for pc? I am getting mixed reports
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Your brain.
Yourself, it is called "common sense"
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This is new.
I wish they made a tablet e-reader with that form factor so I could read comicbooks in color. I hate fumbling with touch controls and ancillary bullshit along with shit battery life.
Cool, you got an old kindle. Does yours have cellular? I always loved the ability to do some basic webbrowsing on them.

Where the FUCK is a good music player for android that is free - open source - and plays flac?
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>free and open source on a mobile device
good one OP

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Are you ready for this to come to america?
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“The criticism from the Western media is biased and it ignores China’s development and achievements in the internet industry in the past few years. The censorship has not created obstacles for innovation and development, and this proves that the policy is at least suitable for China.

> Not only China, but many other countries, including the US and many European countries have been strengthening control over the internet for national security reasons … The idea of sovereignty also applies to cyberspace, and countries have a right to implement policies to govern their own cyberspace. The West has no right to condemn China on cyberspace governance.”
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This is some spooky shit mane but sometime I think maybe this is what the internet needs
>this is what the internet needs
You hate 4chan then?

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>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread: >>62123030
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Idol trash here.
What's your setup like, Anon?
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Hd600s have terrible build quality, no bass, and no treble and they are a terrible investment in all respects.

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