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Stupid Questions Thread
Thread for stupid questions, because mods suck ass and people don't use the sticky.
Not kosher or halal, subhumans are forewarned.
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Anon from here >>61450674 , tried the solution suggested here >>61450756 but it failed.
I first tried with PhotoRec, and I thought the file type I wanted to recover could be unsupported, but it managed to list older deleted files that were in a different folder, and they were of the same file type i wanted to recover, so it should see the ones I need to recover, but they're nowhere to be found.
It did list a folder named exactly like the ones containing the files i needed to recover, but once restored, it was an empty folder.
I tried with TestDisk, and while it managed to recover a lot of files even from months ago and ones of the same file type of the ones i need to recover, the exact files i need to recover were not found.

Still, right clicking on the USB stick and checking the used space, they still take space, so they should still be there.
Anyone has any other solution to suggest?

If everything fails, at least a way to regain the space that is supposedly used by these files i can't seem to recover, without formatting the whole stick.
Should I go for 1060 or 1070 for 1080p max settings?

Is the 1060 enough for running new/future games 1080p maxed?
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I bought a pair of earbuds a year ago. Bluetooth, escape brand like pic related. Initially they sounded not so good but I kept it anyway. About a month into use, I think I dropped it and was pressing some buttons that ended up changing its language and then the audio quality got a whole lot better

Unfortunately, those ones broke and now I bought a new one and would like to figure out how to change the audio quality or even the language, It's nowhere to be found on this tiny manual and google isn't helping. Anyone here know? They're Escape brand bluetooth headset, SPBT2

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0-$65 USD Flip phone suggestions, preferably compatible with trac fone. Ready go! Thanks Pic related lenovo flip phone.
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Do not care go ahead and share any kind anon.

>I will probably have to go to an office to work for the next 40 years then after that I will just sit around waiting for death being old and useless

life is truly the original meme

The only way out is to become a NEET genetic dead-end, be born super rich or win the lottery.

I even tried making an app but of course that failed completely wasting a year of my life

How do you intend to escape this cursed life?
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Join the military and die in a false flag attack

Don't have kids. Just look for a cute childfree gf and cruise to the end on easy mode.

Life is meaningless so don't feel bad for stuff you don't do.
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> when you are facing existential dread, go to 4chan to numb down the bad feelings only to find this in the catalog

thanks anon

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Reminder: For every 30 seconds you spend on Windows, an African child dies in a mine
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Fuck off microsoft shill
Can I just do my share by booting windows and leaving the pc on overnight?
Guess I'll start using windows

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Hey /g/, is ordering a 7700k at this point a mistake?

I ordered a system with:

I7 7700k
16gb RAM

but thinking about it now, would it be a smarter idea to order a cheaper system with ryzen 1700X and a 580, 8gb RAM, and then just sell the 580, buy some decent RAM, and a 1080?
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It's not a mistake, that CPU will work just fine. It's just not the best in performance/price.
Not if you have a cuckold fetish.
How the hell are we supposed to know what you need it for?
Also go to >>>/wsr/

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>comodo is a bloated botnet that don't even allow you to control what the fuck most software do nowadays
>tinywall fuck up some software

I want to just give up on software firewalls since my router yhave one buy my autism will not allow me to
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Build a pfsense box or buy a router with openwrt.
It amusing that happened exactly when it became a 'windows 10' program.
The sandbox is fucking useless for games now since it blocks mouse input but it never used to.
The antivirus also doesn't turn off so it blocks shit you actually wanted to run.
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What router do you have? Depending, it may be horseshit or actually decent at firewalling.
Use the default firewall supplied with your OS, they're breddy gud.
Otherwise, spin up a a pfsense VM and route all traffic through it.

Both google, iqdb and tineye give me nothing.
Even doujin name is fine.

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Why is there never linux games on steam. They should make a linux where games work on it
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you can play cs 1.6 on linux
Wow, someone actually replied to this thread

Linux is for people with actual technical knowledge who don't waste their time with games

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Hey guys. I bought this old laptop of cragislist and it comes with windows 7 premeum.
Now i want to use this laptop as a linux machine but i want to use the windows 7 on my desktop cuz fuck botnet 10.

How do i transfer the os? I read something about backing everything up on a disc or something?
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You can use that product key from the windows install on the laptop.
No product key got it used off cragislist.
I read something about backup and restoring everything but i dont remember how/the name of program and if it works in this solution
Oh and i forgot to mention it also comes with microsoft office and i want to transfer that to my desktop to how would i do that

Whats up poorfags ? ;))

Look what i just got ? ;) Alienware 17"laptop with a 980m badboy in it ;)

The poorfags at my university is gonna be jelly when they see my killer machine ;) They have cheap shitty macs and ultrabooks from HP and Lenovo

In a scale of 1-100 how jelly are you poorfags in /v/ ? ;)
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Your mom
Hey bro, I just ordered an Alienware Aurora R6. Alienware Bros.

(I fucking hate myself)

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So guys, I wanna buy a new beefin business laptop, I'll work on a super rad Desktop build later, anyway. I have only heard gud things about P71,
>NASA uses em
>Most powerful
>Sturdy and Strong
Now I was wondering are there any downsides, like minor problems I should know about? Because so far I have only heard monstrously hud things. Also to be clear I wont be doin much gaymen, I just need a reliable laptop for animation/art shite, and a little room for if I get venturous in 3D model type shiz.
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what kind of fractal is that
>venturous in 3D model type shiz.

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>most powerful

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Hey /g/ if I have an iPhone 5s that's jailbroken with unlimited attempts at passcodes is there anyway i can get into it without losing all my stuff?
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Oh come on Jamal
If i was Jamal i wouldn't care about my photos
Return it, Tyrese.

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>Windows created a desktop.ini on my desktop
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Disable hidden system files then?
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use smooth stroke

Can that be done for just the desktop? Because I need to see my system files everywhere else.

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Not sure this is the right board, though I'm not very informed on such things, so any help is appreciated. Ive been getting a bit worried living in the UK now with net neutrality and that streaming maybe illegal, torrenting, or playing private server wow that I'm considering getting a vpn, as I heard that will help.

Will getting a vpn help with such issues and what is the best type/kind to get?
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something free , i dont want to pay for vpn .
am a Neet.
Just pay for it like anyone else, goddamn jew, 5 €/month and you're set.
Use Tunnelbear
What's up LinusTechTips?

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I need a new GPU. Checking out the prices of GPU's and they are sky high. A gtx 1070 costs about 440 € two months ago... Now 530 €... which is nuts.

Fucking miners. How long will it take for the prices to drop?
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probably until fall/winter
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wait™ two weeks
Ur gonna have to wait a while.
Prices will stabilize
New GPUs are coming out soon

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Post only the most Comfy Battlestations
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looks cramped to me. congrats on buying stuff and your home decor
It looks small in the photo but the desk is huge it weighs around 200lbs Empty and is about 5ftx5ft
>are you playing breath of the wild on a fucking CRT
Looks fine on a PAL picture

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