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Help/comment my build and help me pick gpu.

Main usage:

I am so out of hw its insane.
My current hw is an old fagbook that is outdated af.
Whats the difference between power supplies? Apart from wattage? Does 850watt consume "more"? Also, looking for more silent than powerful.

Case - ill grab something from local shop, dont wanna pay shipping. You can still suggest something. Seems like 300r and one another are two most popular choices.

Please check, that my components are latest release because i am not a frequent buyer/upgrader so this will stick with me for a long while.
Looking for Q1/Q2 release gpu, no chip manufacturer preference, if possible list cheapest option (and still does some photoshop job) and best bang4buck option, /g/uys.
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>sata ssd
>no ryzen
>no vega

Teach me.
Vega is way too expensive for me. Id go $300eur for gpu.
Isnt m.2 and sata only difference in size and not so much in speed?

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Is there a free alternative for android?
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youtube playlists, poorfag.
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>listening to 3 min intros to music videos
no ty
Buy CD's on Amazon and best buy like a good goy

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Do you guys update your bios? I always forgot to do it and only remember when i change my motherboard.
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I only update my bios if something isn't working.
I updated it during a fresh build. Then I updated it again 3 years later for no reason.

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Of course, /g/ are best equipped to deal with the world today. Who else? /v/? Please. /sci/? They brought nuclear death to us all. This will be the age of /g/! /g/.
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>best equipped to deal with the world
>can't leave the house
You don't have to leave the house if you can do everything from your PC.

>people on here think all this data collection is for ads

Wake up sheeple, Artificial Intelligence is the real enemy here.
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One step closer to AI waifus
Skynet can't stop us, we have weapoized EMP. It's fucked.
>not spiking your data with distortion to trick the botnet
Get educated niggers

Using a smartphone case is like having sex with your clothes on.
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have you ever had sex with real woman, weeb?
Nice analogy, Harvard level shit right there faggot
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hyu hyu hyu

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Hey vir/g/ins u\I'm upgrading my phone, I used to have an iphone 5s and it was slow, kept crashing and eventually died, what new phone should I get?
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iPhone SE if you want a regular sized phone with iPhone 6S tier hardware
iPhone 7/S if you want the newest and most excessive/expensive but want to get called a normie by everyone here
Some android if you fall for the neets or if you genuinely like the UI better
iPhone 4 is obviously the best option
Yooooo my 5s broke too, apple is reaping oldphones

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>ruby on rails

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my god

who even cares
how can you act superior when you are an autistic NEET loser who has never been paid to write a line of code in his life?
read the bit under the highlighted bit. Nobody starts off as an aspie like you OP, christ.

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When are you basement boys going to get off your asses and program some real software. No I don't mean a weeaboo anime girl generator and I don't mean another goddamn sql database library either.

You could be the change you wanted to see in linux if you would put in some hours.

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I was actually thinking of writing an anime girl generator. Well, not precisely, but close enough.

Convolutional neural nets have been on my to-learn list for a while. I figured I'd try to train one to detect "anime" vs "not anime".
The nice part about such a network is that you can go backwards, thus converting "not anime" photos into "anime" ones,
thereby making anime vision a thing.
I'm working my way in learning how to make a new type of OS. It's gonna take me at least 1 year to get the basics done. (It's based on Unix, but it will work in a profoundly different way that the current OSes, don't want to spoil too much.)
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>No I don't mean a weeaboo anime girl generator
>I was actually thinking of writing an anime girl generator.

someone already wrote that

Do You know what is Fucking bullshit?

Basic social protocol. I can deal with network protocols but fuck people and their bullshit. I hate how I have to go into work dressed up like some sort of clown 'business casual' instead of a t-shirt which is superior in every way. I barely get to work from home. I feel like working from home makes me more productive because my cat gives me energy.I bet I waste a lot of energy on meaningless social cues every day. It is ultimately detrimental to production. Think of how much evergy is wasted on bullshit like small talk. KYLE I DON'T CARE THAT YOU WENT KAYAKING ON THE WEEKEND!!!I just want to write code. I am a Wordpress developer and it gets pretty instense sometimes. I just want to be left alone.

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>a thread died for this
What's your endgame? I'm onto you.
this is the most autistic thing I've ever read
>His job has a dress atire

I bet your fridge at work doesn't have beer in it either.

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Why don't you use what the greybeards use?

>one of the lightest distros you can get
>customizable to look however you want
>sleek by default
>highly functional
>has some of the most software available
>one disc will last you 5 years

Why are you fooling around with anything else? Get some work done!
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Because I don't like apt-get.
but anon, I do.
I do, too

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Friendly reminder to df -h and vkpurge before xbps-install -Su

Who /void/ here? How long have you been using it and why is it the superiorest Arch replacement?
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does it have directx? nope? obsolete as fuck
>arch but even more time consuming
NEET Linux more like.
Windows xp has directx. It doesn't make it less obsolete. Go back to /v/

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Everyday Carry Thread
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I liked the muji pencil case, but it doesn't allow me to hide my cheatnotes
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It's like I'm back in elementary school with the only exception being new 30 year old neet classmates who are pedophiles with a "600 year old vampire" wallpaper on their riced distro.

This is why we need feminism

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Go back to your safe space roastie/beta cuck
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why are they building robots?
autonomous bombing devices obviously, trump made the right call

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Tell me about drones /g/.
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A thread had to die for this
This will be archived now
In 3...2.....1.

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