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Hey /g/uys. Is there a botnet free youtube website. I have used newpipe on mobile and mpv on my pc to view youtube, but in both cases, it involves contacting google directly. Is there a startpage like youtube website, or will I have to put up with the gbotnet.
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Suck my cock.
video sharing is for faggots

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Forth is the best programming language y'all
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I'm going to make my won microprocessor in my mom's basement and then code forth with forth and run a forth machine with an entire operating system written in forth

That's the goal anyway.
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>mom clicked on the flashing slot machine ad, and now her computer has 10 computer viruses
I don't know to do, /g/.
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install linux mint and ublock on the browser
download and run Malwarebytes
then install the addon uBlock Origin on the browser
but she won though so who cares about viruses

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Opera 12.15.png
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Source Code: https://git.teknik.io/Zero3K/presto
IRC Channel: #openopera via synIRC (Server List available at https://www.synirc.net/servers)
Webchat: http://cgiirc.synirc.net/
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WV9s9uw
Forum: http://forum.timsky.ru
Custom 32-bit Build (with Patches applied): https://u.teknik.io/XdSsy.zip
Linux X86_64 Build: https://u.teknik.io/fHgSP.bz2
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Has anything been done? Any coding improvements? This gets posted on /g/ a couple times a week, and nobody gives a shit.
Yes, check out https://forum.timsky.ru/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=138. The latest change was that the 32-bit build for Windows now has OpenSSL v1.0.1u being used.
So they are trying to make a low memory browser for XP?

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would it be legal for microsoft to fund adnauseum or something similar?
if it would be, why don't they do it?
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>would it be legal for microsoft to fund adnauseum
>why don't they do it?
Because they would lose money and not gain anything from it
Do you actually think Microsoft wants to help you without using you as a product?

why do babies keep making these threads

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The guys who made the Take back our future vid.
Why are two "dads," siding with white supremacy? Google did nothing wrong.

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Does Google and Facebook (those groups) try to know as much about you as possible, from where your mouse hovers, how long you spend here and there, what you whisper alone in your home... Why is this morally acceptable?
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>Why is this morally acceptable?
According to whose morale that's acceptable?
I'm asking sarcastically, that's like a rhetorical question. General morality makes me think it is not acceptable.

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oi /g/ods, was wondering if any of you know what's causing this phenomena shown in swim's torrent client?

it's only for this specific torrent that swim is downloading. a torrent from a specific private tracker would effortlessly go to 3+mb/s and the speed would not fluctuate at all.
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bumping with a 30min resolution image
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seems i just figured it out myself.

for anyone who's interested:
it was happening most likely because of the fact that the tcp protocol requires me to send information back on received packets. however, i had set the maximum upload rate to 1kb/s. so it required a certain amount of sent packets to receive new ones.
i reset the seed rate to 50kb/s and it seems that that's enough to max out the dl speed to the highest possible.

>im precautions of seeding as i don't want to receive a c and d in my mail

last pic of 1minute resolution
>>im precautions of seeding as i don't want to receive a c and d in my mail

Connect to as few peers as possible
Stop the torrent as soon as it finishes
Use a blocklist
Use a VPN if you're willing to pay

Guys, i have successful managed to create a GIF in photoshop, but now i want to hang on my pc desktop like a gadget. How can i do it?
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install gentoo
Just use your printer..
>Install Windows 98se
>Active Desktop

I miss the old days

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Need help /g/. I ordered the Essential Phone and have gotten no information from them about if it is shipping and or if they have shipped it to anyone else. I preorder the thing, and like many others have been left in the dark. Anything is appreciated.
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Basically, you're so fucking stupid you would suck hobo cock of people made you enough unfounded promises.
they take a month to build it and a week to send it
>Phone with unproven design
>Early leaks and reviews make it seem disappointing
>Flagship price without flagship features
>Still pre-ordered

You deserve all the bullshit you will get with this.

How do you respond to someone who thinks "tech savvy" means knowing how to use Microsoft Office and nothing else?
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With respect. They are right.
>Thinks he's tech savvy
>Has not mastered Office
I mean excel is extremely powerful

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>When you get an almost perfect build
I'm so fucking happy with my new pc, /g/
This thread is for happy cunts who have their dream build running and functioning as nicer than they imagined
This PC is near silent, even with the side casing open - runs cool and quiet, GPU fans idle at 0 and it sticks at 38-42c. Meanwhile, gaming on heavily modded Skyrim gets me no lag or any freezes, crashes, and has it going at 65c with barely any fan speed
CPU works great, Windows 10 is not as much of a hassle as I imagined after setting it up nicely

Goddamn this is so good
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Pic related, only thing that is slightly concerning is the CPU heat (20c offset for the X series but still seems high)
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I thought I had the sweetest looking computer ever until I posted a picture of it on /o/ and got reamed...
I giggled

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Let's spice things up a bit

What are some obscure/unheard of apps you use regularly?
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wallpaper changer
everyone looks blank when i mention FBreader, possibly because they think it's something to do with facebook.

it's an ebook reader. it's pretty good, and it's free.
Documentos Viewer
Lightning Browser
Yalp Store

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Jeff Dean

>Google Search
>Google Translate
>Protocol Buffers

Who is your favorite programming god?

>inb4 RMS
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miller puckette

he made an ide for fucking around with audio that i love
That dude who started stuff like qemu and ffmpeg.
Forgot his name
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Can't forget the guy behind C and one of the UNIX founders.
Lover or hate his legacy his legacy is strong, albeit in much more complex systems.

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How do we get IBM back in the consumer processor game, /g/?
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first class operating system support is not enough. Are there even any fast JavaScript compilers on PPC?
They don't even make thinkpads anymore the support was too expensive. They switched over to all Macs, now they just werk.
tfw ibm have trash talked x86 for years and shut themselves out of consumer desktops forever

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