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I'm a girl (male) who codes. Why won't Silicon Valley hire me?
>Why wont anybody just GIVE me a job? Im a <minority of industry>!!!!!
Maybe its because youre a shitty candidate

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What are red flags that let you know someone is a monkey?

I'll start:
Using Windows server
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Shitposting outside of a NSFW board
Back to the containment board you go >>>/pol/
Is /b/ being automatically redirected to here for some reason? Frogposters need to fuck off already.
there's a proper time and place for this
isn't here.

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I want a programming language that's strongly typed, cross-platform, makes heavy use of braces, but isn't C++, C, or Java/C#. What should I use, /g/?

I like C, I've used it for a long time, but I want something else to play around with too
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Lisp :^)
Rust fits the bill, so does D

>Women are more likely to buy an iPhone for their next smartphone purchase, while men prefer Android devices, a Nielsen study found.

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women are stupid by nature
I'm a girl (male) so I guess it's iPhone for me.
Weird, was just talking about this with my friends today. We all have androids but I said I wasn't suppressed that one of my friend's gf has an iphone

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Any idea what this would cost to have 3d printed?
About 5 inches long and 3 to 4 ounces.
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Just buy a dildo on amazon. It'll be softer and cheaper too.
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A bottle of cheap canadian whiskey and an over the pants rubbies

don't know if this is the right board but i'm a girl.
how can i hook up pic related to an xbox 360?
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tits or gtfo
Sharpie in pooper
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i got this ad in my email. is it worth it?
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if it was worth it, would they really need to waste time shilling it to people's emails?

Is it a shitty chromebook? with a price like that i think it's a chromebook
>No specs at all
>Asks if it's worth it

How the fuck should we know?
I'm guessing it's a piece of shit not worth anything. After all, they sent that email to make money, not help you grt a great deal.

import time

ITT we python, 1 line per post, in order to do something interesting.

1( The top line of each post will be used, all else will be ignored.
2( Invalid lines of code will be ignored.
3( If an infinite loop happens, the offending line(s) will be ignored at my discretion.
4( 1 space == 1 tab

~~~~ BEGIN ~~~~
import time
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import random
import sys

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What's wrong with Windows 10?
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the fact that i have to navigate 2 different settings programs sometimes irks me a little, games though.
for me it's way too resource intensive. it pretty tries killing my old comp. also ads

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Which linux distro would you recommend me based on pic related?
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Install GNU + Gentoo Linux
If you being raped by niggers MacOS

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is this a scam /g/?
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just think. your eyes were made to see light.
try flux m8, iz frei

and naw its not really a scam, red light is a lot easier on your eyes and doesn't dilate your pupils as much as blue light. Whether or not its actually "better" for your long term vision I dont really know

What is the most popular desktop environment for little girls?
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t. little girl

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>charge your watch
who thought this was a good idea?
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>>charge your watch
>who thought this was a good idea?
I'll tell you who...
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>if you don't make it at tesla you go work for apple
inb4 applel shills

poorfags like you just can't understand, if you were rich like (((me))) you could have TWO apple watches and charge one while wearing the other!

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I am really into reverse engineering stuff, figuring out how it works and finding weakness in the system and sometimes making money in tjhose gray areas (unregulated). That means that nothing of the above is illegal, but you get my point.

My problem is, that I can't find people the similar talent that are not autism level over 9000 to share my similar interests. Most communities are edgy teenagers that downloaded some 2008 RAT and spread it to their friends. No legit communities that are into reverse engineering and breaking things apart to find problems and see how it works. No people with real skillset and passion for this..

It kinda makes me sad.
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Start one. I'll join.
Just letting you know that you won't find what you are looking for here.

Would love to, but at the same time it would be hard to tell leeches apart, people that just looking for stuff like "How to hack facebook account" vs actual people that have a skillset, they can contribute and also learn something.

This is a discussion/brainstorming thread, not here to recruit to some Illuminati clan.

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new manager is a non tech bitch, how do I make her quit? reeeeeeeeeeee
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install gentoo
put a dick in her stanky a$$ pu$$y pham
Literally this. Install gentoo on his computer without any DE. When he asks you only reply to her "Install gentoo".
May the meme work irl

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