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Bonus for shortcut icons, emulators and PC-exclusive gaymen installed
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This took me 30 minutes to setup.
the best OS
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Hey /g/eeks.
So I want to sell some HDDs and SSDs on ebay. Obviously I'm going to write zeros to them all since there is personal data on them like my passport etc.
My question is if the data can still be recovered by EMF readings? Do I just have to do it multiple times or is there no way to protect myself from that? Do people who buy memory devices just for the purpose of data recovery even have access to that kind of tech or is it too big of a hassle?

I know that /g/ is >NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.
However I didn't find anything on the wiki. I would really appreciate if you could help me out here.
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>However I didn't find anything on the wiki.
And the rest of the internet? Surely someone else will have asked that question, no?
Well I didn't find anything, so I guess this shouldn't be a concern.
Still, would this be possible?
Use GNU/shred and your data is destroyed even for most forensic data recovery techniques.

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Do long Ethernet cables affect speed and/or latency?
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Not unless you're going over the specification length limit of 100 meters (328 feet)
Copper-based Ethernet cables can only be up to ca 150 meters long, before the signal deteriorates so much that it becomes indistinguishable from noise. This is not long enough to have any effect on latency.

The performance for light through optical fiber cables is already maxed out. The latency across the cable under the Atlantic sea is limited by the speed of light.
In theory, yes. In practice the difference is insignificant. What you should be worried about is packet loss which can occur if the cable has too high resistance.

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Yo g// whats your fav emoji?
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The smiley with the carrot nose
I haven't used a single emoji ever. Not even when they were just called graphical smileys. I use smileys, sure but only the text versions.

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How to get rich quick without cryptoshit?
What do I have to invent?
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there is a chess problem that gives you 1m$ if you solve it
Marry someone rich.
Solve one of the Millennium Problems.
For example the Riemann Hypothesis.

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>have programming problem
>search error message on stackoverflow
>see solution with a paragraph of explanation
>fuck that, copy+paste the solution
>it works
>downvote the solution and close the tab forever

programming is way easier than you fags make it out to be, you're really not that special, a monkey could do this.
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you are the monkey
Any reason why you take the effort to downvote something that works? It's not like your single vote matters a lot.
>a monkey could do this.
Yes, you just proved that.

Come on you lamors, show us what you got

are you a real 1337 [email protected]?
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The cosine function takes a single argument.
saged is a herb you fucking retard nigger monkey. the term you're looking for is sageru
Sage(noun) is a herb. Saged is past participle of sage(verb). This is an English imageboard. You fucking retarded cia nigger.

Hello /g/
I just installed CrunchBang Linux on my PC
Did I just get meme'd
If I did, what are some good Debian based alternatives
>why Debian?
because sudo apt-get
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Yes, you got memed.
It's just apt now.
Try Devuan.
It's basically Debian Jessie but without the NSA/systemd backdoors.
>It's just apt now.

Both work. GNU/Linux is about choice.

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smug wendy.jpg
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What are some underrated open-source or otherwise pieces of software you have found and used?
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The software in my Githib :^)
Share it
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What's with the prejudice against phoneposting here?
>Look at this fag, he has a job and an actual life, what a retard
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I have no job and no life and I still phonepost.
I too have no job or life and still phonepost.
I'm a phone bedposter.
It encourages shorter, dumber posts

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I was blocking adware and spyware shit massively and I somehow blocked the whole wikia.com site (every wiki) any ideas on what could be causing it? I haven't been able to debug it

Here's my hosts
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Install an OS that doesn't have this problem.

Hint: It's a GNU/Linux distribution.
Nigga if you dont know what tf im talking about dont post

This seems to be a server problem like wikia being hosted on one of the sites I blocked
It has nothing to do with windows, retard.
I think you are the one who's oblivious to what he's doing.

Friendly reminder: You are asking for tech support on a board that explicitly forbids it.

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what are the essential privacy addons for firefox 2017?
already installed ad nauseam
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>already installed ad nauseam
pfft people actually doing this?
>Install privacy invading proprietary software
>"Try" to "prevent" those applications from doing the one thing they were designed for.

Stop sodomizing yourself and switch to software that respects your privacy, fa.m
>firefox 2017

uBlock Origin
HTTPS Everywhere
Password manager of your choice
Common Sense 2017

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how accurate?
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pretty accurate, move fedora to wise tier.
>No ReactOS
Get the fuck out of here with this garbage
>literally who OS

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Can they do this? Are our houses literally a botnet?
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you get cheaper rates overall if you left them do it.
>kilowatt counters for billing since the 1900's
shoo shoo AC burger
How will they do that? Supply lower voltage than required for ac to run?

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A lot of people give Win10 and Google shit for "muh botnet" and "muh lack of privacy and freedoms", and then you have people memeing "just don't do anything illegal and you'll be safe! ;v"
But I feel like even if you actually do a bunch of illegal shit on Windows 10 and through Google servers, you'd still be perfectly fine.

Has anybody ever even gotten sent to prison for doing something shady on Win10/Google before? I'm pretty sure nobody's ever gotten a knock on the door from the CIA because of a few questionable Google searches.
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Well, since your government can change and all mined data is for ever you can be send to prison anytime in your live for stuff you already did.
People in the UK have had their homes raided because they googled for lawn fertillizer or something.
Got a source? That sounds hilarious if true.

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