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Why Go?
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hahahaha how the fuck is polymorphism difficult hahahaha nigga just use type aliases like nigga just define a new struct haha
go has generics brainlet
No it doesn't. The core team say this in the FAQ and also suggest that they might add generics in future when they see fit. Stop pretending to be an idiot

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intel shills are so much in denial that they are accusing intel of sending defected chips to the reviewers


i know its leddit but most of the brasilian shills got outsourced to canada and they arent fun anymore
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>complains about reddit
>proceeds to redditspace the shit out of his post
well where else can you find intel shills in denial these days?
brasilians are gone
tripfag is gone
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lmao why do you even care if some retard thinks intel cpus are better than ryzen like whats ur problem lol

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Is it possible to replace the dupoint connector on one of these internal card readers with a male USB port and then plug it into a laptop via regular USB?
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Why the fuck would you even bother to do that when you can buy a USB version of this for like $5.
I have some laying around, seemed like a fun diy project to try instead of just being a mindless consumer and buying everything.

might as well buy a real fucking usb card reader for 10 bucks

This thing's caved, just replaced it. What do, /g/?
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Use it as a coaster. Or as target practice.
Remove the platters and destroy them physically
Love this idea.

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In 2017 theres no easy way to make money programming.

everything requires doing some menial task in a meme language for normies who don't know what they're talking about but demand impossible tasks.

Pajeet is there to shit all of over you with super low wages.

everything is web based and gay

i was told i would be rich if i knew how to program give me back the 10 years of my youth.
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Do you actually know how to program all sorts of things, or do you only "know a few languages" and spent most of your free time not programming?

If it's the former, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a job or making one for yourself, if it's the latter you're shit out of luck because it sounds like it is. There's few easy things and most times they're short-term as more normies pile onto it and turn it into a not profitable anymore thing. While the rest of us go long-term on hard things and are guaranteed security. It really is great, because all you have to do is stop looking for instant gratification and you're now above 75% of the population. What a time to be a live when it's so easy to be exceptional, yet few take this path.
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i spent 10 years doing nothing but programming nigga cause I used to be obsessed with it.

I've tried and programmed so many languages , and gone through so many paradigms only to be met with nothing in return. Its too much work to write and sell software and i can't keep up motivation to work for free

Employers want the type of people they are familiar with and cookie cutter skills , in the end it doesn't matter how much you know its people skills that gets you the job. just be sure to remember that when choosing a life skill or career.
Just start your own business and do contract work for businesses.

Oh what's that, you can't? Because you suck at it and know nothing.

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Screenshot (116).png
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Editing ungoogled chromium for branding
Already searched online, already checked the ungoogled-chromium documentation (it's shit, TODOs in place of windows compiling instructions)

How do I change the chrome://help page? where are these pages stored?

Resource hacker is not showing anything relevant.

>also browser general
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Screenshot (115).png
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>this is near-vanilla Firefox
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Vivaldi is shi-

>I can't charge my phone while listening to music
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buy a better phone or something i dont know
charge your phone when you are sleeping
The sole reason why I didn't get the 7 when offered a free upgrade from my 5c.

If the move is 'revolutionising', I'm going to at least wait until the revolution is over instead of risking utility.

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Spotify has my songs hostage, how to headshot spotify and save my babies..
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Stop using spotify
Any programs I should look at? Youtube to mp3 is cancer and too slow
Torrents and blogs (find them with your search engine of choice)

Search for FLAC if you're a /mu/ autist

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Can you guys recommend some software to stream music from PC to Android? I want to have access to all my music and m3u playlists. Spotify is shit.
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correct me if im wrong, but i dont think you can browse playlist on your pc from android vlc

probably there is foobar extension for it
tried subsonic?

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Are we training googles AI ?
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No, it's training us
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Unfortunately we do and they are not hiding it.

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>empty files are 0 bytes long
If the filename is 0 bytes long, why don't we store all information as filenames so we have infinite storage?
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Please die.
The filename is kept in the index/file table
You can make as many empty files as you want, but soon the file table will take up all the space

How long until we're getting severely bottlenecked by single threaded performance?
ST improvements over the past decade haven't been big, and while it's easy to slap together a bunch of cores, there's always things you can't parallelize. We need a revolution.
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Ever had your browser lag due to shitty JS code? We are already here.
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>quantum computers being developed as we speak
Will only help parallel stuff because it scales exponentially with the number of qubits. Classic computers aren't going anywhere.

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Hey /g/, I recently moved and in the process of moving my prized thinkpad x60 was scratched (pic related). I was wondering if there is a way to refinish the rubber on a thinkpad. Any tips would be nice.
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You deal with it. A simple scratch is nothing to a Thinkpad.
Put a sticker on it.

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The first half of the Distributed Systems course at my Danish university is about Java RMI and then it's about something called "Apache Axis2". And that's it.

How fucking outdated is this course?

Also there is zero stuff about the theory side of distributed systems.

The same teacher also teaches an elective course on compiler construction I was excited about. However I have better plans now.
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>Apache Axis2

Literally a fraud product made years ago by an Indian company to get consulting contracts from Western companies.

Run away from that course.
Also Denmark is officially a 3rd world country now.


What are some important concepts in distributed systems I should self-study?

Hey /g/
I'm reformating all my hard drives and installing Win10 Enterprise LTSB, because it's the least botnety version of pajeetOS.

I've also decided to be a man, so I've bought a VPN, use FF Nightly and I'd like to ask which programs should I get to my new winshit machine? Things like music, video player and other useful programs.
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it's funny that you're like "I'M STARTING OVER, DOING IT RIGHT FROM DAY ONE!" and then you're installing windows even though you know it's winshit.
i don't really need linux so I don't see a problem in trying to fix winshit for my personal use
How does one get Windows LGBT? Without from russian cracked edition

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