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Which does /g/ prefer?
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English - swipe
Others - tap
Swipe of course. It's way faster

Tap typing.

A free and open source swipe implementation doesn't exist, so its usage isn't acceptable.

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Tesla roof.jpg
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> yfw Tesla's solar roof looks aesthetic

We're totally going full solar.
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f only it were actually affordable
Looks like plastic shit.
It's been estimated that it takes about 10 years for it to start recouping costs, even after state rebates.

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Serious question /g/

Is there a meme or name for people who buy macbooks and hang out at starbucks all day while being all smug?
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Why are you still legally inclined to pay for Windows 95?
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same reason you still have to pay for movies before 1995
Just because it's old doesn't mean you can just take it for free. Are you freetarded o something?
I'm not. Did you mean required? Expected? What are you asking here buddy?

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What is the modern alternative to scandisk.exe?
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chkdsk.exe on windows xp > (...) for the command line: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb491051.aspx

Free alternatives:
chkdsk gui: http://www.chall.plus.com/winpe/
Checkdisk: http://www.paehl.de/
Disk Scanner: http://macrorit.com/disk-surface-test/disk-surface-test.html
Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/western_digital_data_lifeguard_tools.html


Who /diy/ here?
Are you running your own liquid cooling system? What is some newbie advice you can give?
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>water cooling
What's wrong here?
Water cooling is fucking stupid, all you are doing is moving the fans from the CPU to a radiator, and often times you actually get higher temperatures. Maybe you think it looks cool or something I guess if you're retarded.

Got a semi-successful thread about this piece of software going yesterday. >>61706735

>What is Retroshare
A distributed, privacy oriented program with filesharing, social networking, chat, email, message board and twitter-like functionality on board.
It has been around since 2006

>Where to get it?
And for the paranoids (for you >>61716194 ):

>Is it a honeypot? >>61717415
No. Its completely decentralized. You only communicate with people that you manually add. Its WoT based, no danger of certificate authorities going rogue. It is not however as anal about anonymity as TOR

>Do VPNs/TOR work with it? >>61717415
Yes, both. You can us an already running Tor instance on your machine to route all RS traffic through it.

Since /g/ has such an awesome spam filter (not!) you cannot post your IDs here, sadly. But pasting them on pastebin works just fine. Here is mine:

You have dedicated ID-exchange chatrooms so you can grow your network.

Everything is strongly encrypted. No one is going to hack your megabits. You can sign the IDs of others or give them a bad rating, depending on what they do. This also strongly limits anything illigal like CP as those IDs will be downvoted a lot.
Also you can create as many IDs for your node as you want.

I have currently about 80k files that I share on RS, mostly ebooks.
Feel free to ask about anything.
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So it's basically limewire?
I did not know that limewire had distributed message boards

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amd will sell even more cards regardless
amd will have a big revenue regardless
amd will have a big q4 because they will sell a lot of cards
I used to be a member of OcUK. Long time ago now.
Good times
Poor AMD, their new GPU is sold out for the next year.

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Is AMD ruining the CPU industy by supergluing (old tech) together multiple dies on a single socket?

This will slow down the advancement of making smaller and faster CPUs.
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Hi Intel, you need to get some new material. This stuff's getting stale like your monopoly practices.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Nothing can slow down advancement more than Intel sitting the previous 7 years releasing the same CPU over and over with a new socket every time.
Thanks to Intel, we are still stuck with 2010 level of CPU technology.

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good at yu gi oh.jpg
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what is the best way to get a free .edu email address?

there is a student discount i want to take advantage of but i need a .edu email.
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Attend some educational institution.
thats not free you stupid fucking nigger
Not free but you could get a dirt cheap pajeet domain and call it Edu.


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who else here /letitrip/
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Is logi the only one that uses this?, after my first g533 I can't go back to not having the damn wheel
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double your fun.jpg
54KB, 800x450px

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Hey /g/ what's up, I'm trying to understand this computor joke that my friends keep telling me
It goes something like:
if ___=0
return ____
I'm not a regular here, so explain the joke and we can have a jolly thread of stupid questions and computor jokes!
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Does your friend has the tism?
I think I have the tism, if you mean autism

A/V equipment is technology. What are you inflating your ego with? Do you have a setup? Are you looking to make one? Let's see what rich and poorfags alike have to say.

My projector may be on its last legs, and I'm looking for recommendations beside everything else I'm finding by shopping around.
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toshiba tdp-t98.jpg
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Pic related is what's dying. This time, it probably deserves to stay dead. It's had a hard life.
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here's the most up-to-date pic I have of my setup
I'm a poorfag on destitute college budget so pretty much all of this is ebay or craigslist.
>college budget so pretty much all of this is ebay or craigslist

That's exactly where all my crap came from, including that Toshiba. It always has to start somewhere. I have a real job now, and I'm finally getting this all set back up to realize that maybe it's time to buy some real shit. What's your Kodibox running on?

Which laptop is better the Lenovo y7000 or the Inspiron 15 7000? I'll be going to college soon and need a laptop. They're both the same price at 850 and both seem good but I honestly don't know which is better and have very little knowledge about laptops
Heres the laptops:
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Dell one is better, way better GPU and bigger ssd
I'm picking up an Inspiron 15 7000 for college on Tuesday.

The Lenovo has as better screen and an i7 processor where as the dell has an i5

Not really sure which one has a better gpu.

The 15 7000's screen is pretty crappy according to all the reviews I have read.
Cousin bought that lenovo not too long ago on discount and it's only been troublesome.
Lenovo's driver page is outdated dogshit and something with the BIOS and chipset is very fucky. Look up forum posts of people complaining of slowdowns or freezes in-game. I barely managed to get rid of its throttling at sub-80C temperatures.
The GTX 1050 Ti on the other hand can play most new games on 1080p 60fps Ultra. Dell one also looks very durable and not so hard to self-repair/upgrade.

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>gaymer mobos for 12 and 16 core cpus
>Motherboards for workstation-class CPUs are expensive
What a surprise.
'Professional' gaming obviously.

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