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Im on a low budget build, should i get a RX 560 4GB or a GTX 1050 2GB(NON TI)?

The RX is only 15$ more expensive than the 1050 2GB. TI is almost 100 more,so i cant get it.

I still dont know which one should i get.
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Always Nvidia. AMD is low quality and consumes lots of power.
save for the Ti
forgot to say that the RX is a regular ASUS one and not the deluxe one

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Java is indeed a pajeet language
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Nobody force you to use this syntax.

Java allow you to do each and everything you need.
Why is this syntax even allowed?
Can somebody care to explain to me the difference of each?

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>take a quick pic on my 2015 smartphone
>try to post to a 4chan thread
>filesize is too big
really? what fucking year is this?
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Decrease the resolution and compress the image you dumbass.
Your large noisy image doesn't need to be that big anyway. Resize it to something more fitting of it's image quality.
I know that you moron, but the website should automatically do it. if trash like instagram can do it, surely 4chan can do it as well.

you aren't still using java, are you?
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Yes, because no one in the real world uses your meme language.
Was this picture made before Java 8 or something?
Another dynamically typed piece of shit?

I just opened my computer and it's very dusty, is this a problem? Do I buffed to clean it? Pic related is my pc
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Meant to say "cleaned", posting on my phone right now and it changed the word.
Is it safe to vacuum it? Or will it break my pc?
Take it outside and hose it down.

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With the exception of Java (fuck Java), What programming languages are worth learning in 2017?
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C# and C++

Always C++
Python and JavaScript.
Java and C# for ENTERPRISE.

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Are there good and free (no pay) Protonmail alternatives? I am going to delete my account, because Protonmail has been compromised. They comply with Swiss anti-hate laws and are made by engineers from (((CERN))).
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>protonmail has been compromised
source: OPs ass
Meme parens aren't and will never be funny nor witty.

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62431668
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How do I free a trie?

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The most /g/ phone and yet you haven't contributed.
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Fuck this ugly piece of shit.
Still no specs. Promises only.
They're kids. Don't take them seriously.
>tfw bought the Nokia N900, N9 and hackable Androids for a long time
I'm over open source phones. It's just a roller coaster of pain and disappointment.

What happened to them?
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IBM became ICBM and moved to NK
They are still doing what is their purpose. BUSINESS
Except they're not doing business with the end user anymore. Actually, they're everywhere and you don't see them.

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What is the best cellphone i can get for under 300$?
I dont care to much about getting THE MOST POWERFUL phone there is for 300, just something that is worth its money.
pic unreleated.
Had a Motorola moto g before and i was quite happy with it.
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where u from?
Redmi note 4X, Moto G5+.


will customs bust me if i import this or do these chinks know what theyre doing?
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why pay money to blind yourself when you could just stare into the sun for free?
Lol i bought a 5mv one from wish it just cam
I bought it from wish when i was drunk it took a few weeks to come but it arrived i live in perth BTW

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>IoT-focused security company Armis Labs revealed a Bluetooth-based attack that impacts billions of devices, including Android, Linux, and unpatched Windows and iOS10 or earlier devices. Along with the Bluetooth attack, which the company called "BlueBorne," Armis also revealed eight zero-day vulnerabilities that could be used to facilitate the BlueBorne attack against some devices.

>The BlueBorne attack vector has several stages. First, the attacker finds some local Bluetooth-enabled devices. Next, they obtain the MAC address of the device to determine which operating system is running on it and adjust the exploit accordingly.

>The attacker will exploit a vulnerability in the implementation of the Bluetooth protocol on that platform and then choose whether or not to do a MITM attack to intercept communications or take over the device for other malicious purposes.

How can android and linux even compete with apple?
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Shhhhh, buy a new phone you stupid goy. They're suposed to be replaced every year!!
Right away, Mr. Shekelsteingoldberg!

Speccy thread
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Mini ITX.png
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Who else is Mini itx here?
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My first ThinkPad ;^)

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install gentoo
Is that why Vega is a disappointment?
AMD made their drivers only run well on CPUs nobody uses?
>muh gayming benchmarks
Fuck off to >>>/v/

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