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What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread: >>61172149
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First for C.
Pretend I don't know anything about C development aside from writing some source files and running them through gcc.

Where can I find information on the full toolchain for C dev (unit testing, debugging, makefiles, etc...)?
You've got it anon. Most of my complaints in one box. A lot of these are solved in strict mode, though, and most of the rest are solved in TypeScript.

But then there's problems endemic to both languages (TS and Python) in my opinion that TypeScript can't solve, such as not knowing statically whether reading/writing to a property of an object has side effects.

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How do you live with the fact you became a programmer.
Does anyone else have a /g/-related job and hate their lives beyond words.
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I enjoy my job? I don't know why you hate it anon. Sometimes it can be tedious, but often I get to work on interesting problems and fun puzzles.
I was in a cube farm codemonkey job at IBM and I could feel my soul dying just by looking at that place. All my coworkers were 40 years older than me and seemed to live for their morning coffee break (tbf, they *did* get things done, at the rate of fixing maybe 1 bug per week).

Anyway, I quit that shit as soon as I could and started working on a PhD. This way at least I can stall for a few years before becoming (hopefully) a career researcher. It will be just as crushing, I'm sure, to have to do trivial shit to win grants, but at least I'll be able to work on stuff in the general area that interests me.

But the real moral of the story is that I wish I had dedicated more time to acquiring real skills, like working with machinery or electronics. Anybody and their dog can learn to program, and most companies won't care if you're actually good at it or not as long as you can pass an interview. Fuck being a career programmer
I didn't want to become a programmer because I would sit by the computer all the time, doing nothing really exciting. But rent needed to be paid and there was no time to choose anything better.
So I started to hate my life a little bit more every day, seeing the life passing by while I sit on one chair and do mostly uninteresting tasks for somebody else's project.
Then I found a gf abroad, managed to persuade the boss to let me work remotely, moved and now I'm on the way to start living on the road and maybe freelancing for some interesting projects to get money for gas.
Being a programmer can be good or also just a stage on a way to something better.

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Anyone recommend a decent eReader that isn't entirely shit but doesn't try to do everything for a ridiculous premium?

All I require is an SD slot, decent battery life, and for it to be rugged enough to survive travelling in a bag every other day.

eReader thread I guess.
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I use an aluratek libre
The old Kindles were great (no SD, though).

New Kindles are a lot worse. Worse design. Worse battery. Slower page turn times.
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Should add that mine is an older model. No touchscreen but the battery lasts forever.

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What do you think of it?
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$_ is pretty neat.
dead language for dead people

I appreciate PCRE, though. The OG PCRE, that is. I ain't re-learning that shit. Maybe they should be called RCRE, now that Ruby's the best language with first-class regular expressions.
Too bad it's not OCaml.

So a little while ago, a sex predator was caught because his prescription bottle was in the background of a photo he was committing a sex act on. It was completely blurred out, and the fbi had a program "not released to the public yet" that allowed them to unblur it, getting his first name, 2 letters of last, and first numbers of prescription #, nailing him down to Stephen Keating.

Anyone know what program they used?
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They also managed to get his fingerprints, from the photo. What do they use?
I dunno but I they fry him. He probably used a reversible photoshop tool like the swirly thing. Works like this: https://youtu.be/p08_KlTKP50

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Hello /g/
Can you tell me what I need to turn off in Windows 7 so it would never communicate with Microsoft servers?
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your computer
your computer
your computer

/g/ told me anything above 60fps was a meme

Why is /g/ always wrong?
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Everything is a meme until Apple does it, then it's suddenly not a meme. Same thing happened with retina displays.
Apple is the first to market with a color display.
Retina is a meme, it means nothing

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GO is better than C++
Prove me wrong.
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>what is burden of proof
kill yourself
C++ is not that bad.
Go is that bad.

C++ has generics (templates).

I've fucking had enough. Not just from 4chan. Every fucking site is now cancerous with captcha bullshit and they're making you complete more and more and more and more of them before they'll let you pass all the time. I had to fucking complete THREE just to make this thread. What is a good FREE software to end this fucking AIDS? Not only that, but this has gone far enough I want revenge. What are some good ways we can actively harm companies that insist on this evil?
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turn on legacy captcha
I can't on other sites.
It's not evil, run a site costs money, buy a pass.

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>a ban record dating back to 2013 suddenly appears on my ban page
>over 4 fucking years old
>since 2013 I've changed my ip at least 100 times
>cleared history, cookies, cache, sessions, local storage, indexdb, hundreds of times
>changed mobos/cpus at least twice
>installed new OS on new harddrive
>don't have trip
>the image I used is a generic one used by tons of other people

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dumb frogposter
Have you installed clover on your phone or smth?
Me too brother.
I even got banned for no reason.
This is even not my post.
4chan is broken.

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>8 year old PC is closer and closer to death
>Decide for upgrade
>Stuck on selecting the GPU, wanted a 1060 or a 580 but shit was literally impossible to find a week ago
>find someone on a selling website that didnt sell anything yet with a fresh account and he just added a used for 2 months GTX 1080 for a price cheaper than 1060 were before the mining retardation
>think its fake but still buy it because desperate
>Card comes today, its actually a 1080 and its working flawlessly

Where is the catch, can you install spying software that will steal my credit card info from the GPU or what? Will it blow up my house? I don't get it. Is used GPU's the way to go from now on?
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>has 8 year old PC
>suddenly needs high end GPU

I upgraded the whole rig, it wasn't actually upgrade it was more of a replacement and the only thing i kept is the HDD
Also the catch is that it's a burnt out card from a mining operation

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do I pull the plug on my channel/website? all other members abandoned the project.

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also I'm too depressed to do anything really.
I don't speak whatever language your channel is in, but I suggest the following:

If you're passionate about and enjoy what you're doing, keep doing it. If not, don't do it anymore.
does it take any effort to leave it up as is

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>terabytes of storage
>120 MB/s transfer rate

Why did it never happen?
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Because lobbyists don't like good shit.
Because normies fell for the (((cloud))) meme.
Why write data to a disc when you can share it with your favourite jewish companies?

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So through circumstance, I have inherited control of a full server rack of Dell PowerEdge 2950s, with QNAP backups, switches, a KVM and dedicated business-class Internet. It's going to be sitting idle for the next 6 months, and I can do whatever I want with it.

My original plan was to do secure, encrypted communications and file storage for local political groups, but that fell through because none of them wanted to stop using Facebook Messenger. I wish was kidding.

So now that I'm done tying to do good, what else can I do with this? Looking for ideas, because this is too good to waste.
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backup eroshare since its going down

rent me a cheap VPS

install gentoo
Is there somewhere a thread with those glowing desktops anime gifs going on, or why am I seeing them more often lately?

I kinda like that ISPs in the US have me so accustomed to low download speeds. It makes it to where I don't even notice a difference when switching to VPN because my VPN provides faster speeds than my own ISP is even capable of providing.

I never torrent anything more than the occasional linux distro- that and the rest of my downloads are legally purchased vaporwave from bandcamp & tons of free porn from reddit + 4chan.

Why does anybody even need fast internet? Unless you're a steamtard with a gigantic video game library and multiple computers, why would anybody need anything higher than 1.5mbps?

Same with video games. Why not wait 5-10 years to play the same titles on more affordable hardware, xkcd style?
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Because most people are impatient manchildren these days.
Even if you are a steamtard, online gaming doesn't need much bandwidth, just good latency. Download some games overnight and play them the next day.

I'd be fine with not a lot of bandwidth in exchange for good latency, no data caps, and no filtered ports.
its nice to be able to stream 4k video

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