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which one win?
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what's the contest?
I wanna say Void because no systemd, but it's shit
OP here
i am considering use void for daily use
why its shit?

why is america still too undeveloped to have a high speed rail system
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2big, to get good trains you'd need to fix the railroads and update them, which would make them incompatible with current trains that were designed for 1850 technology.

then why was europe, a collection of countries about the same size as mainland USA with distinctly different cultures, languages and stanards, that was almost constantly at war for centuries until only about half a century ago, able to do it?
Jewish car companies rather have gridlock than advance any forms of public transportation.

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Serious question:
Im now 22, downloaded shitton of music all my life, now i came to a conclusion where i want to pay for the music, ideally pay the musicians at least some portion of my payment.
Now i dont want to pay for streaming services, it unpersonalise the listening experience, id rather buy the albums (digital).
What is the best place to buy music online that respects the musicians ?
>inb4 iTunes
Im stucked in Apple ecosystem with mac and iphone that i bought few years back and although i dont want to support apple anymore, throwing the devices away doesnt make sense for me now. So i dont want to be bound with apple stuff furthermore.
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same situation with me. I chose apple music even though spotify was better.
Just buy original CD's and rip them.
Bandcamp is pretty decent, only takes 15%. The other ones like iTunes take more.
Then you have some like Indietorrent, which take 10% but very few people use it.
Or just buy directly from the musician if they offer the option.

Can you get through this sort of security technology /g/? I just ordered a lockpicking set from Amazon.
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Breaking into other's private propriety is illegal Jamal.
Alternatively, you could just make and use a bump key.
Subscribe to bosnianbill

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Is it good?
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It's a closed-source cloud-based password manager based in the US. In what way could that be considered good?

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>don't mind me, just browsing with adblock on
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That image better describes the experience you get without adblock / noscript and letting random JS get executed in your browser.
Yes goyim, disable your adblock. You don't want to RAPE the owners of these websites, right?
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>you must disable adblock before browsing this site

since firefox has gone to shit recently, what browser should i use?
inb4 : brave
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Firefox is still the best.
Just use a fork that isnt pozzed

Icecat or Waterfox

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Just got AirPods.

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How many dicks do you shove up your ass every day?
Were you abused when younger?

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What linux distribution are you using?
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Manjaro, reporting in
ZorinOS Lite

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If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good resources:
>Reviews, specs, comparisons

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

>Recommended Chinkphones $80-$300 as of a long time ago (outdated)

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone
>PRAISE THE CHINKPHONES unless you live in America you shits

Honor V9 Mini allegedly leaks in live images

Samsung Galaxy J7+ leaks in live images

V30 to offer audio features 'unseen in a smartphone before,' LG says [Updated]

Hands-on with the Essential PH-1

The Vernee Thor Plus packs a huge battery in a relatively slim body, has an inviting price tag

[Deal Alert] Sony Xperia XZ with free 64GB microSD card is just $399.99 ($300 off) on Amazon

The Essential Phone Is Too Expensive to Have a Camera This Bad

old >>62110120
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First for chinkphones
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Femanon here

Any news on how the new Kirin in the Huawei Mate 10 will match up to the SD835? Hearing the CPU side will be competitive but GPU still far behind Qualcomm's offerings
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>upgraded from my LG G3
she served me well, butthis feels magical. though i made a pretty significant upgrade so any new phone probably feels magical.

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Haven't pirated a game in a while.

Downloaded the same Manhunt torrent for the second time and Norton says it's got a Trojan.

What gives?
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I came here to laugh at you.
I know
But I've got a year left subscribed
So, let me get this straight: you purchased Norton Antivirus for more than a year, but you can't be assed to spend ten bucks on a video game?

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Long story short, I want to cheat an online monitored exam at a testing center.

Will the deb developer tool be disabled?

Will there be a legal keylogger on the computer?

If the web developer tool is disabled, does anyone know how to write a group policy update into a run command?
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Just gitgud
cheaters never win

Will quantum computing reach desktops?
Why aren't Intel and AMD researching this?
Will it be used for GPUs too?
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>Will quantum computing reach desktops?
>Why aren't Intel and AMD researching this?
See above
>Will it be used for GPUs too?
>Will quantum computing reach desktops?
It's not intended to do what desktop so.

>Why aren't Intel and AMD researching this?
It's possible that they are.

>Will it be used for GPUs too?
We really have no idea what they can be used for apart from few things, because there are no quantum computers yet.

>because there are no quantum computers yet.

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Are you ready to fix the internet? yes? Then start using Firefox.
Firefox is not only safer and better than the competition but it also helps keep the internet a healthy free of bigotry and racism - both offline and online.
Mozilla and its allies will bring these issues front-and-center by being an increasingly visible public voice, weaving these issues throughout our leadership and advocacy work, and building technologies that take a stance.
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Nice try, firefox shill

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Tfw fell for 16 gigabyte random Access memory meme
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>tell people 16gb is minimum nowadays
>mfw I'm just tricking retards into doubling their page file
So is 16GB actually unnecessary? Cause I'd love to keep the 80 bucks I planned on investing on a second stick of RAM and buy an M.2 with it so Windows 10 will be less mindbreakingly painful to use on my new setup.
Try playing those retarded early access games with constant memory leaks with only 8 gb ram
>inb4 thix isn't a board for gaymers

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