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The Glue that Killed Intel
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This glue was bathed in Kike blood.
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intel quality glue.jpg
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They aren't even using real glue. What a rip-off. Buy Intel for quality glue.
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it shall rise and rise again like the phoenix
from the ashes until all jews are eliminated for living space

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Hi, all. I realize that Google Play and the iPhone store don't allow apps with adult content. I was wondering if anyone knew about alternative methods to distributing an "adult" app.

For Android I found https://mikandi.com and http://appslib.com .. But might anyone have any idea of how to distribute an adult app on the iphone?
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I should mention that I'm not intending to SELL the app. It will be free. So no exchange, just a download.
thank you for that suggestion. I didn't know about Cydia.

Any other options that don't involve jailbreaking the phone?

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>free Repairs from Apple
>solid metal body
>spec sheet beats out 2017 flagship business PCs
>lamented display
>glass trackpad, best in class
>pure UNIX
>unrivaled GNU/Linux support
>can run Windows 7

>>>nu/g/ hates it
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Kill yourself, hipster faggot.
For what it is it's pretty good.
But pretty good usually doesn't cost £2k
I have a second hand mid-2012 macBookPro, for £300, and it feels like a real laptop, not some shit a chink put together in a bamboo canopy; Even though it is.
Most people hate it because the people who mainly use them are fags who update their faggotry liberal blogs in a coffee shop whilst sipping overpriced 'warm' milk and eating a tuna bake that they had to get a second mortgage out to buy.

hey G
With all the progress in AI, how long until the singularity?

>Looking forward to the fallout
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It will never happen you dumb cunt
Go ask Google.

>IDE sucks, real programmers use terminal-based text editors like Vim or Emacs
>Proceeds to make the text editor behave like an IDE
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>"I'm far more productive in Vim/Emacs than any IDE"
>"(if you don't count the 10,000 hours I spent reading editor documentation and debugging my hand-rolled plugins)"
precisely why I just use gedit
That one sucks, though, it can't open long lined files.

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What's the point of this besides shitposting using pass?

It changes my IP, and that's all.
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>It changes my IP, and that's all.
Stop listening to """VPN""" shills.
Make your own server.

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>Most Android phone manufacturers can't keep their phones updated to the latest security patches let alone to the last android version

Do they not give a fuck?
Why can't we have any android phone updated without having to rely on the manufacturer like a computer on Windows or Linux?
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That's why you only buy samsungs
I think realistically they know people replace their phone hardware more than they update the Pc hardware.

I don't have stats on that but I'm feeling tells me that's true. Lots of people lose their shit and have to buy new ones and at the same time OBVIOUSLY buying a new model instead of an old one. MUCH more people use phones all the time than PCs and I know a lot of people saying "I need to buy a new pc" when all they needed to do was re-install the os or debloat it. Imagine how many people are saying that about their phones?.

That being said I can see why a company might just say fuck it and quit wasting money on updating phones that not many people are using anymore anyways.

Windows is going the same route.
Samsung is slow at updating though

What I don't understand is what's preventing Android to have a centralized updating platform like WIndows that works across all devices.

Why can't MPV get a real Windows installer?
Why do I have to extract, paste the files and make the file association myself?
It would literally take 5 minutes to make a self extracting archive with a couple of registry edits.
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Install Gentoo
It tries to make you think it isn't malware and bloat by letting you install it yourself.
>eh, you see, you do install, we don't install hidden shit, promise goy
Sadly that's the state of /g/, they think that counts for anything.

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Google is useless. How do I remove the clock on the right of the screen in fish?
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sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root / clock
>>61354412 cheers mate

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What's the best alternative to Google News? Their absolutely disgusting new version has finally given me the motivation to find something better.
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What is Google News?
>google news
now this is embracing the botnet
customizable news aggregator but it's absolute garbage now and it was always big time botnet, even worse now

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1500000000000 soon.png
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Are you ready for a new generation of 4chan images?
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Yes. :^)
How low are the chances of anyone getting it?
Not low at all. I'd assume there's gonna be a bunch of people waiting to do it
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max digitisation.jpg
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I just spent a few hours ripping some rare vinyl at 24/96 to a russian site just to say thanks for how much i have leached

i spend an hour trying to fucking post on the forum because i needed to

-use google translate for everything (i cant read crylic)
-they requested pictures to be uploaded to fastpic.ru that is blocked in my country
- they request spectrograms to make sure you arent upsampling stuff

I went though this fucking minefield and manage to post

AND THEN 10 hours later some fucking autistic moderator deletes my distribution because it had a single Spectrogram in the artwork folder !

apparently it was against the the rule 3.2 of this mountain of text in a language i dont speak and doesnt translate well


spend hours of my time creating something to give get slapped in the fucking face...

and it wasnt even a private tracker !
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That's shit friend, and at least you tried.
>i cant read crylic
How did you even play stalker?

thanks man... just so bummed

dude could of easily seen my flag and seen how i made such simple mistake and asked me to modify it - but nope

they are super autistic when proving the quality and providence of your 24bit rips and demanding spectrograms from a certin program YOU HAVE TO pirate (izotope) .... but dont dare put in with the low quality phone pictures you took of the record cover....

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Old thread: >>>61346107

What are you working on, /g/?
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1st for winapi headers are a shit
One faggot forgets the title, another posts a non-programming related pic
Congrats dumbasses
because the trap faggot anime pictures are programming related

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Which is better, C++ or Java?
>inb4 [another language that isn't C++ nor Java]
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modern C++ or as I recently happen to call it - Rust.
Why would you call C++17 Rust?

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What cards are people running? would you recommend it? what did you spend on it? I'm running the GTX 1070 and paid $500 for it and yes I would recommend it. Getting 60 to 100 fps on ultra settings in titles such as the Witcher 3, Titan Fall 2, just cause 3, COD Black Ops 3, Dark Souls 3 and so on. also running i7,16gb of ram, with the Sabertooth MB
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gtx 1070.jpg
2MB, 3264x1836px
File: NZXT 1.jpg (2MB, 3264x1836px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
NZXT 1.jpg
2MB, 3264x1836px
Paid $403 after tax for my EVGA FTW edition 1070.

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