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So far, I've spent upwards of $350 on mechanical keyboards. But then, I got a ThinkPad with the modern fag keyboard and it turns out, I actually prefer its scissors switches to the mechanicals I have.

I've tried Gateron Blues, Gateron Reds, Cherrry Blues, Cherry Reds, Cherry Browns, Outemu Blues. But at the end of the day, I just want to type on my chinkpad keyboard which you can pick up for literally $50 or less.

Explain this meme, /g/.
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Try HHK first then let's talk.
yes, it is just an overpriced consumerist meme
>buy my key caps!
>buy my LED's!

the retards just eat it up and try to convince other people they are the greatest thing ever


This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required Viewing For Ninefag:

>Strap Guide: http://pastebin.com/SwRysprE

Previous thread:
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meranom.com did nothing wrong.
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The switch from 14270 to 114270 was an upgrade from the 3000 movement to 3130 and from folded endlinks to solid ones. I think more subtle changes happened gradually, so some later 14270s have no drilled lugs and I think some even had luminova lume and the upgraded clasp and stuff. I haven't been able to find a super detailed list of minor changes over time for Explorers like there are for Submariners, I guess the Explorer is just a lot less popular with collector autists.

Pic is an early 114270. Also worth noting they have a glossy dial unlike the matte dial of the 1016 so I wonder what will happen to that over time. Maybe one day it'll be all crusty and cracked so I can sell it for a gorillion dollars since vintage Rolex collectors are mentally ill.
Glossy dial can't get the tropical effect right?

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What makes a piece of software enterprise-ready?
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Being free as in freedom.
Extreme complexity and obtuse design so the enterprise has to keep paying their existing developers to maintain it, since no one else will understand it, and those developers will be protected from the retarded decisions of outsourced pajeets.
Not being shit and thrown together in a month or less.

Is it illegal to install the AAC audio codec support onto a Linux system?
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Not if nobody finds out.
Not if you pay licensing fees for it.
Why would any retard do this

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>Usage statistics or "Telemetry" is a feature in Firefox that sends Mozilla usage, performance, and responsiveness statistics about user interface features, memory, and hardware configuration. Your IP address is also collected as a part of a standard web log. Usage statistics are transmitted using SSL and help us improve future versions of Firefox. Once sent to Mozilla, usage statistics are aggregated and made available to a broad range of developers, including both Mozilla employees and public contributors. When Telemetry is enabled, certain short-term experiments may collect information about visited sites.

>This feature is turned on by default in Nightly and Beta/Developer Edition builds of Firefox to help those users provide feedback to Mozilla. In the general release version of Firefox, this feature is turned off by default.
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>there are still people shilling for the SJW botnet
Firefox is decent but not the beta/nightly
>he doesn't help make Firefox better by enabling telemetry
Stop using firefox then

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Do I seriously have to download 60 MB every day and update it manually on ubuntu? What retarted piece of shit is this and why won't update it himself?
it is called nightly for a reason, fgt
@ >>61779605

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>The company was showing off a 4-way Radeon Pro WX 9100 system at SIGGRAPH, with each card worth $2199 - we have a system with $8796 worth of graphics cards. All four of these cards required AMD to use 2 x 1250W PSUs... and for the keen-eyed, you'll spot that AMD strapped a M.2 SSD to the first PSU, for reasons completely unknown to us.



