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Post yfw you're not an Applefag.
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>mfw Apple X has shit tier specs
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>using the smile with a carat nose

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t. schlomo goldstein

I was planning on buying GTX 1060 in January but now I don't know if I should buy it or wait for the GTX 2060/1160, I'm currently using integrated graphics, what should I do?
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buy the 1060 and then when the new nvidia card is announced sell it to miners or whatever
Suck a dick because you were supposed to buy the card 9 months ago.
There is a new release every year. Buy what your screen needs then upgrade when you get a new one or need better performance.
Else you'll wait forever.

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>it's still not part of windows from the beginning
How can you fuck up something this basic?
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compressed folders (zip) were an optional feature since Windows Me
compressed folders (zip) were a standard feature since Windows XP
what about .rar nigga

You need to register your trial copy, poorfag.

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How do we stop phoneposting?
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/g/ is trash
>not posting the hiro approved meta thread pic
into the trash it goes
bring back desktop threads

Why do they tape their laptop cameras in the Judiciary Committee?

Do they know something?
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O good I thought I was the only one

Everyone does it faggot.

Turns out, that nobody gives a shit what you're doing. Windows already tracks your keys. That's about enough information.
>implying anybody actually uses windows here
and yes we already know they give a shit what we're doing, that's why they have bulk collection

Here is your phone, bro
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Legit the only good phone Apple makes right now. Both quality and visuals. And the price is also quite ok.

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>he can't afford it

Go back to your laggy android.
>1/3 month of work is a lot
i pay more rent for my shitty flat.
Nobody pays it in cash silly, we finance stuff now. It's only $56.16 a month. Now be a good little goy and shut the fuck up.

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When is i9 or threadripper useful?
For what sort of applications?
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everything that uses multiple threads
Anything that uses lots of threads, like CPU based rendering.

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If I had a billion dollars, I wouldn't waste my money on this crap.

You guys have no idea how much data apple has mined from you. At least Google is honest and allows you to control what they can take from you.
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>At least Google is honest and allows you to control what they can take from you.
What makes this even funnier is that you probably believe it.
Google is worse. Apple is bad though.
> he thinks google is innocent

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Who will remind us to install gentoo when he dies?
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I volunteer
t. fanatic Gentoo user
he doesn't even endorse gentoo
>I have a low opinion of Gentoo GNU/Linux.
>Gentoo is a GNU/Linux distribution, but its developers don't recognize this; they call it "Gentoo Linux". That means they are treating me and the GNU Project disresepectfully.
>More importantly, Gentoo steers the user towards nonfree programs, which is why it is not one of our recognized free distros.
>See the GNU distros list for the distros that I do recommend. http://gnu.org/distros/free-distros.html
Copyright (c) 2013 Richard Stallman Verbatim copying and redistribution of this entire page are permitted provided this notice is preserved.

If you look closely it says: enter the password to ENABLE Face ID.

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You mean that Apple's representative aren't even smart enough to enable the feature they are showing?
You'll have to enter the passcode after failing Face ID unlock.

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i made the switch to antergos. got tired of running outdated ubuntu.

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Couldn't handle Arch?
Its gonna break
antergos is just arch with a better installer.

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So, why exactly Face ID is terrible?

>uses some sekrit algorithm to capture and store face data
>there's just no open standard for 3d face recognition
>isn't reproducible on any other device, zero compatibility with anything outside of their ecosystem
>voluntarily subjecting your face to vendor lock-in

How does fingerprint and iris scanning compare? Are they really better, or just equally as messy because each vendor sorta implements their own way to do them?
What really ticks me off is that fingerprint and iris scans have understandable, standartized, cross-compatible formats, and this FaceID thing just reeks of arbitrary, proprietary bullshit.
But then, couldn't the same be said for every other biometric identification system?
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>using the smiley with the J nose
touchID + faceID >>> anything competitors have come up with

but generally all are privacy invading measures
>feeding a private company your biometric data
>for free

How is this more save or convenient than entering a pass code phrase/pattern

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Post the worst you've ever seen.
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>objective c
its sh*t by default

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