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Is it wrong I still use a Vizio E321VL as a monitor with an HDMI cable? I know it's outmoded but I've played Overwatch competitive on this and a top-o-the-line monitor my buddy got last week, can't see any difference. He has a better gpu than me as well.
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Come on, it's not *that* slow -

Ok it's a little slow, I admit, but does the increase in response time justify a $400+ price tag if you're not in mlg?

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So I need a new distro... I tried Arch, it's pretty sweet but systemd: http://without-systemd.org/wiki/index.php/Arguments_against_systemd
Also - "Oh you should never do a partial upgrade" <- get fucked I should have total control

Is Gentoo the only option for me? Can't gentoo be pwned anyway?

What's FreeBSD about? FUCK
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Is Ubuntu shit tier?

Can you harden a shit tier ubuntu to gentoo levels?

You should use Slackware with XFCE or MATE. Use OpenBSD if you want to go full tinfoil. Now piss off.

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This whole Google made me think.
What if there was a free speech community made specifically for silicon valley people to vent about their incredibly closed corporate culture? Could this be succesful?
I'll do the logo.
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Why would anyone use it and how would you restrict it to silicon valley?
Yeah it'd be successful

We really need more anonymous discussion sites on the internet.
>What if there was a free speech community made specifically for silicon valley people
It's called Blind, faggot.

Stop assuming you ever have original ideas.

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>CNN takes a thing they don't like and twists it so it sounds worse
>it ends up even better
of course cnn would intentionally misrepresent the argument in the paper
Another classic CNN fake news moment.

who are the chads of the tech world?
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Anyone that works at google, and apple stores
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/mkg/ - Manly Bezels Edition

>Buyer's template:
>Where to Buy:
>Keyset wiki
http://keypuller.com (https://web.archive.org/web/20161101152119/http://keypuller.com/)

previous thread: >>61741310
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2nd for manly bezels.
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>those pathetic bezels

Has Nvidia killed all overclocking?

Boost 3.0 gets you 95% to max frequency all by itself.
With Pascal's hard voltage limits, high overclocks are impossible to achieve without a custom bios.
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what kind of retards overclock their gpus anyway lol
>what kind of retards overclock their gpus anyway lol
Someone who wants free performance.
Back in the day, you could OC an extra 30% performance.
Not the case today though
Voltage isn't really needed for Pascal, what we need is higher power limits.

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how do i get pro at ricing like this guy?
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Be autistic
Go to bed Luke. QUit shilling your own garbage channel, you dumb autisitic retard.
does this motherfucker know what a camera flash is?

Who here is /self-diagnosed autistic/?

After coming to reality with myself I realized I was my much more at ease and my programming efficiency went up at least 15%
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does being diagnosed by your mom in an angry rage count?
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Stop making this stupid thread
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>You have aurism, son
>No I don't mom, shutup
>You still have autism

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Now that Google and friends are dead I've decided to switch email providers.
What does /g/ recommend? I don't do anything shady so protonmail isn't really necessary.
Right now I'm considering AOL.
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>Right now I'm considering AOL.

anyway, mail.ru is where it's at.


Use an alt domain like airmail if you want to use it with normies.

What was your gateway distro /g/? Mine, like most people's, was ubuntu
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and like most people's, I went back to ubuntu after trying out other distros.

it just works
ubuntu wasn't a thing yet

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I don't get it, /g/.

Why does the font look so sexy on Atom's website, but when I open the actual program the font looks like shit? This is a problem I have with text editors in general. I just want a pretty, sexy font.
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>downloading a text editor to change font

You're new to computers, aren't you?
because Windows font rendering is terrible

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Is there any way I can post process what I see in my browser to make it look a lot better? Don't want shit tier stuff like AA.
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In response to the image you posted, I don't understand using any other filter than CRT/composite/both. Older games had certain elements that were designed to be looked at through CRT TVs (like transparencies that only work on CRT) so those filters make sense. The ones that you posted, though, try to make more information than exists and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS end up looking like roasted dog shit.
>playing with filters
just use the goddamn filters

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>get thinkpad x220
>so excited
>comes with windows
>internet works just fine
>heard linux just werks
>heard thinkpads are really good with linux
>install xubuntu 17.04
>open firefox
>internet doesn't work
>think it's just firefox being slow
>install chromium
>still doesn't work

What the fuck /g/? You fags told me linux just werks on thinkpads.

Is it just the wireless drivers or what?
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this is where you fucked up. should of bought a sager.

lmaoing @ ur lyfe fagget
This has to be a troll post. The wifi chip on the X2xx series thinkpads is one of the MOST supported wifi chip out there (unfortunately it uses proprietary firmware but that's another matter). Also, you should stick to the LTS releases (currently at 16.04). Xubuntu 16.04 works flawlessly on my X200.

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So I made this thread last night, but wanted to get more input if possible. I got contacted about a Desktop Support and Helpdesk/Workstation Engineer position through some 3rd party recruiter. I meet all the requirements listed in the information I was emailed, but when I spoke to him over the phone they mentioned wanting a CCNA or some level of Cisco general experience, which I fucked up and said I didn't have instead of lying like I probably should've. Now my question is, what should I study or look into to try and close whatever potential knowledge gap I'm looking at, as I really need this job.

I've been recommended some CCNA instructionals which I'm in the process of downloading, but I'm not really sure what exactly I might run into in a position like this. Any advice on particular things to research would be greatly appreciated.
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Cisco Networking Fundamentals would be a good place to start anon, through Cisco Academy
As we all told you last night, if they shouldnt let you anywhere near networking equipment unless they dont have enough switches in their networking closets, and even then it is to just run a cable from a patch panel to a switch. I would be amazed if they even let you change the VLANs of access ports.

Unless you're desperate dont try to work for this company, theyre just going to fuck you.
It's only a 6 month contract anyways, I can handle being fucked for that long, since it'll at least help me pad my resume and maybe give me the means to find a better job in an area that has better opportunities. You're still probably right and I might end up regretting it but I don't have many choices at the moment.

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