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Do curved monitors offer any benefits over regular monitors outside of vidya gaems? I want to upgrade from my dual monitor setup and I'm thinking about getting two 25 inch 1440p monitors but I might get one for productivity and one for gaymen instead
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Not really. Just a gimmick because "muh viewing angles". IPS suffers being shitty to use for curved monitors so you'll probably end up having to RMA a curved IPS anyway. Meanwhile TN can work well if curved but if you fell for the IPS meme then nevermind.
Dont. Just do a surround setup with regular monitors. If you want a cheap, decent 1440p monitor, the Acer G247HYU smidp 23.8-inch IPS is a great deal at around $200. It has lower latency of an IPS monitor than other cheap ones ive seen, 4ms
I'm looking at getting the Dell U2515U, it can be tilted so it can be used in portrait mode as well which I want

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>coworkers stop by to show you something on your computer
>physically touch monitor getting finger prints everywhere
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Why are you trying to make me mad
fucking pleb
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Why would you be happy about this?
so that someone can crash at 45 mph going past a stop sign
Well great looks like autocars won't work in the hoods and ghettos now.

Which brand of NAS is the best?
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Build your own.
QNAP imo
synology is close behind

DIY is fine too, but it depends on how much you want to tinker with shit
I'd lean on QNAP since Synology has too many Intel Atom based products (Atoms have a "bug" where they self destruct).

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what's the most /g/ approved anti botnet smart phone os?
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I'll bump this because I'm interested in it as well.
pick at least 2

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yep, its a language bluble.
Every faggot is now making his own language and showing how retarded it is to make one.
Assemly will come back with some type of layer and every one will get BTFO
all seem to drop what the hell?
>all seem to drop what the hell?
this... either they are being replaced with a language not in the list or overall interest in programming is fading really fast.

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I want to make the cheapest gaming PC possible while having decent specs.

I feel like buying an old pre built then placing a graphics card in it would be my best course of action.

I'm fairly ignorant about how these things work so any advice would be great.

Link to specs > http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/lenovo-lenovo-m90mt-intel-i5-650-3-0-ghz-8gb-memory-1tb-hard-drive-dvdrw-windows-10-pro-kbd-and-moe-1yw-refurbished-lenovo-m90-mt/10584313.aspx?
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Don't waste your money on first gen i5. Get second gen sandy bridge.
build a pc with g4560 + gt 1030
itll be around that cost
You can better deals on ebay, plus you need to be sure the motherboard can provide 75w to the GPU, which in this case would be the GTX 1050.

You might wanna peruse this channel https://www.youtube.com/user/RandomGaminginHD/videos

or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzoANSHdF9M

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So I'm using Windows 10, with that in mind, which keyboard would you guys vote for?
The Magicforce Quisan with chinky brown switches, or
The Surface Keyboard from microsoft, bluetooth, with whole bunch of useful shortcuts, but also low profile chicklet style keyboard (aka apple tier keyboard)
The surface one costs 100 dollars, while the Quisan one 45 dollars
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Magicforce 68, but I'd invest in the Anne Pro if you're still in that budget
im literally using a € 15 keyboard from microsoft and it has more features than that surface piece of shit

>dedicated media keys
>shortcut keys
shut up grandma
I've got both, microshaft sent me the Surface one by accident, I'm starting to like it though.

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What search engine does /g/ use? Are you part of the botnet?
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*pushes glasses to back of nose*
I only use duck duck go with tor and tails
ddg on pc
jewgle on phone because thats botnet af anyways

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>FEATURE: New icon theme with SVG source, so we can scale it appropriately in the future. (Bert Verhelst)
>FEATURE: Drop Qt 4 support. Raise minimum Qt version to 5.5.1 (evsh)
>FEATURE: UI for managing locally banned IP list (dzmat)
>FEATURE: Support for specifying where to save/load config files. Support for portable mode. (evsh)
>FEATURE: It is now possible to pass options via ENV variables instead of cmd options. (evsh)
>FEATURE: Allow to strip subfolder in multifile torrents. (glassez, sledgehammer999)
>FEATURE: Allow cmd args to specify options when adding torrents. (Brian Kendall)
>FEATURE: Widget for showing filesystem paths while typing. Used in the Add New Torrent and Options dialogs. (evsh)
>FEATURE: Trackerlist: Allow to toggle columns (thalieht)
>FEATURE: Add availability column to torrent content model and torrent properties window (evsh)
>FEATURE: Implemented share limit by seeding time (naikel)
>FEATURE: Revamp Torrent creator (Chocobo1)
>FEATURE: Enable drag n drop to create torrent on mainwindow (Chocobo1)
>FEATURE: Add show/hide statusbar option (takiz)
>FEATURE: Show number of pieces. Closes #6774. (Chocobo1)
>FEATURE: Allow to select & delete multiple entries in "Manage Cookies" dialog (Chocobo1)
>FEATURE: Fetch Favicons via google as a final fallback (KingLucius)
>FEATURE: Add a Tags (multi-label) feature to the GUI. Closes #13. (tgregerson)
>FEATURE: Use the system icons for each file type in the Content tab (evsh)
>FEATURE: Use SVG files for monochrome tray icons. Closes #6085. (evsh)