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lel grabic grads . . .

lelel : D : D : D : D : D : D : D : D
Why would you need a workstation GPU in your house
>server grade gpu
>using in desktop

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>lurking /g/ for 2 years now
>see all the meme threads about mechanical keyboards
>"haha look @ this autistic neckbeards going MUH CLICK CLICK KEYS"
>Try a red switch keyboard
>"Wow, this shit is comfy"
>buy cheap chink blue switch bc fuck it
>Best. Keyboard. Ever.
>Clickfag now
>"Shit, /g/ was right, what else is there?"
>friend starts falling for the /g/entoo meme
>installs it
>his notebook accelerates tenfold
>I rush to the store to get an SSD for muh Desktop
>install /g/entoo on it
>Blender opens in 1.2 seconds
>Android Studio 45 seconds from launch to AVD running built app
FUCK /g/ I'm sorry I ever questioned you. What the fuck am I missing? Chink phone? 16gb RAM? GIVE ME MORE LIFE SAVING MEMES!!!!
>inb4 IBM T60
Bought an old one already, waiting for it to arrive.
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did you try virginity yet? shit's cash
Private trackers
Portable music players
Audiophile headphones
No fucking way I can find a virgin around here in Brazil, they all get fugged for the first time at around 12-13.

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You use encryption all the time whether you realise it all not, So I thought we needed a place to discuss this on /g/

Feel free to reply with questions / ideas.
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Would this possibly be a new method?
Ex. Both parties share keys , You the user and the site.
Wouldn't it be smarter for the key algorithm to be changed every hour from a list of prepicked algorithms, therfore it was almost random and if the attacker worked out how to 'break' a key then all hope wouldn't be lost?
No not really, other things have used such in the past.
No in-use algorithms have been broken. If they were broken, we wouldn't use them.

What does /g/ think about the Push 2?
>inb4 freetardz
I'm able to get an almost new Push 2 for about 520 yurobucks,
Should I pull the trigger or is it overpriced garbage and I'm fine with a midi keyboard?
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>520 aerials for a bunch of dials and knobs
wtf nigga, make your own
but the display and ease of use and note repeat and clip launching
it's pretty good man, pretty good for real.
midi keyboard isn't comparable at all, but if your sound is shit with a midi keyboard it will be shit with a push too :)

So my external HDD is clicking and not visible anymore...I know it's over, but I would like to save some data like vids/pics/text files and music.
Is there a way? I mean does it even make sense to use some kind of recovery or cloning software if the HDD isn't even starting?
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lmao cucked

Don't bother. Just restore from backups.

Even if you get that HDD working again it's not reliable anymore. You can't trust it. Buy a new one.
Pay a data recovery service to recover it for you. Stop using it or you risk further data loss. It'll cost thousands. Decide if your data is worth it.

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>Grow up loving computers, tinkering with them, and motivated to learn more about them on my own.
>Fell for the college Computer Science major meme
>Can't find anything better than a $30,000 a year help desk job
>Shitloads of student debt
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I assume you live in the U.S. Try to migrate to a first world country. It will be hard finding a job with only your U.S. 'education' but in the long run you will be better off.
Did you get an intership, make any friends/network at all? Kek

>tfw intership gave me a 60k /year offer doing pretty low-stress work
and that's in FL, which is quite a bit

feels good man
How can you not find a job, are you retarded?

>Both have a lot of good features
>Both have a lot of shitty features
>Each poaches the shitty features from one another
>The good features are slowly depreciated and removed
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Just install Palemoon and never doubt your browser again.
>both have shit main builds and you're forced to use iridium/chromium/Opera/Brave or Nightly/IceCat/Pale Moon.
What are some shitty features Chrome has poached from Firefox?

Hello /g/, I am the son of a great lord, which means I am to torrent all I want without repercussion, I just got the new Samsung galaxy, so what are some essential things I should download and mood my phone with.
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LineageOS without Google apps.
proceed to torrent. no one cares about what you download.
Basically all I am doing ri get now is downloading free music, don't know much, but feel like I am wasting a huge opportunity

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>not a communist like
>not a filthy manchild
>does actual development instead of just trying to force communist ideology on college students
>can shoot a gun (don't get fooled by his lazy eye)
>uses i3 -> all for convenience
>doesn't think of himself as some sort of guru or messiah

why isn't he our header?

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>not a communist like RMS
fucked up there
>"Rational" wiki.
Come on now

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