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Is the difference really big? What are other cards that could compete within the price range?
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It's about a 5% difference for $100 more.
>cut off a tenth of the shaders and half the memory
>xd it's only 5%
I honestly think the 3GB version is more or less usless in 2017 on AAA titles. and Okay/but more than OKay on b rated video games at 1080p.

more Over I think the 3GB version of the 106o is more better for 720p users and I know there is a large group of them.

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why the fuck /g/'s aways like:
oh look, what a nice operating sist...
but it's compl...
what? You're not ev...
> shhhhhhhhhh... the botnet is real
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Everything IS a botnet.
Old software was great without this telemtry shit. Modern software has become bloated and shitty even though """they""" are collecting statistics to "improve" things. It's bullshit, and quite frankly, I don't even understand how these companies can begin to rationalize the added hassle of collecting and sorting this crap, versus just putting out a product that simply installs, works, and doesn't phone home. Big business get's hooked on memes and stupidity worse than 4chan does.
Frogposting is botnet.

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>last nico thread disappeared
wtf 4chan staff pls do ur fre*king job
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We need moar good threads like this here.
thread OST


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Current CS Major freshman here, I already have 4 years of programming experience through my High School so this has just been super easy beginner shit. The class; however, is full of retards that obviously won't be able to learn this shit. How long until they all drop and im left with smaller class sizes? My class has about ~300 people in it right now
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Most won't. Most will be driving wages down and fucking it up for people who know what they're doing.
A lot of the Engineering Majors at my Uni require this intro programming class though so I don't know who all is actually going into computer science or not
1/2 gone by 2nd semester, 3/4 gone by year end. best of luck friend

Looking to break in to the networking and cyber security sector as there are a ton of opportunities with that these days. Going back to college after dropping out 10 years ago and shit has definitely changed a lot since then to say the least.

I'm sure some of you have taken courses in the CompTIA curriculum, any tips for somebody just breaking in to It? This networking deal seems like more of a refresher course right now than anything else but I know it's going to get more difficult as I go.
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practice your additions and binary conversions both ways to decimal and back right now, the rest is basically practicing the shit over and over again till u understand
If you want to get in to IT then you have to learn wide before you go deep. I'm the sys admin at a small-medium company running active directory. Lots of smaller companies will do exactly that. My advice is get a virtual machine going. Install microsft server and client pc'son it and go through youtube tutorials. If you want to go the networking route then get packet tracer from cisco and do the CCNA course.
CompTIA is easy, go get CCNA

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I want to get out of Facebook's grasp but all my friends only have Viber and Watsup, any other safe/encrypted alternatives?
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But Facebook is encrypted too......
I've found not being a paranoid schizophrenic to be a good option.
Riot/Matrix is the best alternative. All other choices people spew are all walled gardens. The entire point of Matrix is that you can use different clients and it bridges with other services (slack, irc, and there are betas for discord and skype). You can host your own server so that no company or org has access to any of your data. It's exactly the way I would design a communication tool if I was starting from the ground up. Use Riot as the messenger for now because it's the most fleshed out currently, but you can use others like weechat or whatever.

Facebook also makes its money data mining you and you shouldn't support apps that are walled gardens. If you don't mind being walled in, perhaps a tech board isn't for you.

It's not about being paranoid, it's about smart people doing smart things. The Internet is amazing but a lot of dumb people have created a lot of dumb technologies that are very popular but have very, very disastrous potential consequences. Smart people need to call out these terrible practices (like Facebook making shadow profiles for people who do not consent, the fact that it is a walled garden, the insane permissions their apps request, etc).

Smart people need to push for decentralized and encrypted solutions. The Internet itself only works because it is decentralized. Imagine if the Internet were hosted by one company? That shit could get Orwellian real fast.

>Obligatory fuck you 4chan for making me turn off my god damn VPN just to make a comment

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What other web browser is good for metered connections?
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none really
Google Chrome with Data Saver switched on

Feels good man

anon get yourself a vps and make your own compressing proxy

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I've decided to put together a filter, I made a lot of progress with hiding the recurring consumerist and gaming threads here.

I suspect there are much better filter settings floating around than these, I just plucked the things I was tired of seeing one by one. Here is what I have going to far. How do you think I'm doing.
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how do i add boards to 4chanx?
this isnt 4chanx, its just the default catalog page filter, I'm browing using brave at the moment so I don't have extensions.
>filtering out content
Might as well fucking off yourself.

>9.2% improvement in 4.5 years

Why was this allowed?
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>processors became soldered on
I'm much more flustered by that than some minor performance improvement. It's not as if you need that for a laptop anyway. Fixing stuff you own yourself however is very much a necessity.
that's ivy bridge retard

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Since new business-class laptops are basically consumer-tier shit now, and we can't use our old ThinkPads forever, when will we be able to make our own custom laptops with high-quality 4D-printed chassises?
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newfag here, can someone redpill me on thinkpads? also, i recall that thinkpads were part of IBM, so how are they now part of lenovo?
this didnt work for smartphones, what makes you think its gonna work for laptops?
tl:dr Business laptops used to be sweat-looking, serviceable, and durable machines that pleased business and hackers alike.

Now they are as disposable as a 300 dollar chromebook.

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What does that in job postings even mean? That I have to know either of those or both?
C + cout/cin

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Should I learn how to setup my own email server, /g/?
If yes, then why?
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Do you need one? It's usually a question you already know the answer to, like do I need a home server or wifi...
Absolute brainlet here:
If I buy a domain name on let's say goDaddy, can I link it to my computer and have people connect to my website hosted on my machine? Also, does buying a domain mean I can set up my mail server and have my email be like [email protected]?
it's not worth the effort, just get a business gmail account for 3 bucks a month

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Epson Vs. Canon Vs. HP Printers: Who Makes the Best All-in-One?
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>the printer options you have provided are too mainstream

There's always that one faggot.
Have fun when you buy hp or similiar and the next time you buy cartridges they are more expensive than an new model is since yours is outdated

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I have an MSI RX 570 graphics card and I have an older monitor that I want to hook up to it for a 2nd display that only runs VGA. What adapter should I use? Or how does that work? Do i need a VGA>DVI-D adapter? OR a VGA>HDMI adapter? Any help would be cool.
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op is a faggot
thanks man!
Either should work. I have the same problem and I hooked up a VGA monitor both to an HDMI and a DVI output. Both adapters are cheap, go for the one you like the most.

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This just happened. How fucked am I? Replacement costs? HP folio 13
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try fixing it yourself
How would that be? Resources?

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