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>/g/ hates Windows

>Every decent job I can find requires extensive knowledge of Excel
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what are you a f. secretary?
Search better.
Try searching for a real job, unless you're looking into accountancy, in which case you'll just have to deal with it.

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Why do people like macs over thinkpads?
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The current high-end thinkpad models aren't much better price/performance/feature wise than Apple's offerings.
They don't even come with their own custom OS either. They're justa bill of materials of plastic and components that somehow costs $1,200.
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I don't know. I would never own a device which you cannot service, and who's manufacture takes anti-user measures to stop one from doing so, including lobbying against the right to repair hardware.
But isn't it hypocritical to complain about Apple when you're a "image.jpg" poster yourself?

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zuccbook / removal.of.kebab/videos/vb.100004545933791/819656161529241/?type=2&theater

I need to edit this shit down to about two minutes. I think it's just going to end up being *grunt* TOUGHBOOKS *red letter media groan* MY DICK *AVE voice for five words* SPECIAL FORCES RUAAARGH

But yeah any suggestions on what I should use for the shortened cut?
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i'm uploading the raw cut to youtube but it's gonna take a while.


that link will work in about 1 hour
aight youtube embed works.


what do you guys think I should keep and what should I ditch?
just fucking shoot the thing and if it survives post a video of that

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Bottom font is shit, hard to read.

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Exchanged my 6700k and shitty H170 mother board for a vega 56, moving to a ryzen
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You've done goofed.
link pl0x
yea i sure did mate, the 6700k has a resell value of 250 bux and the motherboard is like 50 i cant even buy a 1070 for that fucking price

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What is the best graphics card for under $200?

I'm considering a MSI GTX 1050
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3gb gtx 1060
Yeah it is 10$ over.
Deal with it. GTFX card market is fucked ATM.
New or used?

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If you are running Windows 10, why aren't you using LTSB?
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surface pro
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Enterprise master race.
I haven't used Windows in years, please enlighten me about LTSB.

old thread: >>62458004

What are you working on, /g/?
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Value types do not belong on Java.
Whether an identifier is reference or a value should be implicit in its usage (as in C) or at least in its declaration (as in C++)
True, but it makes for some great optimizations.
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I don't think you understand. Friendly reminder that you should return reference to an object iff:
1. The object itself is passed to the scope as a non-const reference
2. If the object is created within the function scope, it is static
3. In no other situation

Reminder that you don't also need multi-return functions, create the expected values first and pass them as non-cost references into the function. These are called out params.

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What's the best CPU under $200 right now?
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i5 2500K. Get it to 4 Ghz and you can expect Ryzen 5 1600 performance
Oh vey
Any ryzen which is under 200$ will be best.
2500k can suck my dick.
This shit is like 8 years old

Might be but it still outperforms mid level AMD processors. Just before Ryzen AMD didn't have ANY processor that could beat an OC'd 2500K.

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How do I into chromium on windows?
options I found


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All are botnet
Install gentoo
Just go for the Chinese botnet

Why aren't you using Ubuntu 18.04 with the brand new theme?
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that's Manjaro though
the next update is 17.10 not 18.04 anyway
Answer it yourself.

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>Learn what /g/ says
>Become a fat NEET who's never worked on a single real life project

>Become a "Pajeet"(as neets call it) and get Microsoft Business Certs, learn Python, C++, do some retarded shit in machine learning startup for a year
>Make $200k/yr as a wagelord
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95% of /g/ is LITERALLY degreeless retards who aren't even working in tech

Or if they are, they are working support or being "IT technicians"
>muh degrees
>muh debt
What a stupid thread. Kill yourself you deranged facebook frog poster

how paranoid am I for buying webcam and cellphone camera cover stickers /g/
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(((they)))) know
not really. it's pretty much normal to do nowadays

with the gov spying on us
all we can do is try to hide
but they'll get us in the very end
if cuck does it you probably should to

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Thinking about getting a large enterprise HDD, ~10Tb. Are there any reliable sources on failure rates of those helium drives? I'm planning to get one with 5 years of warranty anyway, but warranty won't protect me from data loss.
Also is there any major difference between the different companies? Like supportwise or something?

Did any of you ever use a small SSD (like 32-64gb) as cache for such a HDD, was it worth it?
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backblaze does some numbers but they only review so often https://www.backblaze.com/blog/hard-drive-failure-rates-q1-2017/
2 Small drives > 1 big drive

Modern software arrays are awesome and outperform hardware raids on many levels, currently BTRFS and ZFS are the best choices for home NAS.

>Did any of you ever use a small SSD (like 32-64gb) as cache for such a HDD
On my ZFS raidz i used 12Gb of RAM as ARC cache and 64Gb of flash storage as L2ARC with a 100% hit ratio, meaning that my drives never needed to be woke up unless i was writing on them and at the time i was seeding dozens of torrents.

Welcome to 2015, Apple.
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Galaxy s6 isn't water proof
what's the deal with these anti-apple images and the kerning or the font choice or whatever being so fucking awful? do you guys have to read text like this?
> Kapeesh


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