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Is dsl sufficient for a studious college student. I don't game or stream movies often. I do program but I don't believe that requires Internet.
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>shove more cores and ram into phones
>make OS more bloated
>end up wasting all the extra hardware performance on keeping up with shit tier software
>have to have octo-core and 6GB of RAM soon, just to make a phone call and text without lagg.
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Get an iPhone. Problem solved.
Lets make something that is more like embedded hardware than a modular PC and put software on top of VM
I'm fucking disappointed about the current flagship lineup

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Are we living in a cyberpunk future?

>every house has a connection to the "internet"
>1/3rd the world's population is in a social media database documenting their personal information, opinions and experiences
>huge disproportionate amount of jobs are about technology
>virtually every business employs or uses technology
>millionaire/billionaire 20 year olds popping up left and right because of a phone app they made
>enormous fucking e-sports competitions
>streamers and people that play video-games for a living are bigger celebrities than actors. PewDiePie has 5x more people subscribed to him than the population of his own country
>renegade hacking group has taken to hacking politicians personal data and keeping them in check

Is it here?

Is this it?

Did it sneak up on us?
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/g/ explain me why this exists

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I doo not understand poo in loo

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hey /g/uys i just noticed that my google instant suggestions only show 4 results. did google change this? i found no way to get more than 4 instant suggestions...
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I don't even get any google instant search suggestions. I think Google's punishing me for turning off third party cookies. That, or because I use an adblocker.
i thought the same. using noscript and adblock. also not allowing third party cookies. but this really sucks.
i already had to move to bing news after those idiots changed their news page making it a clickbait heaven.
If it's any consolation, they are actually removing this feature entirely.

Why are torrent clients so shit?

So here is my struggle I have a small computer at my TV for Kodi running some version of Ubuntu. I also use it to download and seed torrents.
Why is Deluge the only client which can run in a server+client setup?
I do not want to use a shitty webinterface.
Additionally Deluge has plugin support it is basically perfect except with 500+ torrents it gets unstable.
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>I do not want to use a shitty webinterface.

there is your problem

are they going to be cheaper than intel laptops? when are they coming?
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probably never
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I really hope the chinks at 51nb make a custom mobo for the t420/30 that has a ryzen apu
q4 2017

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What's the best chair?
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HP 15-ba100na Laptop (15.6 inch, AMD A9-9410, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Windows 10) - Turbo Silver https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MRNDVV3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_GroIzbBMZPWTY

It runs a AMD A9-9410

Radeon R4 integrated graphics

8gb of ddr3 ram

HDD memory

Looking to play things like Civ 5 or 4 on med and cs go is that reasonable?
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Get something with a discrete GPU.
Meant to say DDR4-1866 And it runs a Radeon R5 Not A 4
>/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.

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When making a website for a client, what information should you ask them to not look retarded and lost?
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You have to ask them if they want Gentoo or Arch on their server. Make sure they have a reason for their answer, and if they don't have one, make sure they read the documentation so that they can make an informed decision.

LOL why do you need a headphone jack built in? just get an adapter!

LOL why do you need a headphone jack, speaker, screen, phone call function, camera, storage built in? just get adapters!

Pic related, it's the iPhone 17s.
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Nice shitpost, I like it. This truly raises the bar for quality /g/ posts. Nice nice, I like it nice. :okhand:
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thanks newfriend!

here's a pic of the iphone 12 just for you
Thumbs up

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Hey /g/ was running out of harddrive space and rather than simply buy a larger drive and transfer I was thinking of a Thunderbolt-3 External storage. Anyone know if it is viable for running games.
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that meme needs an actual song lol
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esatp can run 3,5" HDDs

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Any good real-time audio editing software in existence that allows me to enjoy my music a lil better?
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FxSound is good. Immediate quality boost. Very small, takes seconds to pirate the pro ver.

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This just in: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-to-strengthen-uk-data-protection-law

Personal data and an IP address are two very different things. Since it's impossible to prove who is specifically behind the IP address (person) this only suggest that people will be personally responsible for the outgoing traffic from such address regardless of the users on that network. Who pays for the internet access point is not necessarily the only person who uses it. Those are the small adjustments that will hold as a baseline for the future GOV control over the free web.
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It's actually a good thing you tard. Now copyright trolls won't be able to get your info fron isp without court warrant.

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So starting today when I woke up, all google sites like Google and Youtube seem to be fucking up their DNS, only on my laptop, and only when I try to access them on Google Chrome.

I can clear cache and then access one of these sites once, then the problem immediately arises again. Weirdly I've seen someone else today having this problem too, does anyone know what the fuck is up?
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Bumb for curiosity. I had something similar at work. I was re-imaging at the time anyway, which nuked the issue without bothering too much about it.

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