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I'm currently running LineageOS on my Moto E (surnia), was thinking about checking out some other roms. Any recs?
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>Think cryptocurrencies are a pointless bubble
>Still like the idea of having an energy guzzling, waste of money, overwhelming hot and noisy cryptocurrency mining rig.

What do I do /g/? Do I blow a couple grand on some six GPU monstrosity?
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Blow it on ASICs, not GPUs, otherwise you'll get jewed by ebay resellers.
just bought 100k
Bitcoin has become so huge and bloated that it's downright impossible to mine with regular old PC's. You need a farm of ASIC's working 24/7 for a year to even think about earning one bitcoin.

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Post websites that don't use shitty off the shelf scripts and excessive CSS. If not, you need to make one and then post the address here.

I need help finding these pages for my wiby.me search engine which only keeps these sorts of pages.

Now post old school pages. /g/ dont let me down.
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wtf am i supposed to do with this anon god dammit
Why did someone take the time to 3d model a representation of how much of our sensory cortex is mapped to what body part

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Dos on a modern laptop?

So install freedos (or if there's something better and doslike) and then what. Where would one go from there? Would anything but basic functions work?

also on a related note, other command-line based oses on modern laptops.

>inb4 temple meme
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Why not just put it in a VM on top of linux or windows?

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>three tabs open in Chrome
>quit Chrome
>1.2 GiB of RAM is freed
Just about done.
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t. 2GB poorfag ramlet
Welcome to 2017, bitch.
>needing to buy more than 2GB of ram for your shitty unoptimized browser
Probably also use Windows.

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Does /g/ dream in code?
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I dreamt in code but included a GPL library now stallman is after my brain please help what do I d
I build bombs in my sleep and after i wake up, theres a big mess in my pants
nah, coding is already a nightmare

Why aren't you using Source Mage GNU/Linux, /g/?
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because cia niggers hate it
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Because my OS is declarative.
To: 62225666
I prefer other kind of time-wasters.

Ive been using WP7/8/Mobile since ever (c# dev here), now I want to try Android (fuck goolag, but I want to know what I'm missing).

What is the best custom rom in 2017?
Was going to try cyanogenmod, but I hear it's dead...

I bought an unlocked htc one m7 off ebay.
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Install Gentoo
b-but I use Arch...

should've posted on /sqt/ right?
I'll delete this thread if I get an answer...
try smart phones general

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Last >>62216898
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Is there any plugin for chrome that allows me to fake to websites that I am from the US without using proxy? I could setup a vpn or literally anything, but that would have major downsides.
Not trying to bypass video streaming, just fed up with content being half assedly translated etc.
I was reading an article about the big "rockyou" hack, where 32 million passwords were stolen. There this paragraph in the article:
>"Assuming an attacker with a DSL connection of 55KBPS upload rate and that each attempt is 0.5KB in size, it means that the attacker can have 110 attempts per second," Imperva wrote in a report released on Thursday. " At this rate, a hacker will gain access to one new account every second or just less than 17 minutes to compromise 1000 accounts."
Hypothetically, how would I implement something like this? Isn't it more likely that a website will lock me out (spam protection etc) if i try to access it 110 times per second?
Or is there something i'm misunderstanding?

You mean for example, if you were from Italy, and you went on Youtube, it would show everything half-assedly translated into Italian? I don't use Chrome, so I don't know if this will help. But in Firefox, you can literally go to settings > content, and then set your "preferred language" for content, and change it to English. I doubt that you will need a plug-in for this.

This will be the last desktop you'll ever need

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>intel 18 core housefire
>paired with an itty bitty heatsink

Apple is pusing the boundaries of throttling tech to its limits, how can anyone else compete?
can you use the mouse while its charging now?
No, but you charge wirelessly now

I'll start, IIGS with 8MB RAM. My sister and I had a blast for years, eventually gaymes cucked me into the Intel botnet.

I miss my BASIC and assy.
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nice try NSA
When I was like 7 m some relative tried to mail me a desktop but the screen got fucked and I guess no one was willing to replace it. My first computer that was just for me was a MacBook Air from school. My first laptop that I actually owned was a Clevo rebrand. My first desktop was my grandmother's Inspiron 570, which I finally replaced today.
>implying I'm going to try to find kodak camera from 1996
>implying I can even get that shit developed anywhere anymore
>implying I'm willing to waddle over to the scanner to get it on my computer
>implying I'm willing to put a picture of myself online ever

I need feeds!
Share your favorite programming/technology related blogs or some interesting project you are following.
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The Old New Thing by longtime MS programmer Raymond Chen: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/

why doesn't the UN run a site like this for software?

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>taking the UN seriously
I shiggy diggy
but they have their own tld

So /g/ what's so about about making the same videos that cost $1,500 per course free?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Code academy isnt working, where should and can I try next?
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Read books, anything else is shit.

It's free, you only pay for some cert that says you completed the course. Failing that get a book on Common Lisp and just start hacking around building random shit.
Have fun, challenge yourself and do random shit.

No fun = no learning.

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