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Mechs, WHEN?

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never, since its better and cheaper to just drive around with tracks
Making walking machines is the dumbest shit ever
Explain. It's a technology that's still in its infancy, walking is far superior to tracks in many circumstances.

Not to mention, he's going to build them for the public, so they will exist.

App Store? Over saturated and pajeetified
Crypto? Good luck picking the right coin to waste your life savings on
Youtube? Over saturated
Deep learning/AI? Memes
VR? Crashed and burned before it even took off.

It seriously feels like theres nothing out there to make any decent coin off anymore. Wut do /g/?
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Spend your life learning and doing something you actually enjoy doing instead of trying to find some ebin trend to get rich quick off
I enjoy making money...
For what purpose anon? Is slaving away for most of your life doing something you hate just to increase a number in your bank account going to give you more happiness than spending it working on something you genuinely enjoy and are passionate about?

Post your laptop with tins on it.
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>with tins on it
for what purpose? to hide your cumstains?
I dont think I have any.
Hold on let me check
Studente di merda

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casper is now kill.jpg
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Fucking why ? Snapchat is near unusable on android. Casper was good not only because it saved snaps, it was also because it was'nt lagging like hell. Now I'm stuck with a shitty bloated app just to keep contact with my friends. Fuck this world
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Just kill yourself, you fucking retard.
What's the problem ?

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Is there a laptop that could handle 3D software like Maya,Cinema4D or Zbrush and compositing software like After Effects or Nuke that will not require me to sell my house to obtain it?

Picture not really related idgaf its a macbook or a thinkpad as long as it fits my requirements
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No, you might want to invest in an external GPU
wouldnt a GTX 1050 in a laptop be enough?
you can get one for <1000€
I guess. The main problem is the compositing software, Nuke can eat 70% of my RAM with the easiest tasks and my GTX 1080 can't handle a HD 720p video with some effects on it in realtime

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I found this image while browsing for the full size album artwork for Saga by Siddharta.

The URL is:

So I know the image is located on their site, but I have no clue how to find access it other than its URL. I'm hoping if I can find how the page it's on, it will lead me to other pieces of art like it (there's an awesome piece of art for each song, but I can only find a few pieces).

Any ideas?
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Hmm I found that in 2010 they used to have a page for wallpapers on their old website.


Sadly they all 404 on me.
Im not OP but interested to see if theres a solution. bump
You could take the image and reverse image search it and see what comes up.

You could open up the HTML and check for the. jpg file in there to see if it lists a source or just the image.

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Looking for free mail provider, ~1gb space and in/out limits acceptable.
Tried ProtonMail and Tutanota, can't produce plain no HTML mails (or use local client)
Is cockli with non-pedo domain where to go?
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Try Outlook.com, it's pretty nice, especially when you combine it with Office™ Outlook™.
It also looks very professional because all those HR twats associate "Outlook™" with their office work environment.

try cheapassfaggotmail.com
I just bought a domain and email service from namecheap it was only like $5 a year or something.

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Been trying to get into coding on and off for a while.

So far I've made a window pop up on codeacademy and that was alright...

How long until I get to make cool shit.
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fuck off faggot
How cool? If you think shit like generating primes is cool it should take a couple hours. If you want to make a marketable game maybe 18 months of work
Not this shit again. Do you not know how google works?

What's the thinkpad for normalfags?
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T420 and X220
Normalfags realise a laptops brand makes no fucking difference, as they all do exactly the same shit at varying levels of performance/price points

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Anyone know a nice teaching tool for assembly? Or also C language?

Like any cool easy to digest videos on youtube, or easy ways to learn it online? I'm learning assembly in uni right now and these syscall stuff are so confusing

All this loading and adding and shit, I don't get what exactly each thing is doing
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>Or also C language?
>any cool easy to digest videos on youtube
see pic

No i want minimal effort on my part im too busy to read books when im already reading for other stuff
Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective (second or third edition). Teaches assembly and explains it using C.

It's a great book.

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/g/ where do you get your crt monitors now

they're all on ebay but extremely overpriced
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I don't
Swaps mostly. Last CRT I got was exchanged for an IBM 5150 keyboard via a (local) forum, the one before was swapped for an 8" FDD. Australian thrift stores do not stock electronics anymore because liability, but a lot of US ones still do apparently.
Thrift stores, garage sales or Craigslist

Is Apple at the jewing again or are they right and not just wanting you to blow your load on RAM
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>Be me
>Buy ddr3 ram
>Put it in ddr3l laptop
>Took 10m to boot, 5 to shut down
Rip your laptop. Does it work the other way round though?
The other way will kill the ram

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Where did memory consumption go so wrong?
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When we got plenty of memory and developers went lazy.
>Firefox only using 300mb
Don't complain, mine often uses 3GB
Video eats memory like a motherfucker, especially if that Twitch tab is playing 60fps video. Even mpv, which is very lightweight, uses ~600MB of memory playing 720p 60fps video.

At the same time, unused RAM is wasted RAM.

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Tempted to uninstall Firefox
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install pale moon
Install Chromium. The performance is spectacular.

Seems legit.

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Hey guys so im starting a coding bootcamp soon for Unity3D VR/AR and its a requirement that i bring a laptop. What are your recommendations on what i should get? Price is no issue. No thinkpad memes
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Sager NP9876, best bang for buck
Code camps take your cash and rip you off
anyone leading with
>no thinkpad memes
deserves to go to goy camp and get ripped off.

get a macbook

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