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How long until HDD prices explode?
There will pop several services like this out in near future. Will you mine? Should we buy HDD's as long as they are affordable?

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>all bandwidth is stolen by some pedophiles who use your hardware to safe porn on it and may get you arrested and jailed

No thx
All of them except bitcoin are memes. Bitcoin is too, but at least some people are using them (mostly pedos and drug dealers).
I think cloud services do a great job offering shitload of space for a small fee.

Its no fun if i upload 200TB and some neckbeard flips his power switch because mom said he has to sleep.

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How much of this shit can i delete? I just got a new computer and it came with an insane amount of bloatware, and after getting rid of all the obvious bloatware this is all that's left, and i want to remove it, but i'm afraid i'll turn off cooling or the mousepad or something.

Is this actually neccessary to drive the parts, or do the stuff just """"""optimize"""""" the performance?
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Don't uninstall one by one like a cuck, just format and reinstall a clean copy of windows. The key is saved in the BIOS so your copy of windows will get activated automatically.
75% garbage, 25% software so that Windows Device Manager doesn't yell at you about not knowing how to use some irrelevant garbage. Nuke it all
>I just got a new computer and it came with an insane amount of bloatware
Format the computer. Use the license key to do a fresh install.

OEMs are notorious for shoving their computers full of unnecessary garbage, including literal malware in some cases.
You're better off formatting and starting from scratch.

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Is there a linux distro for video games?
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Ubuntu with some sketchy Windows emulating software
Or Zorin OS
Whatever you want I guess
Steam supports a lot of games that run on Linux

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Alternative to Gmail?
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ok i take this

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>One thing wrong with /g/
>How do we fix it?
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Ban phoneposters
create separate board for generals, just like with /v/
Start with lynching all frogposters.

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I want to build a simple GUI on Linux for my program.

What is the easiest and lightweight method?

Glade? QT is bloat. What else?
Pls no browser/electron.
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Qt isn't bloated if you know your shit, don't keep adding dependencies
Gtk fits into the DEs better, and performs quicker but good luck working with it, and enjoy the documentation
Gtk generally has nice bindings

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no botnet ples
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mozilla firefox and ungoogled chromium
other browsers like brave and others are pure bullshit
don't listen to those faggots
i think you already know anon.

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So I bought a raspberry pi 3, set it up to be a kodi machine. Installed covenant, flixnet, etc. Is there a way to make the tv shows autoplay to the next episode, like netflix does? Kinda annoying to have to choose the next one manually and all. Also any other tips and shit I should install to make my kodi really good to use?
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Install gentoo
>autoplay next episode
Fuck that cancer.
It pushes you to watch more as the lazy option becomes not stopping netflix.
Go out and do something with your life
just had to get upset about it huh kiddo

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sjw valley.jpg
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Following recent events, tech companies have started purging anything they consider "nazi".

There's a business opportunity for you, /gee/. Put up a hosting or crowdfunding service that doesn't care about politics and allows all content (as long as it doesn't break the law).
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I'm assuming you're from /pol/

Stay there.
It'd be worth it, if nazis actually had any fucking money. Totally not worth the trouble
Oh man yet another startup! Amazing idea anon!

When sending rockets and satellites becomes cheap enough, will we have a competing interconnected computer network to today's internet? What have we learned so far?

The first problem was giving too much power to DNS registrars.
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We already have satellite internet and it's slow as balls. The latency kills it because physics.
the new network wouldn't be for watching netflix, but text.
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what goes on here?

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It's great if you're using linux, since you can use the open source drivers (which work better than the closed source ones now too): http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=rx-vega-linux1

Yes, I know the article is two days old, but I didn't have time to read it earlier.
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>All bought out by scalpers / miners
>Half of the available cards are locked behind some fucking bundle that'll only cater to someone building a new AMD PC
>Restock is fucked because of HBM2
Hate not mocking
>HBM meme

OwO what's this?
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Give it back tyrone.
dragon dildos?
It's a cardboard box.

Hi, Isn't C supposed to translate quite closely to machine instructions? What is this?
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looks readable enough to me
26 lines of C translated into 23 lines of assembly.
Can't you do the loop in 2-3 instructions?

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A bit late but here's the regularly schedule thread. All text is a WIP.

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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i peed my pants playing paranormal activity and it doesnt even seem to be that good of a game. but since i am able to set up my room scale the immersion is fucking tense
Makes me think a Gen 2 is coming with how deep of a discount this is getting. Hoping for a higher res screen and some sort of wireless solution
Why is this thread so dead? I'd expect to at least see shit-flinging between the different VR platforms, but there are maybe 5 posts here and then it dies every time I've seen it.

What are the most practical languages in terms of a career in programming?
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HTML/CSS/JS + experience with meme frameworks

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