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>BUGFIX: Adjust icons names to better fit FDO scheme (evsh)
>BUGFIX: Optimized IP filter parsing, making blazingly fast (sledgehammer999, evsh)
>BUGFIX: Fix dialogs didn't position on the correct screen which qBittorrent window is on. Closes #1690, #2474, #3538. (Chocobo1)
>BUGFIX: Refactor and improve StatusBar (glassez)
>BUGFIX: Set expiration date for newly added cookie to +2 years from now, instead of +99 years. (Chocobo1)
>BUGFIX: Don't create subfolder inside temp folder (glassez)
>BUGFIX: Don't replace existing files when relocating torrent (glassez)
>COSMETIC: Trackerlist: Set text alignment of columns with numbers to the right (thalieht)
>COSMETIC: Enable alternatingRowColors for "Manage Cookie" dialog (Chocobo1)
>WEBUI: Allow to load/use ECDSA certificate in webUI. (Chocobo1)
>WEBUI: Add copy options to webui context menu (addresses #6815) (#7036) (Tom Piccirello)
>WEBUI: Set torrent location from webui context menu (addresses #6815) (#7062) (Tom Piccirello)
>SEARCH: Use explicit class for search plugin versions (evsh)
>SEARCH: Remove all search plugins from repo. There is another repo named 'search-plugins'. (sledgehammer999)
>SEARCH: Update the backend when a new plugin favicon is downloaded. (sledgehammer999)
>RSS: Redesigned RSS subsystem (glassez)
>RSS: Do not use hardcoded colors in RSS feed view (evsh)
>WINDOWS: Installer detects running process when it is 64-bit (vlakoff)
>MACOS: Various macOS UI improvements (vit9696)
>MACOS: Fix main menu item location on macOS (vit9696)
>OTHER: Use new classes/methods from libtorrent and stop using deprecate ones. (glassez)
>OTHER: Various string fixes (Allan Nordhoy, sledgehammer999)
>>FEATURE: Add a Tags (multi-label) feature to the GUI. Closes #13. (tgregerson)
Ive been waiting for that for a while. Nice quads btw.
Wait what. No new theme? What the fuck. They were supposed to include it in 3.4!

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must have gnu+linux programs?
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Chromium/firefox, Kate/Sublime/VS-Code, Krita, Clementine/cmus/Voltra, MPV, Steam

All I need desu
and vim obviously

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>how do you browse the internet without wifi

How do hackers brute force or dictionary attack your email password? I've put the wrong password in too many times and hotmail blocked me.
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They get a hold of the password hash, so they can bruteforce it offline.
How do they do that?
They download it

1. go to https://ocw.mit.edu
2. choose a field
3. choose a course
4. watch lectures, torrent and read textbooks, solve problem sets and exams, google questions
5. ???
6. Profit
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fuck, I wanted to post on /sci/...
>apply for job
>don't even get called to an interview
The lifestyle difference between someone coasting through a traditional college education for four years and then getting a job basically handed to them because they have a diploma, vs. the grinding life of a self learner forcing themselves to stay on track for *years* and coming out the other side with no certificate to show in place of experience, that's an enormous gap in quality of life.

Yeah, you won't have debt, but if you pick a STEM field that debt won't be a problem. You'll also be working shit jobs for years until you have enough experience to be considered equivalent to a new college graduate by any HR department.

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Do you ever get the desire to code but have absolutely no ideas for what you want to code or why?
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No, not really. In fact, I more often get the feeling that I'd rather flip burgers than write a single fucking line of code.

t. Sysadmin who will have none of this devops crap
I always have one too many projects to keep up with so I always have something to do

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