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Where should I learn JavaScript from?
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torrent udemy courses or some shiiiiittttt nigga
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The Internet.

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So have you read the news?
>be intel
>make a $60 pentium that is actually a fucking i3
>everyone with at least half a brain buys this for budget builds
>"muh i3"
>*teleports behind G4560*
>"nothing personnel kiddo"
>*limits production so everyone will eventually buy an i3*

Intel just BTFO themselves by ruining their chances of controlling the budget pc market before Ryzen 3 is released. So what's your move /g/? Buy one before stocks run out and the prices inflate or wait for R3?
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Press F to pay respects.
why should they buy one? they are literally killing the HT the only reason this cpu exists
It's already up to $80, so your chances to buy it at dirt cheap are already mostly gone.

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SteamVR Bench.png
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Post your SteamVR Performance Test results
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No. VR is a retarded meme.
No. I don't even need it. I get nauseous when I even think of VR.
t. brainlet who can't handle more than 2 dimensions

Got this from a friend, cant find much with a quick google search, i know it uses basic. Can you guys help me find some info like the documentation?
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Its a laser 500 color computer from 1985 btw

all i can find googling off hand
Interesting that it didn't yellow

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>windows is an advance keylogger/advertising bot/NSA spy tool

how can wincucks defend this?
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I can't but MUH GAYMEZ
>making thousands of threads a day about windows 10 being a spying tool because you're insecure about your opinions

how can GNUcucks defend this?
>>windows is an advance keylogger/advertising bot/NSA spy tool
>how can wincucks defend this?

Get spybot antibeacon and quit fucking bitching like a cuck

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Is PCLOS the most popular systemd-free distro?
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I would never use it because it's name is shit. It perpetuates the myth that Linux is an operating system when in reality it's just a fucking kernel. The OS is called GNU, the sooner you retards accept it, the better.
>starting the naming flame war 1 post in

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- family member buys a so-called laptop with a mere 32GB of SSD storage
- brings it to me as if I have magical powers to "fix it" and "make it fast"
- can't just smash it on his head because I've "fixed" things before for free

Never work for free, not even for your family. You'll become morally enslaved to them if you don't charge the first time.
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well I'm a neet so I don't mind because it makes me feel useful and I usually teach them well enough they don't have the same problem
What I would do in this case is send them links and tell them to follow the guide. No guilt, no more moral obligation.
Me on the right.

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Hey /g/. My girlfriend broke her laptop and is a broke ass college student but needs a laptop for classwork. It needs to run .exe programs, so no meme chromebooks. Would this be the best possible laptop for sub $200?


>2.5 GHz i5 2nd gen
>4 GB DDR3
>320 GB HD
>Only integrated gfx (nbd)

I would be looking at upgrading RAM to 8 gigs and putting a small SSD in it for the OS. She can however use it as is until those components are on sale.

Can you do any better?
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Pick up a second hand Thinkpad.
Hope you are not paying for it or being her 24/7 technical support for free, otherwise you are a cuck
/g/ is not your personal tech support forum, newfag

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Can anyone on /g/ help me with this shit? Whenever I'm not moving my mouse for about a minute, this window pops up and disrupts everything I'm doing, which is mainly playing games. I've deleted the exe from the sys32 folder, and I've stopped the process, but it just keeps fucking popping up.
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hmmm have you tried repairing your gpu driver install?
is that Vista
No, I can't say I have. How do you go about doing that?
7 ultimate

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Which linux distro do memelords use?
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Finally, after about one year of dual boot Win10/Mint>Kali>Debian I've finally decided to get rid of Windows.

So I've searched for a good lightweight not-too-old OS and Arch seemed like perfect.

I've installed it non-live with LXDE and now I'm getting used to it, but is it true that it improves the hardware performance? I mean, ofc you have to see if a game is GPU or CPU intensive, but I expected more.
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>is it true that it improves the hardware performance?
No, not really. If you want performance gains you have to use Gentoo, although with modern hardware things will probably already be so fast you can't tell a difference between a package and compiling from source with custom flags.
compiling everything from source will get really annoying

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Looking to steal apartment wifi while I'm at work to save data.

There's a WiFi guest network with shit settings and an OpenVPN connection on port 53 UDP punches right through the login portal. I want to use a raspi to fetch the signal, VPN, and then repeat the signal as a new network so I can connect all my gadgets without fussing with VPN settings.

What software should I use to facilitate this? Would I use one wifi dongle to connect to the AP, setup an OpenVPN client, and then just use hostapd to broadcast a network? Use iptables to route through VPN? Does this make sense or is there a smarter way of doing this.
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1.) What you're doing is a felony so you should stop unless you love BCC.
2.) Why isn't your family on sprint? The unlimited plans are like $40 per line.
>1.) What you're doing is a felony so you should stop unless you love BCC.

Yeah, the FBI has party vans just cruising around looking for shit like this.

To OP, I did pretty much what you are wanting to do once, but I used a ddwrt router for it.
l33t h4ck3r

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How do I git gud at programming?
I've started about a week ago and it doesn't come naturally to me. When I'm stuck and look up hints or an answer to a problem, I understand it well, but I can't come up with the solution by myself.
I can't "plan out" a program in my head then write it down, I just write it and make adjustments progressively, but often that doesn't work.
Am I just a brainlet?
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Program for longer than a week.
I already knew about basic structures like loops and conditions, it's not like I'm a complete beginner.
Doesn't matter. The answer to "how do I get better at X" is always to do X more. No exceptions.

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>He uses Linux but doesn't use Chicago95
What's your excuse?
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It's 2017.
when my x201 gets here ill switch to xfce to do this.
I don't use loonix to get my machine to look kind of like old Windows.

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Okay /g/entoomen, I'd like some input from this esteemed online community. I'd like to graduate from Baby's First Linux (Ubuntu) to something not based on Debian. A friend of mine told me to check out CentOS or Fedora. What's the real difference?
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Different release cycles for one
CentOS is targeted for servers because it's pretty stable and has very old packages (even older than Debian's).
Fedora is targeted for desktops. It's pretty stable and cutting-edge.
>CentOS for servers
That's what I thought as well, but I've seen screenfetch/neofetch threads here with people using CentOS. Is that grade-A doofus?

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